With the endless amount of hair inspiration for black women all over the internet and magazines, it was only a matter of time before an app would be a part of the equation. It took three brilliant women to come together with the unique idea to create an app for hair inspiration for black women. Whether you’re relaxed, natural, long, short, or loc’d, the app, ‘Tress’, has all the ideas and tips provided by the app’s members that you could use.

Via The Root:

Three black software engineers and entrepreneurs—Cassandra Sarfo, Esther Olatunde and Priscilla Hazel—have created ‘Tress’, an app they hope will become the one-stop shop for all your black hair needs, inspirations and appointments.

“We do this all the time: We see a hairstyle that we like. We stop people on the street just to ask them where they did their hair, how much it cost them, or ask them for their stylist’s number,” Hazel told The Root. “And my mom, she takes pictures of her TV screen and [messages] me and asks me where she can have it done. It’s a habit that we have that we do all the time.”

So the women put their heads together to come up with a solution for what they saw as an obvious demand, and the app Tress was born. The long-term goal is to make Tress a one-stop shop for all things hair, and for the platform to be a seamless integration between someone seeing a hairstyle and knowing all the products and procedures (and even people!) used to create it.

Currently on the app, women can find hair inspo and filter hairstyles by the type they’re looking for, or even by cost. Women can also upload and share photos of their own hairstyle, adding whatever information is necessary, and contribute to community discussions about best hair-care practices and other tips. You can see what’s trending, and even bookmark hairstyles for later viewing.

The women behind the app hope that within the next six to eight months, users will be able to purchase products through the app directly. A little further into the future, the next priority will be enabling women to book hairstylists. 

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Why is Makeda Smith an inspiration?

She’s one of the few women her age that can work a pole better than most 20-year-olds!

Reading this amazing woman’s story on XO Necole, I couldn’t help but dig deeper to find out more about her. According to her website, Smith found her calling with pole dancing at the age of 50, after a string of bad luck, including the loss of her business, her home, and her man.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Makeda turned her life around, mind, body, and spirit with self-healing and self-love through pole dancing. The pole has been, in Makeda’s words, an “instrumental axis” and she “stepping out of the box” has definitely proven that all it takes is for you to believe in yourself.


I started poling when I turned 50. I am 56 now and getting younger by the moment. I hope to inspire people, but especially women and particularly older women, because it is true, we can do any thing we put our minds, heart and spirit into!


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The Legends Ball, which was inspired by Oprah Winfrey’s desire to pay homage to those before her, gave me many levels of inspiration and generous amounts of motivation. To see all of those beautiful talented black women under one roof was beyond amazing. I only wish I could have been a part of such a historical event.

The blessing behind all of this is that Oprah was able to honor women such as Coretta Scott-King, Maya Angelou, and Ruby Dee before their untimely death.  Watching this momentous celebration, I felt proud.

Although I have yet to do anything much profound and awarded for such as these ladies, I felt proud to be a black woman doing what she love…writing. Oprah’s Legends reminded me to keep on keeping on and never quit. They’ve reminded me to stay proud of who I am, my talent, determination and will to become better while celebrating the next sistah before and after me.

Whatever ambition we carry and whatever goal we set ourselves to achieve is created from the fire in our hearts. Oprah’s legends remind me that the only way we lose that fire is believing that no one will appreciate what we’re striving to do or become. We all have at least one person who is rooting for us, observing us, and look up to as inspiration. That’s all we need to keep going. That one person could be your daughter, your mother, your sister, or that young lady you’d never thought was paying any attention to you.

Oprah’s legends also remind me of how soulful, powerful, strong, beautiful, and talented black women are. No matter what the music and film industry does to undermine the beauty and talent of the black woman, we’ll always admire our singers, actresses, authors, journalists, dancers, and political leaders before us and after us. Their boldness led them to enhance their God-given talent, so they could share them with the world. I’m pretty sure they’ve all came across a few doubters and naysayers during their journey. Obviously, they didn’t let them stop their journey, or they wouldn’t have been invited to the Legend’s Ball, sitting with the likes of Diana Ross, Maya Angelou, Angela Bassett, Leontyne Price, Michelle Obama, and so many countless women we’ve all admired from entertainment, literature, and politics.

Although I wasn’t there, Oprah’s Legends Ball left me wanting to do more, to be more, to become better by enhancing any God-given talent I have.

Just like Oprah celebrated her sistahs, I’ll continue to celebrate my sistahs who are all doing the damn thing!

If you have 40 minutes to spare, please watch the events of Oprah’s Legends Ball.




A popular Youtuber, Landon Moss, is touching souls all over the internet with his Sergio Valencia-directed video titled ‘Cherish Every Moment’.

It took me a moment to catch on at the end until I realized the unexpected.

Just like real life…we come across situations unexpected. That’s why it’s important to cherish every moment with the people you love. Don’t take anything and anyone for granted, because one day, an unexpected situation may take place and change everything….forever!

A popular Youtuber is also an Instagram sensation, thanks to her youthful beauty and the flawless beauty of her  daughters. Visiting Kienya Booker’s Instagram for the first time, you’ll wonder who’s the mom!

Peep a few of their photos below!


#meandmygirls #mysquad ❤️️❤️️💕#motherdaughter @kaay.s_ @koliieya.s

A photo posted by Kienya Booker (@kienyabooker) on

In case you’re wondering who the mom is…

In love with this #kinkyhair ❤️ @kinkistryhair

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As women, it takes a lot for us to move on in life after a difficult breakup, especially with kids in the picture. But, Torrei Hart perfectly illustrates moving on with grace and maturity is highly possible.

The ex-wife of Kevin Hart went through tremendous odds to be at the place she’s at now, but all that matters is she’s  where she needs to be. Despite the circumstances that led to her embarrassing public breakup, both Torrei and Kevin proves that maturity is the key to successful blended families.

Kevin and his longtime love, Eniko Parrish, recently wed and Torrei displayed such a beautiful act of kindness when she publicly wished them both well via the ‘gram.


Congratulations @kevinhart4real and @enikobaby Keep God First.

A photo posted by Torrei Hart (@torreihart) on

Torrei is the epitome of a woman of strength, courage, and class. Despite the broken heart she’s once suffered, she gave herself permission to heal and move on by accepting Eniko as part of the family.


Torrei congratulating both Kevin and Eniko shows just how much of a class act she is, and that’s why her actions set a positive example for blended families everywhere!

Speaking of maturity, I love the fact that Kevin and Torrei don’t let the past affect the GOOD relationship they have with each other.



There’s nothing like being friends after a breakup, especially when you have kids together. I’m sure there are a few ladies and even some men out there using Torrei and Kevin as templates to get their families straight.


When we browse Youtube for makeup tutorials, we typically look for artists in our age range, because they’re more experienced, right?

Well, Aliyah Muse has definitely proven that age ain’t nothin’ but a number! Aliyah is a Youtube and Instagram sensation with makeup skills impressive enough to beat the faces of celebrities. Aliyah’s portfolio can hang with the professionals half her age! She’s even taught her mom how to apply makeup!


I love how she explains in detail the techniques she uses and why, helping those who need help in trying to create a particular look.
Check her out in action below!

She even does special effects makeup!


Little mama is great now! By the time she reaches adulthood, no one will be able to touch her!

It’s not often we hear of someone praising their ex’s new boo, especially when there are children involved. A breakup typically ends with tension and the child(ren) caught in the middle.

However, a woman on Facebook by the name of Candace Sutton proved that with balance, structure, and maturity, blended families can be successful.



Candace inspired so many with a heartfelt Facebook post/open letter to her son’s father’s new wife.

To my son’s other mom,
9 years ago, I would have never placed you in our lives. But a few years ago, Jaedyn came home ranting and raving about his dad’s new girlfriend Taryn. I wasn’t in any rush to like you. It was nothing personal, but I just didn’t feel like trying. I met you through the eyes of my son. I learned to love you because of that. I saw the way you stepped in and did what he needed- not because you had to but because you CHOSE to- and words can’t ever express how much I needed you to do that.
It’s so easy loving children that are yours. But it takes a special kind of woman to love a child that’s not hers. I know my son so well. I know how difficult and frustrating it must have been to adjust to his passive and nonchalant behavior. The way he stares at you when you ask him a question, with no answer to follow. I know it had to be hard learning to be a parent, unexpectedly. But you mastered it!! You stepped in and took care of business, while maintaining the utmost respect for me.
I know there were times you put yourself behind his wants and needs and you didn’t sign up for that. But you did it…. I’ve grown to love you for that. I watched you walk down the aisle today to say “I do” to my son’s father, and I was overwhelmed with joy. Deep down, I know that my son will forever be in good hands with you. Today, Jaedyn is no longer just Mine and David’s. He’s yours, too.
So glad y’all allowed me to share this day with you. 💓
“The unconventional baby mama” 😂


Unconventional indeed, but ohhh soo inspiring. The level of understanding and maturity between these outstanding adults is unparalleled. Good for them and good for the dad for obviously picking good women to be a part of his son’s life!

Zack has carried a big secret and hiding something from his best friend, Dionne, for quite some time…until now.

Zack brought Dionne to ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ to express his true feelings, and it was so dope it brought tears to my eyes. He gave a whole new meaning to “Real Man Goals”!

Press play below but keep some tissue handy!


One of the many things I appreciate about Taraji P. Henson is her ability to inspire every time she speaks. She took to Instagram to post a piece of her recent interview with castmates of ‘Hidden Figures’, Octavia Spencer and Glen Powell, and Pharrell Williams who is the film’s music producer. Taraji explained the importance of women supporting one another, and she was SO on point…as usual!
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Allen Iverson delivers his speech upon being enshrined to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the class of 2016. The accomplished point guard from the Philadelphia 76ers was overcome with emotion, as he shared how his Georgetown University coach, John Thompson, “saved his life”.

After two seasons at Georgetown, Iverson was selected first overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 NBA draft. Listed at 6 ft tall, Iverson became the shortest first overall pick ever, in a league normally dominated by taller players. He’s an eleven-time NBA All-Star, NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2001, and won the All-Star game MVP award in 2001 and 2005.

Despite reports of personal struggles off the court, Iverson’s contribution to the game was never second-guessed! Iverson played 14 seasons of basketball as a member of the Philadelphia 76ers, the Denver Nuggets, Detroit Pistons,  and Memphis Grizzlies. He even played ten games of Turkish basketball before an injury forced him back to the States for surgery.

Once he returned to the States, he never played professionally again.

Iverson announced his retirement in October of 2013. The 76ers organization retired Iverson’s jersey during a special halftime ceremony in March of 2014.

Iverson will not only be remembered for his signature killer crossovers. His tenacious effort on the court and his true love for the game is what solidifies him as one of the greatest players in NBA history. This prestigious honor is deserving, to say the least.

Watch full speech below!