Gabrielle Union can now add “Fashion Collaborator” to her impressive resume. The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star has teamed up with New York & Co to launch her Mary Jane-inspired collection.

“I wanted to offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. That’s the bottom line,” Union told WWD, also sharing that the inspiration for the line came from her character on BET’s ‘Being Mary Jane’.

Via WWD:

Her goal is to offer variety to the consumer. For now, there are dresses, jumpsuits, “everything I try to rock in my personal life that can be flattering for all different body types.” There are cutouts that won’t accentuate anyone’s problem areas, she said. “The goal is every outfit is Instagrammable,” she added.

Everything retails for under $100 except for the outerwear. For example, dresses retail from $74.95 to $79.95, jumpsuits are $89.95, separates are $46.95 to $69.95 and jackets/outerwear retail from $89.95 to $139.95. All of the fabrics have properties that hold its shape and enhance curves, including all proprietary brocades and embroideries. The collection includes novelty jacquard knits and crepe suiting. Sizes range from 0-20 and XS to XXL.

The label is called Gabrielle Union. “We wanted to create a tag that was classy, understated and clear,” she said. The collection will have a separate area on the selling floor at New York & Co. “And the hope that it will be in the on-trend area of the store,” she said.


If you look up “Melanin Goddess” in the dictionary, I’m convinced Khoudia Diop,’s image would be featured as the defining example. This stunning 19-year-old has been turning heads for quite some time, since her Instagram popularity. Now, the native of Senegal who is now living in NYC is becoming one of the industry’s hottest modeling sensations, thanks to her angelic face and gorgeous skin tone.


It wasn’t all love for the model back in the early days. According to Daily Mail, Diop was bullied as a child for her skin tone.

“I used to face up to bullies by confronting them. Now, I prefer not pay attention to negativity and focus on learning to ‘love myself more every day”, she tells Dail Mail.

She still gets negative comments about her skin tone now, especially online.


I have this feeling that this beauty’s confidence will knock all the haters down like dominos.

Kiop has been modeling for two years since her Instagram blowuptuism. She currently has over 220,000 followers.



I’ve discovered a new “pet peeve”.

It’s fashion designers who over-price their stuff, not thinking about the customer who loves their stuff, yet, can’t afford it.

designers don’t create with the average consumer in mind. They create with associates and public figures in mind…you know….those people who can AFFORD to purchase a bag for over $1,000.

Christian Louboutin is receiving rave reviews for his new line of bags called ‘Africaba’The bags are created with different African fabrics with an assortment of beautiful bright colors. While we think his bags are dope as hell, we [black folks with regular jobs] can’t help but get agitated at the fact that it costs too damn much to represent The Motherland. Meanwhile, our richer counterparts can probably rock an ‘Africaba’ bag in every design, every day of the week.


I’d love an ‘Africaba’ bag now, but I’m not going to get my lights turned off for one.

I’m already salty that I have yet to experience a CL shoe. The cheapest shoe is well over 500 bucks! I would like to think that I can treat myself to a pair, but my entrepreneurship has to be on 100 before I can believe that! I’m sure every other CL fan has felt the same way.

Does Christian Louboutin even know that half of his consumer base finds themselves suddenly making life decisions at the shoe store when they see that shoe with the red sole?




I can’t help but get offended for the designers who sells their hand-crafted African bags on Etsy for less than 100 bucks. Check here to check out the different shops. A lot of them are really cute! You’ll come to realize who the REAL financial support should go to.

The bottom line is society thrives off name brands and fashion designers make a killing off of a society that does so! At the same time, the poor gets poorer, trying to “keep up with the Jones”.

The rest of us will window shop until we know we can afford an Africaba bag.



Beyoncé can now add “designer” to her epic resume.

The superstar teamed up with Top Shop and recently launched her new athletic line, ‘Ivy Park’. In the smokin’ promo for ‘Ivy Park’, Beyoncé shares her inspiration behind the name of her brand, and does it so well, she makes me want to go running right this second!! Go to and check out the gear, but before you do, peep the dope promo vid below and become mesmerized.




It’s so refreshing to hear of a child turning a negative experience into a positive one.

10-year-old Egypt “Ify” Ufele, who was once bullied for her heavier frame, used the bullying as fuel for her creative fire and started her fashion line, Chubiiline. With the help of her grandmother, Ify began to design clothes for bodies typically not seen on fashion runways.

Ify made her debut at this season’s New York Fashion Week, showing plus size styles and showcasing traditional Ankara prints.

Angela Bassett is not only one of the most powerful actresses of out time, but Miss Angela is such a trendsetter. It’s so easy to fall in love with her sense of style, as much as her adorable personality and grace. It’s why we follow her on all of her social media! We’re just waiting for her to slay us every time she posts a photo of what she’s wearing. This latest ensemble is “breaking the internet”, and we are HERE FOR IT!


White Pantsuit is by Veronica Beard

Shoes are by Fendi

Jewelry by Bavna Jewelry

Hair styled by Randy Stodghill, celebrity stylist

Makeup by D’Andre Michael

Styled by celebrity wardrobe stylist, Jennifer Austin!


Angela slays from head to toe, thanks to her  amazing glam squad, for press on her upcoming film, ‘London Has Fallen’.

Ty Hunter has been Beyoncé’s stylist for over 15 years, so it’s safe to say he knows how to make you look good in front of a camera. Even phone cameras!

Ty came up with this brilliant idea to design a phone case with built-in lighting. In the age of “selfies” Ty is breaking barriers with beauty-meets-tech innovation and evolving the selfie game by helping us take more flattering photos!

It’s such a great idea for those of us who spends at least three minutes, trying to find the perfect angle where the light captures our beauty better!

Ty-Lite is a protective phone case with a built-in LED frame, so it’s like carrying a pocket-sized vanity mirror. The case has three settings: Cool, for outdoors, Warm, for indoors, and Indoor/Outdoor, which Ty told Glamour that  “gives you that little extra glam.” And you can also control the brightness of each setting, for 100% custom lighting.




The cases are compatible with iPhone 5S, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 6Plus, and GalaxyS6.

Want a case for your phone? Visit 


Cutie pie actress, singer, and host Keke Palmer has been busy on her promo run for Fox’s Grease Live. The 22-year-old recently spoke at a panel discussion during FOX’s 2016 Winter TCA tour, where she was joined by her Grease Live cast mates, including Julianne Hough, Kether Donahue and Carly Rae Jepson, along with executive producer Marc Platt and director Thomas Kail.


We couldn’t help but notice Keke’s epic fashion choice for the promotional event!


She took to Snapchat to express how she REALLY wanted to represent…LOL Keke was cute and comfy in a short black lace Rebecca Minkoff dress and a pair of Vans. I can dig it!


After the panel discussion, Keke changed into a pair of high-waisted trousers and a lace top with some adorable sandals. This look was for Fox’s All-Star celebration.


I am so excited to see this year’s Soul Train Awards which has already been taped and will air November 29th. From Erykah Badu as host to the much-deserved anticipated tribute for Babyface, I am overwhelmed with excitement. Not only do I look forward to the performances and the artists, but judging from the pics circulating, I have fallen in love with the fashions. These artists have showed off and showed OUT on the red carpet! The photos I’m sharing are those who rocked my favorite gowns, suits, etc.


Tevin Campbell comes from out of hiding in the perfect chocolate-covered suede jacket!


Ms. Jill Scott rockin’ Balmain!


Blogger and media personality XiXi Yang in this beautiful shimmery gown


Ms. “Lady in Red” Fantasia, killin’! (before her red carpet appearance)


Janelle Monae in Goth-like Glam! #Loveit


Host, Erykah Badu serving life in this unique creation!


Avant looking debonaire


Wendy Raquel Robinson looking stunning in her white


Entrepreneur/Reality Star Omarosa looking magnificent


Chrisette Michele and Fiance looking fab


Claudia Jordan in this “peekable” beauty


R&B star Tank, looking fresh to deaf in his blue!


Regina Hall killin’ in lace and leather!


Jasmine Sullivan looking voluptuous in her tuxedo- inspired dress


My personal favorite, actress/singer Demetria McKinney rockin’ in an elegant royal purple gown created by Mariah Harper Designs (Note: The gown also had a hood #Slay)


Vivian Green looking fab in her pants suit!


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