Because Father’s Day is soon approaching, I feel compelled to share my opinion on the peculiar actions of women who are single mothers and how they feel the need to celebrate Father’s Day….as a single mother.

Let me say that if you are a single mother and you celebrate Father’s Day, then that’s your perogative. Who am I to tell you that you shouldn’t? Who am I to say that your kid shouldn’t give you a card on Father’s Day? You can celebrate however you choose, but the fact is… it doesn’t make it right or fair to those great and responsible fathers who takes care of their kids. You’re taking away a day that’s meant for them because you’re bitter about went down between you and your kid(s) father.

As a mother, I commend the single mothers who are forced to take on both roles. It can be a really tough job but you get things done for your children and you should be proud. We have Mother’s Day or ANY day to celebrate your parental accomplishments!

However, Father’s Day should be a day to recognize FATHERS who are actively in their children’s lives and doing it well.

A lot of single mothers take to social media to bash the dead-beat dads in their lives on Father’s Day!  I use to always wonder why they choose Father’s Day to disparage the men that they’ve slept with, but it’s so obvious why!

It’s the one day, they are reminded ALL DAY why they’re in the situation that they’re in.

I get it!

It becomes problematic when we don’t take the time to focus on the men in our lives who ARE good fathers. The energy these single mothers use to bash their deadbeat baby daddy is the same amount energy they could use to take the time to recognize a dad who is doing the damn thing!

You deprecate Father’s Day because of the one man in your life who doesn’t take on his parental duties as he should. While it’s okay to be upset about that, it doesn’t give you the right to dim the light on those who does.

It’s THEIR day….not yours.

Father’s Day is also not “Bash your Babydaddy Day”, so cut it out.

Get off social media, go on about your day as you normally would, and just continue to care and love your child without wasting time on parental foolishness. We see you taking on extra responsibility as a parent and we applaud you.

Just let the dads have their day.

You don’t see any of the good fathers and father figures, claiming Mother’s Day.


Edited to Add: This doesn’t pertain to those moms who were forced to take on both roles due to incarceration, death, or a disability. Just wanted to make that clear.

Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed on Father’s Day, you can’t help but be in awe of all the wonderful photos of all the dads with their children. However, there’s one special photo that has everyone all in the feels!

A Facebook user by the name of Tony Blue Sr. posted the picture above, apparently of himself, his father and his son with kisses to the foreheads. Not only does it shows the true definition of fatherhood, but it also displays the unapologetic courage of fathers being affectionate with their sons.

I love it.



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