Sad news out of Cincinnati, Ohio.


According to reports, 17-year-old Markeice Brown, who goes by Mari Safari on Facebook, has committed suicide just DAYS after his pregnant girlfriend takes her own life.

Details surrounding the horrible incident are still developing, but we’ve learned that the family and friends of Mercedes, Brown’s girlfriend, blamed Brown for her suicide with allegations that he contributed to it.


Apparently, their actions pushed Brown to commit suicide. Along with his last heart-wrenching Facebook post, he posted a video right before the incident.

Rest in peace to these beautiful teens


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Steve Stephens, who went by “Stevie Steve” on Facebook, live-steamed killing an innocent elderly man  Sunday afternoon. There is currently a nationwide manhunt for the murderer who apparently was distraught over a break-up with his girlfriend.

In the video (not shown for its’ violent nature and sincerity for the family), Stephens walks up to Robert Godwin Sr, and orders him to say the name of his girlfriend, Joy Lane.

“She’s the reason for what’s about to happen to you”, the killer says to the terrified elderly man, who was one of eight siblings and a father.

He then takes a gun and shoots Godwin at point-blank range while streaming it all live on Facebook.




via NBC:

The suspect, identified as Steve Stephens, is considered armed and dangerous, police said after the homicide in northeast Cleveland near the Lake Erie shore. The FBI was providing assistance, a spokeswoman told NBC News.

Police said Sunday that the man “broadcast the killing on Facebook Live and has claimed to have committed multiple other homicides which are yet to be verified.”

A series of posts Sunday on what authorities said was Stephens’ Facebook page complained that he had “lost everything” to gambling. The posts named specific people whom the user wanted to talk to, and at one point he wrote “I killed 12 people today” and wouldn’t stop until he could speak to his mother and a second woman.

Later, the user posted: “I killed 15 today because of [the second woman].” The user called it his “Easter day slaughter.”

NBC News archived the posts before the account was removed. Police stressed that no other victims had been found.

Stephens was described as black, 6 feet, 1 inch tall, weighing 244 pounds and bald with a full beard. He was last seen wearing a black or dark blue and gray striped polo shirt and was driving a white or cream sport utility vehicle, authorities said.

Over 24 hours and the killer is still on the run…


via NYDN:

“Quite frankly, at this point he could be in a lot of places,” FBI special agent in charge Stephen Anthony said Monday during the search for Steve Stephens.

He said Stephens was armed and dangerous, and the public must remain vigilant.

The hunt for Stephens has spanned five states — Ohio, New York, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania — since he filmed himself shooting Robert Godwin Sr., an apparent stranger who crossed his path.

Stephens then went on Facebook Live and blamed the bloodshed on a lover. He also claimed to have killed 13 people, something authorities did not verify.

Police had been in touch with Stephens soon after the murder, but since then have had no communication and no clear idea of his whereabouts.

“We don’t know where he’s at,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams said, noting that the last place police located him was the scene of the crime. 

Before the shooting, Stephens had no criminal record and only traffic violations, Williams said.


Godwin’s daughter took to Facebook to post her thoughts on her father’s horrible tragedy



Apparently, some insensitive idiot started a Gofundme in their Dad’s name.

No one ever expects to be harmed by their own phone charger. One man lives to tell his story of how charging is iPhone almost killed him!

According to the Washington Post, Wiley Day of Alabama survived after he was shocked by 110 volts of electricity while sleeping with his iPhone charging in his bed.

Day’s dog chain necklace acted as a conductor for electricity when it hit his iPhone charger and extension cord while he was asleep on March 22, the Washington Post reported. It’s reported that the 32-year-old was treated for second and third-degree burns.

When he was jolted awake, Day fell to the floor and felt his eyesight fading, according to the Washington Post. “Your body is numb at that point,” Day told the Post. “I guess people would think it would be burning, but in my case, I felt a whole lot of pressure around my neck.”


Day now charges his phone in the kitchen and warns everyone to not charge their phone near or on the bed.

The City of Chicago is mourning the death of a 2-year-old boy, who was shot and killed while riding in a car with his aunt and the aunt’s boyfriend, who also died. The aunt, who is four months pregnant, was shot in the abdomen but is reportedly in fair condition.  The incident was captured on Facebook Live.

via NY Post:

“I got a bullet in my stomach … they shot him, oh my God,” the pregnant woman screams after running from the car to a home in the 2300 block of South Kenneth Avenue in the city’s Lawndale section, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I can’t go to the hospital … this bullet in my stomach.”

Footage of the shooting goes dark after the woman gets inside the home, where she pleads with her mother for help but tells her she cannot go to the hospital because she might be taken to jail.

Just minutes earlier, the woman, who is reportedly four months pregnant, was seen chewing gum, smiling and singing into her cellphone as she sat in the passenger seat of a car driven by her 26-year-old boyfriend and with a 2-year-old boy, Levontay White Jr., in the back seat. The couple sing along to music and playfully posture for the camera until roughly a dozen shots ring out.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said paramedics were able to revive the boy at the scene, but he later died at Stroger Hospital, along with the 26-year-old man, who detectives believe was the intended target.

The woman, 20, and her baby were both listed in fair condition. Relatives told the newspaper she was about four months pregnant and is expected to survive.

“We have very promising leads, we have video,” Johnson told reporters Tuesday. “There’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll find him.”



Warning: Graphic

such a very sad situation…

Can you imagine logging on to Facebook and catching someone’s video of them killing themselves?

That’s apparently what happened to Jay Bowdy’s Facebook friends, as the actor reportedly live streamed his suicide. According to Black America Web, there’s no word on what actually pushed the 33-year-old to take his own life a week ago. However, according to The Los Angeles Times, the aspiring actor reportedly killed himself in North Hollywood, just days after he was arrested on a sexual assault suspicion in Santa Clara, although formal charges had not been filed against him.

Just me being me and staying ready for all the challenges. #ActorsLife #NotOffDay #hustler #EatorGetAte

A photo posted by Jay Bowdy (@iamjaybowdy) on

Bowdy reportedly encouraged his followers to watch him as he streamed himself inside of a car. An out-of-state family member was watching and immediately called the Los Angeles Police Department, but by the time authorities arrived, it was too late. They found Bowdy in his car near Cumpston Street and Fulcher Avenue, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.


Authorities took the live stream down after learning of the incident. The actor left behind a wife and six children.

So unfortunate


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When Wells Fargo offered free customized card designs for their customers, we assumed the included reflecting what we love &/or passionate about.

Not so much…..

According to Rachel Nash, a school teacher from Baltimore, her custom card design was not only turned down once but twice by the financial institution, because of her solidarity for people of color.


Via Baltimore Sun:


The 29-year-old, who works for the city public school system, designed a customized card that read “Black Lives Matter” with a fist held in the air, using an image she found on the internet. But Wells Fargo denied the card design, citing guidelines that prohibit political content.

When Nash first received an email last week saying her design was denied, she thought it was because the image she had used was copyrighted or trademarked — neither of which are permitted according to the Wells Fargo’s Card Design Studio guidelines. So Nash designed a similar image using the Microsoft Paint program.

Days later, her design was rejected again. This time, Nash called the bank directly to find out why, but received mixed messages, she said. 

A Wells Fargo representative told Nash that the company did not want to be associated with anything “anti-social” or “offensive,” Nash said.

Nash asked to speak to the supervisor, who told her “Black Lives Matter” was trademarked, which Nash knew was not true.

According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, one application for “Black Lives Matter” and one for “Black Lives Matter.” (note the period) were submitted last year and are now pending approval. Previous applications filed in 2015 for variations of the slogan, used in protests and civil rights movements across the country, were denied.

The bank representative later said Nash’s Black Lives Matter-themed design was political in nature, Nash said, which Wells Fargo’s card design guidelines prohibits. Nash asked why her design was considered political and couldn’t get a straight answer, she said.



She then designed another card with a black background that read “Black People are Important.” It, too, was denied.  

“Generally speaking, we try to err on the side of caution in determining what’s political,” Wells Fargo spokesman Kris Dahl told The Baltimore Sun on Tuesday. “And essentially, we reject any cards that depict a particular political group or movement — not as a statement of acceptance or rejection of those political movements, but to keep our cards and our products politically neutral.”

Dahl added in an email that he does not believe Wells Fargo has approved any card designs featuring Blue Lives Matter, a slogan used to support law enforcement. However, the company does offer a “Pride” collection of card designs supporting the LGBTQ community.

Dahl also noted that Wells Fargo offers pre-approved designs that focus on different cultures, including the “Untold Histories” collection, released last February during Black History Month to celebrate the African-American experience. The available images feature a boombox and an African-American family embracing. 

“We support a number of different groups as a part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we don’t consider that support to be political,” Dahl said.

Nash said she received an apology on Friday from a Wells Fargo representative who had reviewed the audio from the phone call.

“We sincerely apologize for the initial communication to Ms. Nash because it did not correctly reflect the reason for the decline and was counter to our commitment to treating our customers with respect,” Dahl said in an emailed statement, adding that the card’s design was rejected “because of its political nature – not because Wells Fargo believes Black Lives Matter is offensive or anti-social, which is not the case.”

Still, Nash said she’s disappointed that Wells Fargo sees the lives of African-Americans or human rights of any group as a political statement, “especially when Wells Fargo is comfortable making similar shows of support for other marginalized groups.”

“But I’m not necessarily surprised that this happened, and I’m not surprised by the backlash that this limited attention has garnered,” she said.

Since telling her story to news outlets, Nash said a number of people have vowed to change banks because of Wells Fargo’s decision. Her students have been supportive, she said, but Nash has also received several negative messages about her choice. 

“Despite the haters, good conversations are happening and productive conversations are happening, and that’s what’s important. If even one person gets it, that’s good,” she said.

Moving forward, Nash said she is debating her options. She said that black-owned banks have reached out to her in support of helping her design a card that would reflect her views.

She’s also thinking of trying another design with Wells Fargo, enlisting one of her friends to create a thoughtful image “that hopefully won’t raise any red flags.”

“But I’m probably just going to switch banks, to a bank that is more in line with my values,” she said.


Changing banks is a good idea




“The Greatest Show on Earth” is closing its curtains for the last time in a few months.

Feld Entertainment, which has owned Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus for the last 50 years, announced holding its final set of performances in May of this year. This is sad news considering the circus has been practically a part of every person’s childhood.

Via CNN:

High operating costs and the decline of ticket sales “made the circus an unsustainable business for the company,” Feld said. Before taking the final bow, the Ringling Bros., will perform 30 shows across the United States between now and May.
For years, the elephants have been in the spotlight and their dance routines featured prominently in the shows.
But due to mounting criticism from animal rights groups, the Ringling Bros. phased out the elephant acts entirely.


Imagine pushing out what you thought were a set of twins, only to look down and see one bundle of joy at a whopping 14 POUNDS!

That was the case for 43-year-old LaQueena Hunter-Grover, who gave birth to Loyalty Adonis Grover. Loyalty was born on December 6th, weighing in at a healthy 14.1 lbs & 22 inches. Hospital staff believes he may be the heaviest baby in recent record!

Now a month old, he weighs just shy of 15lbs, is 2ft tall and is affectionately nicknamed ‘the incredible hulk’.
Too large for regular newborn Pampers, he wears diapers designed for babies aged three months and over.

Watch her interview below



Glad both mom and baby are doing well!

Thanks to scammers, families will be waiting a few extra weeks for their annual refund checks. It’s a bummer for a lot of working families because they usually rely on their refund checks for bill-paying, big investments/purchases, etc. Refund checks are in most cases, the biggest check some families will ever receive annually. The reason for the wait is because the IRS wants to take the time to crack down on scammers.

Via NBC News:

The delays impact 40 million working poor families claiming the earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit.

For 2016, the maximum earned income tax credit is from $506 for no qualifying children to $6,269 for three or more qualifying children.

“For most of these people it’s the biggest check they are going to get all year,” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told the Associated Press in an interview. “We are sensitive to that.”

Under the 2015 PATH Act that goes into effect this year, the IRS must delay these refunds to have more time to screen the returns. Scammers and organized crime syndicates have been filing fraudulent returns and claiming tax payers refunds before they have a chance to file, according to the IRS.

The agency has been reminding taxpayers and prepares about the change in news releases since this summer.

Tax filing starts January 23. The IRS says most direct deposit e-filers usually receive their funds within 21 days. So those filing on day one might see their refund by mid-February. But now the additional processing time will delay those refunds until the end of February, Koskinen said.


The white supremacist, Dylann Roof, who walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC and murdered nine African-Americans during a prayer service, has been sentenced to death.

Via NBC News:

Roof, 22, who represented himself in the penalty phase, did very little to persuade the panel to spare his life. He declined to present any witnesses or evidence, blocked standby defense lawyers’ attempts to raise questions about his mental health, and suggested in his closing statement that arguing for life in prison wasn’t worth the effort.

Roof now becomes the 63rd person on federal death row, and the first to be put there since Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted in 2015.

Nevertheless, it will likely be years before he is put to death; the federal government has put executions on hold out of concerns about lethal injection drugs, and appeals could put off the date even further. The last federal execution took place in 2003.

And Roof still faces a second trial, by the state of South Carolina, where he also faces the death penalty. The date of that trial has not been determined.

From the start of the trial, Roof’s guilt was hardly in doubt.

It took the 12-person jury a little over two hours to convict Roof last month on all 33 counts, including two dozen that fall under federal hate crime statutes.


Must be one hell of a grilled cheese sandwich for someone to end up behind bars!

55-year-old Daniel Brian Blackwell of Dundalk, Maryland, probably won’t eat any grilled cheese sandwiches for a long time, since he’s been officially charged with attempted first and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and various firearms violations.

According to Fox 45 Baltimore, Blackwell barricaded himself in his home on East Baltimore Street between Northpoint Road and  Eastbrook Avenue for several hours. Officials learned the suspect was in the home with his wife and daughter and become enraged when one of the ladies took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich.

Via Fox 45 Baltimore:


Police seized a large amount of ammunition, gun accessories, three handguns and 12 long guns including the following:
• Remington .44 Magnum rifle (loaded)
• Ruger .357 Magnum revolver (loaded)
• Springfield .45 ACP (loaded)
• Remington 1187 12-gauge shotgun (loaded)
• Ruger Airhawk pellet rifle
• Traditions hunter rifle .50 cal
• Mossberg .22 cal rifle
• Winchester 94 AE 30-30 rifle
• Mossberg .22 rifle
• Winchester .370 20-gauge shotgun
• Remington 870 12-gauge shotgun
• Winchester 270 rifle
• Ruger S7W .40 cal pistol
• Mossberg 12-gauge shotgun
Shortly after 4:45 p.m. officers were dispatched to the home for a report of a domestic disturbance involving a gun. Blackwell’s wife told police that her husband shot at her through the basement floor after “he became angry when she took a bite out of his grilled cheese sandwich.”
She said the first shot was fired when she was in the kitchen making dinner. She reportedly went to the basement to check on Blackwell and found him surrounded by guns and ammunition and went back upstairs. Blackwell then came upstairs, but quickly went back down to the basement.
His wife then heard three more gunshots, and projectiles came through the kitchen floor near where she was standing. She and three teenagers fled and met officers waiting outside.
Police, K-9 units and hostage negotiation team members were engaged in a standoff with Blackwell for about three hours. It ended when Blackwell, who was wearing a holster of ammunition around his waist but was not carrying a weapon, walked out on the porch. This let officers to use less lethal means (pepper balls) to shoot him and bring him into custody. The incident was captured by body cameras and will be reviewed as the investigation continues.
Police later found a loaded, lever-action long gun with a chambered round reportedly placed just inside the front door.
Blackwell was taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. He remains in police custody in the hospital.


No words

A jury found Dylan Roof GUILTY  of 2015 murders of nine black church members at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

The 21-year-old gunman attended the church and stayed for nearly an hour before opening fire, claiming the lives of three males and six females.

Among those killed was the church’s pastor, 42-year-old Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney, a Democratic member of the state Senate.

via AP:

The jury of nine white people and three black people deliberated less than two hours before returning a verdict. Roof faced 33 federal charges, including hate crimes and obstruction of the practice of religion.

The same jury will return Jan. 3 to consider if Roof should be sentenced to death for the June 2015 attack at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

He is slated to face another death penalty trial in state court early next year.