I am one of those who finds it difficult to work out, especially after a long day at the nine to five, taking care of two children, and running a blog site. I’m too lazy to get up extra early to exercise and too tired to work out when I come home. A gym obviously doesn’t fit into my busy schedule. Now, don’t get me wrong! There are plenty of times where I’ll start with good intentions on working out more but by the end of the day, the little voice inside my head is screaming “Girl, sit yo’ ass down somewhere!” However, it’s my mid-section that screams back “SHUT UP! “She’s got goals for midriff outfits next Summer!”

Fortunately, My belly has won these shouting matches these past few weeks. As a result, I find the time to work out! I saw a cute midriff baring outfit in the mall the other day that was calling my name! *sigh*.

I’ve put together a list of tips that I practice to get myself motivated to get in shape and it’s been helping thus far. I hope it helps  you, too!


Think about that bikini/outfit I’ve mentioned that midriff-baring outfit that I plan to get and rock out this Summer. Thinking about it will give me the push that I need to keep going!



Use a muse- I use Janet Jackson as my muse. I would slap my mama for Janet’s Abs!  (Don’t tell my mama)

Less is better than none- If you don’t have the energy to do your usual thirty-minute workout, then cut it down to half. It’s okay to take it easy and not overdo it. Getting a small workout in is better than none at all.

Get an accountability/workout partner–  A partner could definitely help push you on your lazy days. When you hold each other accountable, you’ll both see to it that you’ll stick to your workout regimen.

Play that song!- Nothing enhances your mood to workout like that loud, thumping, fast-paced, hard-core song that makes you do the “ugly face” when you listen  to it. When you feel less motivated to work out, just look through your playlist and play that one song that’ll lift your energy and get you in the mood to move your body.

Buy a cute “official” workout outfit– If you’re anything like me, you’ll throw on some three-year-old gym shorts and an old Tee and all will be fine in your  lil workout world. However, the workout Gawds confirm that wearing a new workout outfit will put us in the mood. Because we’re anxious to show it off, we can’t wait to get to the gym.

Foresee yourself as more fit and healthier  Just imagine you’ve reached your goal. Don’t you beam with joy when you think about it? Just wait ’til you actually hit it! #Motivation

Switch it up!- If you’re getting bored with the same routine, try switching it up to make it fun. You’ll look forward to working out when you try different techniques.