Last week’s episode of ‘Insecure’ left us discombobulated along with Issa after her 1-minute hump session with Lawrence. Episode 2 starts off with the bestie, Molly, asking mad questions about how and why it happened. Issa didn’t have many answers because, since the sofa romp, Lawrence only replied to Issa’s texts with “one-word responses”.

As far as Molly, her therapy session is better in this episode, because she is more open. She expresses not being paid as much as her white male counterpart and in the midst of it, her therapist catches Molly’s repetition of the word, “should”. She spoke about how and why things SHOULD happen in her life on a few occasions, which her therapist points out. Molly’s therapist asks, “If your “shoulds” didn’t come to fruition, would you be open to your life looking a different way?





The therapist tries to get Molly to dig deep and find the cause and effect of her personal troubles, but Molly is too focused on trying to be queen money machine at the workplace.


Meanwhile, Molly, Issa, and Kelli attend a museum event held by Tiffany and you know one of the things happens when you get together with your girlfriends….WE TALK AND FIND OUT SOME THINGS!!!

The ladies talk about how Issa should just move on and forget about Lawrence when Kelli mentions Tasha. Little did Kelli know that Issa never knew about Lawrence’s new boo. A name drop and a quick social media search are all they need to shade Tasha in the name of sisterly support. Despite Issa’s apparent hurt, she didn’t want to be petty.


Molly isn’t the only one with a workplace-related issue. Issa and her partner, Frieda, was having a hard time getting student participation for their organization, We Got Y’all, until they ask for help from the Vice Principal, Mr. Gaines. The problem with Mr. Gaines is his unfiltered attitude towards Latinos. When he receives help from the faculty advisor, “Ms. Alvarez”, he apologizes to Issa and Frieda for the lack of student involvement and jokes about the school needing to “build a wall” because of its overpopulation. The joke doesn’t sit well with either Issa or Frieda. Tension arises between them when Mr. Gaines makes another offensive comment to a group of his Latino students. Because of the progress they’ve made with Ms. Alvarez, Issa tries to brush it off and dismiss Frieda’s concerns about Mr. Gaines prejudiced behavior.


Meanwhile, Lawrence is at Tasha’s and they’re watching television together like a real ass couple. Tasha suddenly mentions inviting him to a family cookout, which catches Lawrence off guard. How does he quickly get out of it without saying no? He confesses to sleeping with his Ex!!! A dumbfounded Tasha tells him to leave.

Despite Lawrence’s fuckboyism, he finally finds a place of his own. The question remains whether he’ll get up off that air mattress at his boy’s crib and move in it.


There’s an awkward moment when Lawrence runs into Molly which leads to a conversation about Issa. The moderator in Molly takes over as she asks Lawrence questions that Issa should have asked herself. Molly had to go back and tell Issa that Lawrence was done.

Lawrence goes back to Tasha’s to apologize for what he’s done and tells her it’s over between him and Issa. Tasha plays the “put-her-foot-down” role really well, as she meets him outside. She pretends to not be interested in what he has to say, using food on the stove as an excuse to say goodbye. However, as he begins to walk away, Tasha lets her guard down and invites him inside to eat dinner with him.

The episode ends with Issa placing her pillow in the middle of the bed because when you’re in a relationship, you’re used to sleeping on one side! She gets comfortable on her bed, picks up her phone, logs on a dating app, and sends some dude a message, “tryna fuck?”


My thoughts on Tasha

I’m not gonna shade Tasha because let’s be honest, a lot of us has been in her shoes a time or two. Despite her knowing about Issa since the beginning, I actually feel sorry for her. Hopefully, she’ll realize that being Lawrence’s savior will emotionally drain her. There are a lot of Tashas in this world who will believe that a man will love them more, when in fact, they don’t love themselves enough to realize that they’re getting played like Lotto.

My thoughts on Lawrence

Despite how he treats Tasha, you gotta kind of sympathize with him too. Why? When you got a brotha who doesn’t know how and where to apply his emotional pain, he’ll do what he can do to take the pain away, even if is temporary. Tasha and her vagina….is a temporary fix. He doesn’t know it yet. The worst part of it is…she doesn’t know it yet, either. Tasha came along with admiration for Lawrence…something Lawrence needed to feel because Issa wasn’t showing appreciation for him. The problem with all of this is that it could have Tasha developing the need to be Lawrence’s savior….something Issa was subconsciously being for four years.


Until next week!