No one knows who I am.

As an introverted entrepreneur, that’s something that I definitely need to change. If I’m building a brand, it’s important for me to “stand out” in social media land. What better way to do that than putting myself on video? It’s a terrifying thing for me to do, considering I kinda care what folks think of me and what I offer.

However, it all makes sense. My brand won’t build if people do not know who Lakia Nichole is and what she does.

This video will explain who I am and why I’ve decided to start this personal challenge.


It’s so refreshing to hear of a child turning a negative experience into a positive one.

10-year-old Egypt “Ify” Ufele, who was once bullied for her heavier frame, used the bullying as fuel for her creative fire and started her fashion line, Chubiiline.¬†With the help of her grandmother, Ify began to design clothes for bodies typically not seen on fashion runways.

Ify made her debut at this season’s New York Fashion Week, showing plus size styles and showcasing traditional Ankara prints.

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