I think episode 4 of Season 2 has the most “Oh My God” moments out of all the seasons thus far!


The episode begins with Issa, Molly, & Kelli doing what most girlfriends do together…get En Vogue-ish for a party. They hit up a day party called ‘Kiss & Grind’ (Must be a thing in L.A) and Issa is eyeballing every other dude in the place, including the bouncer. We all know at this point, Issa is trying to add more dudes for her HO quota. Issa’s turnin’ up until she sees Daniel, the guy she cheated on Lawrence with, across the room.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is driving to the grocery store but is stuck in traffic, so he does a U-turn and as a result, get’s pulled over. The cop asks for his license and registration. It becomes a tense moment for Lawrence, until the cop returns and lets him go with a warning. The cop even tries to makes light-hearted conversation about giving him a ticket for being a Hoya fan ( he saw a bumper sticker or license plate…I can’t remember).

Molly reconnects with Dro, a high school friend, but things get hot & heavy when they grind all on each other on the dance floor. Molly cuts it short, telling Dro that his wife, Candace, wouldn’t like what’s happening. Dro confesses that they’ve been in an open marriage for a year. Molly is dumbfounded by the news, but y’all know her vagina did a cart-wheel when he told her. She ain’t slick!!!


While Molly’s vagina is doing flips, Lawrence is at the grocery store, purchasing drinks for a meet up with his homeboy Chad, but realizes he doesn’t have his debit card at check out. Two women behind Lawrence offer to pay for Lawrence’s drinks. The ladies who we’ll just call Becky 1 & Becky 2, meets Lawrence in the parking lot and is hella flirtatious with him. Lawrence being the ultimate fuck boy that he is accepts their invitation to “hang out”, after dismissing his original plans with Chad.


Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa and Daniel have the most AWKWARD conversation that leads up to a discussion about how they left things the last time they saw each other. Issa shares with Daniel that she should have handled the situation differently. Daniel shrugs it off, saying it was months ago and claims he’s fine. According to my observation of how he looks at Issa, he still wants her! I’m convinced.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is mingling with Becky 1 & Becky 2 at their place and things get real raunchy when Becky 1 straddles Lawrence and kisses him. Becky 2 follows suit and starts kissing Becky 1 and Lawrence at the same time. It was like watching the start of straight up porn!

Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa is set to meet up with another Tinder-mate, but when they finally meet, homeboy is all kinds of discombobulated about Issa’s appearance and the sound of her voice. Apparently, Issa wore her hair different from the image he saw and I assume she sounded cuter on the phone.


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Back at the Beckys place, Lawrence is puttin’ in WORK with this threesome and the Beckys are enjoying every bit of his “work”. Becky 1 is ridin’ Lawrence like he’s the only other human on Earth with a penis, but by the time it was Becky 2’s turn, Lawrence was tapped out! He tries to “recharge” but Becky 2 doesn’t appreciate his effort and both are, at this point, done with him. Apparently, he came too fast, unlike the other black dudes they’ve mentioned. The Beckys begin to ignore Lawrence as if they don’t even see his tall black naked ass in their bed. They have poor Lawrence in bed looking like…


The ladies leave ‘Kiss & Grind’ and end up at a place to eat, where Issa, again, sees Daniel. They are also there with gentlemen they’ve met at ‘Kiss & Grind’, minus Issa. Her Tinder dude met the REAL Issa and immediately dropped her like a hot potato. While at the restaurant, Dro texts Molly and asks if she wants company. She started to reply with what looked like a yes but pressed that backspace button with the quickness. She turned him down.


Kelli and her “Kiss & Grind dude”, are flirty and annoying at the same damn time! Issa, who’s sitting next to them, can’t seem to shake off the Ls she’s taken all day. On top of that, she has full visual of Daniel dining with friends at the other end of the restaurant. The night can’t get any worse for Issa…or so we thought. Kelli’s flirtiness with her dude comes to a halt and she becomes physically overwhelmed by a “feel good” moment. Issa looks at Kelli with an expression that implicates she has an idea what might be happening. Daniel is watching all the finger fuckery (no pun) and texts Issa, telling her that Kelli’s dude is fingering her under the table. Chile’!!! Issa grabs her plate and goes sits with Daniel.


My thoughts!


It’s pretty clear that both Issa and Lawrence are using these ppl they sleep with as a way to heal their broken hearts.  Issa doesn’t need to spend her nights swiping mobile profiles for her next sexual conquest, and Lawrence doesn’t need to have random, unfulfilling sex with women who will chew him up and spit him out.


Molly needs to stay far away from Dro. Only two things can come from this situation and neither is good.

1….he could be lying just to get Molly’s honeypot

2…the word “friends” go out the window once sex is involved.

As fans, we had to point out to Issa & her team of writers about the lack of safe sex inclusion in their scenes. I’m glad she responded.


Until next week!




Bruno Mars hits us with another hot and sexy visual for his latest single, “Versace On The Floor” from his album, ’24k Magic’. In the visual, Bruno has a thing for his next door neighbor, played by actress Zendaya. They lock eyes as they meet each other at their apartment doors, which is evident of the chemistry they obviously have for one another. Zendaya is gorgeous, dressed in a sexy, short Versace dress that Bruno wants to unzip. They both walk into their apartments without saying a word, and we wonder what will happen next.

Bruno sits at his piano and sings about that Versace falling to the floor, as Zendaya puts her ear against the wall and listens. Midway through the song, she swoons and becomes mesmerized by the song and starts dancing her way out of her Versace dress. When Bruno finishes singing, there’s a knock on his door, giving us the impression that Zendaya is about to put it down on Bruno.

It’s simple, yet sexy, and I’m here for Zendaya in this visual. I almost wish she provided vocals for a duet. Now THAT would have been super cute!

Hit play below!


Masturbation is such a taboo topic, it’s hard not to blush or become “uneasy” when the word is brought up in conversations. Some would believe that a topic of that nature should be discussed intimately behind closed doors. The truth of the matter is…Masturbation is just one of many methods to wellness. Did you know that Masturbation is good for you? Particularly, the heart rate?

It’s a known fact that women masturbate as often as men do if not, MORE!

We should all masturbate regularly! It might even get rid of some of the violence that’s going on in the world. (wishful thinking)

Here are 4 reasons why masturbating is good for you!

It releases tension –Masturbating helps keep you focused on one thing; an orgasm. When you’re getting a sense of pleasure during the act, dopamine is released from the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter; in easier terms, a chemical that makes you feel “happy stuff”.

It helps with sleep Ever had problems sleeping until you’ve had an orgasm? Whether it’s from sexual intercourse or masturbation, an orgasm helps you become sleepy, because it physically and emotionally relieves tension and exhaust from the body, which helps you to fall asleep quicker.

Improves your sex life– When you’re masturbating, you’re also discovering what feels good to you and exploring your body while you do so. Communicate with your partner regarding body exploration and you’ll both be #winning between the sheets!

It’s much safer with 0% chance a sexual disease and an unwanted pregnancy This is pretty much self-explanatory


Happy Masturbating guys!


The Awkwardness of Issa and her crew are back in effect with Season 2 of ‘Insecure’, and as usual, the show left us all wanting more, as we are wondering what will happen between Issa and Lawrence. S2/E1 started off with Issa on a string of dates with random dudes, which is obviously her way of trying to get over Lawrence. As part of #TeamIssa, I could feel the disappointment Issa was feeling with these dudes because none of them was Lawrence. My girl has to resort to wack dates and swiping left/right on dating apps!

Molly took Issa’s advice in season 1 and started seeing a therapist. I’m glad that the writers decided to add that in the script. Black folks need to see images like that, making it aware that it’s okay for us to seek therapy. Us black folks have the tendency to associate being “crazy” with seeking help for our mental/emotional health. Despite Molly’s apparent reluctance to open up to her therapist, I’m glad she decided to take that step to better herself.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is still giving Tasha the BIZNESS from the back. We assume he likes that position because that’s how they left us in the last season. He was so mad at Issa for cheating on him with the other dude, he took it out on Tasha’s vagina! In s2/E1, he is still taking his anger out on Tasha’s vagina. on the weekends, at least, because let’s be real #TeamLawrence, he doesn’t want anything serious with her!

During one scene, Molly and Issa talked about dating and Molly mentioned that men try to come back when they see their exes doing well. That brought up a light bulb idea for Issa to throw a plus 1 wine-drinking party, hoping Lawrence would show up. Why would Lawrence show up? He has mail that Issa is trying to give him. (colorized for a sexual innuendo).

After Issa text Lawrence about the mail, he texts her back, saying that he would pick it up the next day. The next day, Issa threw her party, only to be disappointed when Lawrence texts her, suggesting she mails him his mail. Ain’t that some shit??? Molly sees her disappointment and follows Issa outside to talk. Issa eventually tells Molly that she used the party as a ploy for Lawrence to see “how well” she is doing. A drunken Kelli makes her way outside, interrupting Issa and Molly when she sees three dudes. Kelli suggests they join them but little did Kelli and Molly know that they’re Issa’s gang-affiliated neighbors.

Meanwhile, Lawrence sends that text while he’s at a restaurant with Tasha. This comes after a conversation with Lawrence’s friend, Chad, reminding Lawrence that he’s never taken the chick out. Lawrence is staying with Chad until he gets back with Issa he finds a place of his own, It’s funny how Chad gets a taste of what Issa was experiencing. During one scene, Chad tries to watch television but is disturbed by the sound of an air machine as Lawrence fills his air mattress…in the living room. Lawrence is like a pesky-ass freeloader you can’t get out the house.

Back to the party…things were going okay until one of Issa’s gang-banging neighbors started crip-walking. Next thing we saw, her trash can was set ablaze! Everyone scrambles to run out the house while Issa quickly puts out the fire. She’s left looking at a hot mess! (pun attended)…just like her love life.

The next night, Lawrence surprises Issa when he comes for his mail…..:-) a discombobulated Issa gives it to him but before Lawrence leaves, he uses the “left some things in the bathroom” trick to prolong his visit. As Lawrence begins to walk out the door, he turns around, grabs Issa and kisses her. He pulls off his pants, Issa pulls off her boy shorts, and they both end up on the sofa. Lawrence gives Issa eight pumps worth of penis!…not from the back though. That scene had me questioning what kind of sex that was! Was that “break-up sex”, “I miss you sex”, or “leave you something to remind you of sex”? Which ever kind of sex it was, that and Lawrence’s kiss to the cheek before he left put a smile on Issa’s face.

I think it was just sex for Lawrence and another way for Issa to be disappointed. That smile tells me that she’s read too much into that quickie. I am eager to see how their journey unfolds. Who are you with? #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

Until next week!


There’s a certain level of maturity one must have to have good dating experiences. Dating can be fun and enjoyable, as long as the person you’re dating isn’t using the same techniques and fulfilling the habits that were used while in their twenties…or even their teens. Like fine wine, dating SHOULD get better with age. Unfortunately, some folks do not believe in that sentiment.

Here are five dating habits that should get dropped as you get older!

Using your phone– The purpose for dating is getting to know the person. If you’re constantly texting, answering calls, or checking your social media, that not only screams rudeness, but it shows lack of effort in getting to know the person you’re with. Your full attention should be on him/her. Turn your phone off and show common courtesy.

The “figuring things out” excuse– This excuse is bullshit, especially if you’ve been dating the person for at least six months. What else is there to figure out??? At a certain point, you already know what a few of his/her underwear look like, as well as family life, desires, and this person is obviously liking you enough to stick around past 3 months, so either you’re all in or all out. Grow up and recognize when you’re in an adult relationship.

Being stuck in the past-This includes bringing up past loves, being doubtful about who you’re dating because of what happened in old relationships, or simply making the person you’re dating suffer because of what you went through with the last person. All of that could definitely hurt what could be the best relationship you’ll ever have. Don’t destroy it by living in the past.

Too picky– It’s okay to have standards unless your standards come with a list of must-haves, ranging from Idris Elba/Janet Jackson looks to a seven-figure income. Be mindful…sometimes, that person who looks like a model with an impressive bank account could be an asshole who will either abuse you or cheat on you. As you get older, you’ll realize that it’s not about any of that (looks, material possessions, etc). It’s about the genuine love this person could have for you.

Sex on the brain– This is not good, considering you’re still getting to know the person. If it’s a first date, being too forward and pressing for sex is a guaranteed last date in the process. Take things slowly because it’s the right thing to do. Unless you’re both horny dogs and planned the night to end with acrobatic, hot, butt-nekkid sex, being patient is necessary if you want the union to be taken seriously.




What’s the most common excuse that single people use when we experience the shortcomings of someone we’re dating?

“(S)He’s just not my type.”

The older I’ve got, the less I’ve relied on having types. In fact, having a type has been pretty much non-existent for me. I’ve learned that we could truly miss out on blessings if we focus on the “must haves” and the “should nevers”. The person whose minor shortcomings you put too much focus on could have the biggest heart and treat you like you belong on a throne.

If we really think about it, our “type” could also reflect our desire to date someone that’s similar to us. However, there’s a disadvantage to that. There’s a saying that we are who we attract. If you’re a weirdo, you’re gonna attract a weirdo. If you’re emotionally messy, you’re gonna attract an even more emotionally messy person, so dating your type could be like  messing with a double-edged sword. Be careful.


Personality, looks, and similar interests all play a role in determining our ideal type but remember, if your goal is long term relationship with possible marriage, none of that matters if their heart is not in the right place with yours. You guys could be in sink goal-wise and even with similar interests, but that person could also be an asshole.

Choose wisely.

Better yet, get rid of the idea of having “a type”. It shouldn’t matter if they’re too short, too tall, too nice, etc. Get rid of your shallow-like behavior and try giving that short person, that tall person, or that “too nice” person a chance. So what if this person’s job is at a pizza delivery spot? Every experience has a story behind it, so don’t judge. This is where overlooking their shortcomings (according to you) won’t hurt because you’re  trying something that doesn’t fit the mold. Breaking away from your type can be a very good thing.


As far as adding this video, I have no reason other than it goes with the message in my blog…LOL


Retailers are reportedly placing “skinny mirrors” in dressing rooms. These mirrors can slightly alter a person’s realistic figure, giving the illusion of a slimmer appearance. In most cases, the illusion convinces the person to buy the outfit she/he is trying on. Some say  that it’s “clever marketing”. Consumers believe it’s deception. My question is if you know what size you are and what your body looks like, does it matter?

My first thought ‘was retailers can be such scam artists’, but  after more research on this topic, I’ve come to understand that these mirrors are no more than just a confidence booster. These retailers are only helping people who are leaning towards buying the outfit, anyway. You have an interest in purchasing an outfit when you’re trying it on. No one forces a customer to walk into the dressing room and honestly, One’s reflection isn’t so much about the mirror being used, but how they feel about themselves. It’s only deception when one has personal weight issue.

Belinda Jasmine, founder of The Skinny Mirror™,  says it’s an alternative to cosmetic surgery and claims self-esteem boost from mirror can actually lead to healthy weight loss, according to The Daily Mail. 

As an avid surfer and health enthusiast, Belinda’s was fed up with not feeling like she looked good in any of her outfits and believed she had a ‘fat mirror’.
Although she knew it was the mirror that made her look bigger, she still found herself believing that she was bigger then she actually was.
She puts this down to body dysmorphia – a common condition where a person does not see what they actually look like when they look in the mirror.
She explains: ‘I used The Skinny Mirror prototype for weeks before I committed to do start The Skinny Mirror company.
‘Over time, I felt how it affected my self-image. I stood up taller, felt sexier, and wanted to dress cuter. It was important for me to make this available to individuals so that they too might have an improved body-image
‘The mirror has had plenty of attention online since it surfaced on the Kickstarter earlier this year, with some applauding it for giving women a confidence boost every day, but others saying it deceives women.’

As Belinda states in her company philosophy on the website: ‘If we can give you a little extra confidence before you take the world on in the morning, we’ve done our job.’
Critics of The Skinny Mirror – which is hand crafted in the United States – have said that it is a deception of what you truly look like.

I must say that it’s important to love the skin you’re in, no matter what size you are. As long as you’re healthy, you’re just as beautiful as the next person. We shouldn’t have a “fat mirror” or a skinny mirror” that make us feel a certain way about our bodies, BUT, I’m all in for brands and retailers that helps boost the confidence of  women who has a difficult time boosting it on their own.

When we think of domestic violence, we usually think of women as the victims. However, statistics are showing that over 40% of domestic violence victims are men.

As we come up on the end of October (Domestic Violence Awareness Month) I feel compelled to share with you the facts about the other side of domestic violence. In a society that goes by gender roles and gender qualities, it can be quite critical for a man who is a victim of domestic violence. The idea of a man being abused by a woman is a taboo. Usually swept under the rug, men will receive less support than women victims.


Men are naturally stronger than women and at an average of six feet, a man should be able to handle a woman half his size. Men often don’t report being physically abused by their wives/girlfriends for fear of being looked at as weak and become emasculated with judgement. As a result, they suffer in silence. Just like women, domestic violence affects men just the same;  They become ashamed, frightened, and experience  loss of confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

The unfortunate part about all of this is the lack of support for male victims of physical abuse. While there’s plenty of resources and countless shelters for women and their children, men are left sleeping on their boy’s couch with no plans for counselling and proper housing, which are vital for a DM victim.

In most cases, men will take a beating rather than hit back for two main reasons; They believe in not hitting women and they’re aware of the possibility of being accused of being the abuser if they defend themselves.


If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, please get help and know that you don’t have to suffer in silence. This goes for both men and women! Guys, there are agencies hotlines, and even women-centered shelters that can help you and point you in the right direction. They will link you to resources designed with you in mind.  Just because you are a man does not mean you are impervious to pain!

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