If you look up “Melanin Goddess” in the dictionary, I’m convinced Khoudia Diop,’s image would be featured as the defining example. This stunning 19-year-old has been turning heads for quite some time, since her Instagram popularity. Now, the native of Senegal who is now living in NYC is becoming one of the industry’s hottest modeling sensations, thanks to her angelic face and gorgeous skin tone.


It wasn’t all love for the model back in the early days. According to Daily Mail, Diop was bullied as a child for her skin tone.

“I used to face up to bullies by confronting them. Now, I prefer not pay attention to negativity and focus on learning to ‘love myself more every day”, she tells Dail Mail.

She still gets negative comments about her skin tone now, especially online.


I have this feeling that this beauty’s confidence will knock all the haters down like dominos.

Kiop has been modeling for two years since her Instagram blowuptuism. She currently has over 220,000 followers.



Are you in need of a new podcast where both man and woman give their perspective on a variety of issues?

Well, look no further!


Our Follow Friday pick is a new podcast team, Absolutely Alphas!; brother and sister who hash it out about subjects pertaining to differences between men and women, current events and ideas.

Check out their site here

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What do you get when you get a camera, two friends, and a city full of stuff to do?

You get “Out & About with Lakia & Aneesah”!

Yours truly and my best friend has come together to start this much-anticipated YouTube channel!


Check out the trailer below!

Get a taste of what’s to come by checking the current uploads on our YouTube here. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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If you were a fan of Robert Townsend’s family comedy, ‘The Parenthood’, then you should remember “Zaria”, the bubbly, pretty teen daughter played by Reagan Gomez. After ‘The Parenthood’, Reagan went on to star in films opposite Beyonce, Queen Latifah, DMX, and Nick Cannon, to name a few.

Today, Reagan is doing Boss Woman moves as a mother, wife, and an entrepreneur with her own webseries and a podcast, Reaganomics’. If you love discussions on social issues and pop culture, then her podcast you’ll definitely love!

It’s no surprise that Reagan discusses those particular topics. She uses her Twitter platform to share her views on them heavily.

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If you get a mixture of Netflix and BET Original Movies, you’ll get Black & Sexy TV’! I recently became a fan and let me tell ya…I’m pretty impressed. I became hooked on their web series, and as a black woman, I appreciate their stories which portray black folks in a positive light; a TRUE reflection of our culture.

‘Black and Sexy TV’ is a subscription service that serves original episodes with relatable stories about dating, friendship, sex, and family. ‘Black & Sexy TV’ is so good, BET picked up a few of their series!

Via BET:

“The brainchild of Dennis Dortch, founder and chief creative officer of Black & Sexy TV, along with co-founders Numa Perrier, Brian Ali Harding and Jeanine Daniels, Black & Sexy TV pushes the envelope on presenting the Black experience — catering to a young, progressive, Black audience that seeks a truer reflection of their modern culture.”

Subscribe to Black & Sexy TV’ TODAY! You won’t regret it!



Myleik Teele is a former celebrity publicist turned successful entrepreneur. As the owner of curlBOX which she’s started in 2011, Myleik makes it her mission to help educate women of color all over the country on hair care while sharing awesome products.


curlBOX was featured in publications such as Essence, In Style, and Madame Noire. She’s on Twitter with over 40,000 followers (personal and curBOX combined), over 300,000 followers on Instagram (both accounts combined), and over 100,000 fans on Facebook (personal and official page combined). Myleik also has a podcast at MyTaughtYou.Com, an inspiring space for young, multicultural women.

This [MyTaughtYou.Com] is a truthful, honest space where I’m going to delve out my best advice, quotes, stories and podcasts for YOU! Some women have no idea how to navigate office politics. You will learn that here. Some women haven’t mastered their style. You will learn that here. Some women don’t have a mentor to encourage them to follow their dreams. You will GET that here.”

How curlBOX works:

curlBOX is a monthly subscription service. Once you subscribe to the service, you will be sent up to seven natural hair care products that have been vetted for women with multi-textured hair.

With so many natural hair care products on the market, it’s easy for women to have trouble trying to find the right products for their hair. It’s Myleik’s job to inform and educate the members on how to discover these products and help them choose which products are best for their hair type.



Founded by Beverly Bond, BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to empowering and mentoring young girls and women of color through youth enrichment programs.  It’s also established to promote the arts for young women of color, as well as to encourage dialogue and analysis of the ways women of color are portrayed in the media.

I always look forward to the BLACK GIRLS ROCK AWARDS every year with hosts, Tracee Ellis Ross and Regina King! Check out B.E.T’s website here. I’m so glad that my daughter can look to an organization she can be inspired by and may even take part in 🙂






The joys of social media is finding positive, high-spirited, super talented,  and beautiful people to follow for your pleasure and your soul!

These five people are no exception.

I follow them on Instagram and let me tell you…all of their personal timelines either tell a story, motivate you, or keep you intrigued with thought-provoking content. I appreciate these five jewels for sharing themselves with us through the virtual world. Here are my picks for Follow Friday on Instagram



Not sure if Rob’s an author or speaker, but his daily posts always want to make you stand and clap in slow motion. He’s like a timeline therapist…always seem to post the right messages at the right time. His bio says “heart healer”. I can dig it!



One of my yoga muses and one of my reasons for going back into my daily yoga routine. Hippie’s poses are so beautiful.  This beautiful soul’s Instagram make you want to light  scented candle, play some soothing music, and get into downward dog position at any moment. That, along with her daily inspirational messages, gives us just enough joy to go about our  day.




Her signature long locs and beauty are not the only things that captures our attention. You can tell that this woman has a spirit that matches her beautiful face. Her daily posts screams open-mindedness, love for art, and she has a knack for telling it like it is so effortlessly as captions. Her  support for nude art and showing how important is for us to love the skin we’re in is a clear message we get in a lot of her posts.



I’ve done a Follow Friday feature on this guy before. He’s so talented, I had to feature him again. This illustrator uses his artwork to tell a story and it’s evident that his love for women and people of color helps bring his artwork to life.



This lady’s inspiring story of weight loss  is what crosses my mind every time I do a crunch! I appreciate that she takes the time to keep us informed on her healthy eating habits by sharing her tasty-looking dishes. She is very stylish to say the least, and she reminds us all that we can  live the same kind of healthy lifestyle, as long as we stay focused and dedicated!

The Real is led by five bold, diverse and outspoken hosts — Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai, and Adrienne Bailon. Since the show’s debut on July 15, 2013, fans has praised the fun-filled and entertaining show, as well as the boldness and transparency that these ladies gives their audience daily. They remind me of my days as a local online radio personality with four of my friends. They make you laugh, they make you cry, and they make you think, which is how panel daytime talk shows should be. I dub these ladies as the “hip version” of The Talk.

Follow them!

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Image courtesy of Dove Shore

Karen Civil is not just a blogger. In fact, she started out as a blogger and worked her way to becoming one of the most influential hustlers on the internet. At age 30, Karen Civil is already known as the “next young Oprah”. From being an intern at Hot 97 to running KarenCivil.Com and the sister site LivingCivil.Com, Karen is dedicated to making dreams come true while utilizing her God-given talent for online marketing. Karen has created an empire in digital hip-hop media with strategic marketing!

Her social media presence is outrageous with currently over 700,000 fans on Facebook, 360,000 followers on Twitter, and 324,000 followers on Instagram.

Karen is definitely a big deal and proof that you can make a way only if you believe in yourself!

For more on Karen, read here.

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