Chile’, I’ve done seen it all!

You know us black folks gotta go hard when we send our child off to prom! However, some child’s mama thought it would be a great idea to send her child off to prom with stage props and Beyonce’s “Formation” song, complete with backup dancers.

A Facebook user by the name of Floyd D Wimberly posted a video of himself and another dancer breaking down the full choreography to “Formation”, even down to the HAT! The video went viral, causing mixed reaction from viewers.

The funny thing about all of this video is the prom date, standing there, watching the entire routine go down, with the most unimpressed look on his face. Chile’! He looked like he wasn’t there for ANY OF IT! ‘Is y’all finished or is y’all done’, is probably what came to this poor child’s mind!

Anyway, when the “Prom Diva of Honor” finally made her grand entrance, most of the viewers were apparently surprised to see that she didn’t quite “slay” as they’ve expected. One commenter said she was in an Easter dress.


Some thought it was way too much for a prom send-off. Some even thought it was inappropriate, because of the adult lyrics in the song.




I guess the days of the young man coming to the door with the corsage in hand are over *shrugs*.


If you’re into YouTube, then you’re probably familiar with Evelyn From The Internets. The HILARIOUS YouTube sensation is the talk of “the internets”since the video of her reaction to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” went viral. Apparently, Beyoncé is a fan, because she featured Evelyn’s video in Dallas for the ‘Formation’ tour.


Watch the concert clip & the full “Lemonade” reaction video below!


As a NEW YouTuber, that is such a cool thing to see!

When we thought there’s no way Beyoncé can top the visuals from her last self-titled album, she wowed us again with a powerful and soul-snatching visual album for her latest, ‘Lemonade’.

The imagery, the message, and the symbolism of womanhood had me all in the feels and I must say…you cannot deny the talent this woman possesses as an artist. She has a special way of lyrically and emotionally connecting with her fans through her music and visuals so much, that it’s almost scary!

‘Lemonade’ debuted on HBO last night and it left her fans with not only snatched edges but questions regarding Beyoncé’s marriage to Hip-Hop star, Jay-Z. A couple of her new singles implies cheating on his part, but of course, they’re only rumors and can’t be proven true unless Jay-Z confesses. Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Beyoncé hold hands, as they take a nice walk to the bank.

Cheating rumor aside, I say let’s focus on the message and the beautiful videography that was captured to create this unique project. Whoever envisioned the treatment should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.


I take Lemonade’s message as a reminder of just how gotdamn special BLACK WOMEN are. We are bold and strong, yet vulnerable and emotional. We’re controversial, yet subtle. We can be loud and quiet at the same time. We want to be loved, but we have our limits. We can do for ourselves, but we want to be cared for. We are powerful but shouldn’t be afraid to show our weaknesses.

Every woman (black, white, etc.) has had their fair share of lemons thrown their way, but as “Hattie” says, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.


How about the special guests that made appearances?

Serena Williams

Winnie Harlow

Quvenzhané Wallis

Amandla Stenberg


Chloe & Halle







And the courageous mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Gardner




The tributes to their sons were breathtaking, yet a painful reminder of the injustices we face, regarding our men and young brothas of color.

This entire project touched us in so many ways. The imagery of womanhood, the spoken word from Warsan Shire, the New Orleans influence, and the boldness of it all is beautiful.

‘Lemonade’ is now available on Tidal. Do yourselves a favor and watch.



‘SNL’ makes fun of white folks so brilliantly!

Because of the criticism and media/social media frenzy over Beyoncé’s Superbowl performance of her new song, “Formation” and the visual, ‘Saturday Night Live’ has once again hit it out the park with their latest skit. In such a hilarious way, ‘SNL’ is showing how some of these people are losing their collective minds because of a black artist embracing her heritage. They poke fun at the reaction Beyoncé’s been getting from our “non-black” friends…LOL

Press play below!


Tomi Lahren, a conservative political commentator for The Blaze, made a controversial statement about Beyonce’s Superbowl performance.

She said a mouthful…and as someone who appeared to be passionate about her beliefs, Tomi also shed light on how clueless she really is. Before I go any further, watch the video below.

After watching this piece, I felt compelled to write an open letter to Ms. Lahren.

She might see it…she might not. Either way, my thoughts are for her and every non-black individual who shares similar ideologies.



Dear Tomi,

Let me start with the fact that you have a right to your opinion. However, I’m convinced that your opinions proves how unintelligent you are, as well as insensitive to the problem with police killings in this country. You’ve opened your commentary with “first there was ‘hands up, don’t shoot'”, as if it’s some cute little line from a popular song or some cute little hashtag we’ve created on social media. The term comes from the chant of black protestors who are tired of seeing our young black men murdered by police. Michael Brown’s hands were up when they shot him dead. Tomi, you’ve basically mocked his killing in your opening. You’ve also mentioned “Black Lives Matter MORE”. The movement never calls for black lives mattering more than other lives. Black lives DEFINITELY matters. That doesn’t mean that other lives don’t! We have to remind ourselves and others of that DAILY, because for years we were told and treated that our lives didn’t.. Police brutality/killings, racism, stereotyping, and inequality that blacks struggle with TODAY still reflects that notion.

I’m not surprised at how you’ve mentioned a few black public figures in your commentary that are bold enough to speak out about social injustices and inequality from the urban neighborhoods to Hollywood. You call it “using their celebrity to ramrod aggressive agendas down your throats”! I call it being courageous enough to finally call y’all out on the bullshit!

In my opinion, You, Tomi, is a prime example of a person who will criticize things they don’t understand. I did my little research on you and upon my research, I’ve come to discover that you’re only 23-years-old. You’re a baby, so CLEARLY there’s a reason why you just don’t “get it”.

To be honest, I’ve never heard of you until I came across your video. My first impression of you is of a  young woman who is oblivious to the fact that researching history is crucial for a journalist. You attack Beyoncé because her dancers possibly paid homage to the Black Panthers. The Black Panthers was a social organization that fought government oppression and a group that believed in peace, equality, and was about protecting ALL people. They’ve challenged police brutality, much of what we’re struggling with today! They’ve instituted many community programs, including one which offered children free breakfast. They’ve never promoted violence. Please, get your facts straight! You even attacked the woman’s husband by bringing up his past! What does Jay Z selling drugs in his past has to do with ANYTHING???? Are you saying Beyoncé can’t celebrate her blackness, express black pride, show solidarity with her black people, care about black lives and show “stop shooting us” spray-painted on a wall in her video, because her husband used to sell drugs? Girl, BYE!!!!

Another thing you fail to realize, Ms. Lahren, is a thing that we humans do…and it’s called evolve. Some people are capable of changing their lives for the better and Jay Z has done that.

Beyoncé SHOULD be proud of herself!


Because, she has shed light on people like you who find what she’s done offensive, all while giving one of the best half-time shows in SB history!  It’s funny to me when black folks become REAL black, people who think like you get uncomfortable. No one has had a problem with Beyoncé from the first Destiny’s Child to Beyoncé’s self-titled album!

When ‘Formation’ hit and Beyoncé showed AWF her true black pride, she’s now anti-police and spreading hate…smh

I am so sick and tired of people who think like you, because you guys fail to realize that WE are and always have fought an uphill battle when it comes to getting respect in this country. From the city of Flint , which is primarily African-Americans, suffering from the water crisis to the struggle in Hollywood, gaining respect and fighting oppression is seemingly infeasible.

As far as Beyoncé dressing her dancers similar to the panthers to get attention….

Unless you’re living under a rock, you should already know, Beyoncé never needs attention. If my girl can drop a new unheard single and be able to perform that song 12 hours later at the biggest televised sports event, attention is the last thing Beyoncé has to work extra hard for.

As far as Beyoncé, President Obama, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Al Sharpton NOT letting America “heal”. Sweetheart, what they do is like putting hydrogen peroxide on a wound and dressing the wound with a band-aid. The band-aid gets snatched before the wound heals when we’re constantly having to fight for respect, our acknowledgment, our talents, our pride, our character, our families, and most importantly…our lives. We have to live on this earth like you, so we should be treated as you’re treated. The problem is WE [BLACK FOLKS] DON’T. You fail to see that, yet, you attack the people who make you aware of that, but you claim they’re not letting America heal!


If you want America to heal, talk to America’s police force. Talk to the politicians, talk to the shallow industry of Hollywood that don’t acknowledge the extremely wonderful talent that their African-American actors have.

It’s obvious to me that your problem is much deeper than what Beyoncé did for Superbowl Half-time. Tomi, at 23-years-old, you have a lot to learn about the seriousness of social inequality in this country. As a caucasian woman, you will NEVER understand how it is to be black in America. From a regular joe in the hood to Joe the entertainer in Hollywood, we will always have a hard time getting acknowledged and treated equally because of the color of our skin. How dare you question our boldness and attack our need to speak out about it. How dare you shame a black woman for expressing pride in her blackness. How dare you become offended! Beyoncé’s performance is not about anti anything!

Your entire commentary was full of gibberish and a waste of airtime. However, it did expose your unintelligence and the unintelligence of those who shares your views.

As much as I want to say EFF YOU AND YOUR PETTY ASS, BALDERDASH of comments, I will simply say keep whining about how offended you are, because we [Beyoncé, Jada, Al, President Obama, the people like me who’s wasted two minutes of our lives on your thought piece, and every black person who has to FIGHT every gotdamn day] gives zero fucks about your feelings. It’s becoming clear that we become a social threat when we have things to say. Sandra Bland spoke up and now she’s gone. Think about it! Your problem is much deeper than Beyonce. Your problem is your need to attack folks who fights for social justice and insinuate that those folks are “playing the victim”.

Who’s the real threat?

Us…or the ones we “offend”?


After a few hours of getting over my “Formation” high, I wanted to get to know the talented ladies who provided slayage as Beyonce’s dancers in the video and on the stadium Superbowl Sunday. I’ve done some digging, and to be honest, I don’t think I’ve found them all! *sad face*. If my count is correct, there are at least 30 dancing bunnies in this squad!

However, the jewels that I did find (mostly on Instagram) are all beautiful women, doing the damn thing! As if rockin’ it out with Beyonce’ isn’t enough, these queens excel in other areas of arts and entertainment! Some you may recognize…some you may not…overall, these queens are all worth getting to know.

Ebony Williams

Ebony is a trained ballerina from Boston, Massachusetts. Affectionately dubbed the “Hip-Hop ballerina”, Ebony has worked with today’s biggest stars like Rihanna, Ciara, Jason Derulo, Fergie, and Jennifer Hudson. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that “Formation” isn’t the only iconic Beyonce video she has worked in. Ebony is also one of the dancers in the iconic “Put A Ring On It” video.


Ebony was featured alongside Misty Copeland and Ashley Murphy on the cover of Pointe Magazine.


Source: Refinery


Dnay B


Dnay has been a principle dancer for Beyonce since the On The Run tour. A native of New York, Dnay is also a model and have some pipes herself. Upon my digging, I’ve come to discover that Dnay does some singing of her own. Check out her video “Rollercoaster” from 2012! The choreography is FIYAH!

Source: ModelMayhem

Dnay is also in Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” video!



Deja and Tara Riley



As the daughters of the pioneer of New Jack swing, Teddy Riley, Deja and Tara prove that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Along with their sister, Nia, the trio is making waves of their own in the music industry as the group R I L E Y. Their current album features their hot single, “PoundFRANK” ft. Two Chainz.



Check out the video below (Warning: language)

Source: general


Kimmie Gee



Kimmie Gee is also a principle dancer for Beyonce. The New Jersey native has had a passion for dance since childhood. She describes dance as “telling a story without words”. Kimmie got her start as the first Philadelphia 76ers dancer ever to be selected for the 2007 NBA All-Star Dance Team in Las Vegas. She then joined Beyonce on her I Am tour as one of her five featured dancers to back her up on a tour that spanned the globe. Kimmie also worked with Beyonce for her Mrs. Carter World tour. Now, she gets to do it all again with Bey for The Formation tour.

When she is not touring with Beyonce, she is on the road with KiMMESTRY, serving as a muse to young people who need uplifting. KiMMESTRY (chem*is*try), the study of self-esteem and the changes it undergoes through dance, is her personal project that puts her in front of young people who need to be encouraged and inspired. She is very passionate about her message to young women, daring them to dream big and reach for the moon.

Source: KimmieGee.Com


Khadija Shari

kshari kshari1 kshari2 Screenshot_2016-02-09-08-22-43-1 Screenshot_2016-02-09-08-23-12-1 Screenshot_2016-02-09-08-23-25-1 Screenshot_2016-02-09-08-31-01-1


Khadija is a dancer, model, and host. She was born on the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago and raised in the BK, Brooklyn, New York, where her love for arts began. She studied at Restoration Dance Theater, Creative Outlet Dance Theater of Brooklyn, The Alvin Ailey School/PPAS and at SUNY Purchase College before becoming a professional dancer. Khadija not only works with the Queen Bey, Beyonce, she also works with Bad Gal Rihanna, and super hit-maker, Pharrell.

Khadija was featured on Pharrell’s “Marilyn Monroe”


Source: KhadijShari.Com


Quinetta Wilmington


Quinetta, a Philadelphia native, followed her dream to become a professional dancer and moved to LA to pursue it and since then, there has been no stopping her! Quinetta has performed with a wide range of artists including the veterans and the newbies of the music industry like Jordin Sparks, Rihanna, Jessie J, Usher, Pitbull, and Toni Braxton. This comes after her completion at a Registered Nursing program. in 2007, Quinetta graduated with honors and a degree in Nursing. My girl can dance circles around you and heal your wounds, too! #Slay

Quinetta’s journey to dance inspired her to also start a Dance Mentoring program, where she goes to inner city/underprivileged neighborhoods to encourage and inspire the youth to not only dream but to put those dreams into action. When Quinetta isn’t dancing, she’s hosting her own web show on Youtube. Check it out here.

Source: Bloc Agency


Miss Ksyn


Miss Kysn (Pronounced kAY-sIn) is no stranger to the stage nor the camera. The Bronx native has been modeling over four years and dancing since the age of five. She’s also dabbled in acting, working alongside Ethan Hawke, Don Cheadle, Channing Tatum, Tracy Morgan and Tina Fey. Beyonce is just one of many entertainers Ksyn has worked with. She’s also worked with Sean Paul, Ciara, Usher, Mary J. Blige, and Jeremih.

Source: MissKysn.Com


Ashley Everett


Ashley serves as Beyonce’s lead dancer and dance captain. Since the age of 17, Ashley has played an intricate role in the creative process of everything Beyonce, from her music videos such as “Single Ladies” & “Who Runs The World (Girls)” and commercials like H&M and Pepsi, to her live performances and world tours I Am… The Beyoncé Experience, and The Mrs. Carter World Tour. She has performed on every major stage from the GRAMMY Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, World Music Awards to Glastonbury and the 2013 Super Bowl XLVII.

Having danced with Beyoncé for the last 8 years has opened doors for Ashley to share the stage with other artists such as Robin Thicke, Usher, Ciara, Ne-Yo, LaToya Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and the legendary Tina Turner.


Source: AshleyEverett.Com


Brittanie Alexander


Brittanie is a Philly native who began her dance training at L&L Dance Productions and The Philadelphia School of Dance Arts, courtesy of (PHILADANCO). She studied at the Point Breeze Performing Arts Center, for over 10 years, under the mentorship of Charon Mapp, as a member of the Point Breeze Dance Company. Brittanie is a former member of Danco 2 and, also studied at the Ailey School performing works by Carlos Dos Santos. Brittanie is a 2012 graduate of the University of the Arts where she studied and performed works by Wayne St. David, Roni Koresh, Anthony Burrell, and others. Brittanie was also a member of Eleone Dance Theater prior to working with Dublin Worldwide Productions.After completing her studies at the University of the Arts, Brittanie joined a tour with Spirit Productions’ “Michael Jackson-Man in the Mirror” tribute. Brittanie then moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her career in dance, acting and theater. Since arriving in LA Brittanie has had the pleasure of working with Chuck Maldonado, Marguerite Derricks, and Anthony Burrell amongst others. Brittanie continues to hone her craft in order to take her career to the next level. As one of Beyonce’s dancers, I think Brittanie has reached that level!

Source: Bloc LA


Desiree Dixon

Desiree’s resume include working with Ledisi, August Alsina, Robin Thicke, and Pit Bull. Her film and television credits include the 2014 BET Awards, HBO’s Bessie starring Queen Latifah, Black Girls Rock, and Bolden.


Source: XCel 



Tasha B

Tasha is a Raleigh, North Carolina native who was inspired by some of the biggest in the music industry like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Beyonce, JLo, Britney Spears, Usher, and many others. She’s had a wonderful opportunity to work alongside Tamar Braxton and August Alsina.  She has had the pleasure of working with choreographers such as Rich & Tone, Sakinah Lestage, Jamaica Craft, Kiki Ely, Rio Henderson, JaQuel Knight, Kennis Marquis, Bubba Carr, Cici Kelley, Victor Jackson and several talented others. Tasha is leaving her mark by training, inspiring and embarking on the journey  made for her as she teaches her stiletto classes, Heel Talk, at Gotta Dance Atlanta Studios and is working on teaching outside of Atlanta at different workshops, cities, and states.

Source: OfficialTashaB.Com


Kenitia Coleman

Kenitia is a proud native of Orlando, FL, who has Eight years of dancing under her belt. Her training in Modern, Contemporary, African, and many other dance styles have made her both a very open minded and versatile dancer. Kenitia has worked with many notable choreographers including Jamaica Craft, Fatima Robinson, Rio Henderson, Jasmine Guy, Sean Bankhead, Matthew Rushing, and many more.

Source:: Bloc ATL


Nikeva Marie

Nikeva was born a performer.
At age seven, she enrolled in a local competition studio where she trained in Ballet, Jazz, and Tap and participated in regional dance competitions for the next six years. At age sixteen, Nikeva joined Chicago’s Joel Hall Dancers’ junior company. Here she expanded her art form by adding Horton, Graham, Contemporary and Hip Hop to her skillset. Nikeva arrived in New York City upon being accepted into The Ailey School/Fordham University BFA Program where she earned a dance major, business minor, was a member of the Dean’s List, and a Fordham Scholar.

Her versatile dance background was further diversified at The Ailey School, where she added training in West African dance, Composition, and Improv, and continued honing her technical skills.

Source: Nikeva.Com


Le’Ana Hill


Le’Ana is trained in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and modern.Le’Ana is also a mode with experience in runway and photography.


Watch the”Formation” video here

Watch the Superbowl performance here

It’s always fun to get media reaction after something so epic like a surprise Beyonce event, especially from brands and celebrities.

When Beyonce dropped her “Formation” video on us like WHOA, the reaction from social media was nothing short of humorous!

There’s a line in the video where Beyonce references Red Lobster.

“When he f— me good, I take him to Red Lobster.

That line, as well as the entire video and the video’s message, left us without any of our edges!

Read some of the celeb’s reaction to Bey’s “Formation” video.


NOLA Diva, Big Freedia, confirmed his feature on the song’s entrance!


Folks even put together memes!

Screenshot_2016-02-07-12-24-15-1 Screenshot_2016-02-07-12-25-11-1


We all waited for Red Lobster‘s response until they posted this tweet. They got in on the fun, as we thought they would 🙂

Now we’re all on the edge of our seats, counting down the hours to the Superbowl half-time show. Beyonce need to do this single and if the live performance is just as sick as the video, man……………………..I just

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