I think episode 4 of Season 2 has the most “Oh My God” moments out of all the seasons thus far!


The episode begins with Issa, Molly, & Kelli doing what most girlfriends do together…get En Vogue-ish for a party. They hit up a day party called ‘Kiss & Grind’ (Must be a thing in L.A) and Issa is eyeballing every other dude in the place, including the bouncer. We all know at this point, Issa is trying to add more dudes for her HO quota. Issa’s turnin’ up until she sees Daniel, the guy she cheated on Lawrence with, across the room.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is driving to the grocery store but is stuck in traffic, so he does a U-turn and as a result, get’s pulled over. The cop asks for his license and registration. It becomes a tense moment for Lawrence, until the cop returns and lets him go with a warning. The cop even tries to makes light-hearted conversation about giving him a ticket for being a Hoya fan ( he saw a bumper sticker or license plate…I can’t remember).

Molly reconnects with Dro, a high school friend, but things get hot & heavy when they grind all on each other on the dance floor. Molly cuts it short, telling Dro that his wife, Candace, wouldn’t like what’s happening. Dro confesses that they’ve been in an open marriage for a year. Molly is dumbfounded by the news, but y’all know her vagina did a cart-wheel when he told her. She ain’t slick!!!


While Molly’s vagina is doing flips, Lawrence is at the grocery store, purchasing drinks for a meet up with his homeboy Chad, but realizes he doesn’t have his debit card at check out. Two women behind Lawrence offer to pay for Lawrence’s drinks. The ladies who we’ll just call Becky 1 & Becky 2, meets Lawrence in the parking lot and is hella flirtatious with him. Lawrence being the ultimate fuck boy that he is accepts their invitation to “hang out”, after dismissing his original plans with Chad.


Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa and Daniel have the most AWKWARD conversation that leads up to a discussion about how they left things the last time they saw each other. Issa shares with Daniel that she should have handled the situation differently. Daniel shrugs it off, saying it was months ago and claims he’s fine. According to my observation of how he looks at Issa, he still wants her! I’m convinced.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is mingling with Becky 1 & Becky 2 at their place and things get real raunchy when Becky 1 straddles Lawrence and kisses him. Becky 2 follows suit and starts kissing Becky 1 and Lawrence at the same time. It was like watching the start of straight up porn!

Back at ‘Kiss & Grind’, Issa is set to meet up with another Tinder-mate, but when they finally meet, homeboy is all kinds of discombobulated about Issa’s appearance and the sound of her voice. Apparently, Issa wore her hair different from the image he saw and I assume she sounded cuter on the phone.


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Back at the Beckys place, Lawrence is puttin’ in WORK with this threesome and the Beckys are enjoying every bit of his “work”. Becky 1 is ridin’ Lawrence like he’s the only other human on Earth with a penis, but by the time it was Becky 2’s turn, Lawrence was tapped out! He tries to “recharge” but Becky 2 doesn’t appreciate his effort and both are, at this point, done with him. Apparently, he came too fast, unlike the other black dudes they’ve mentioned. The Beckys begin to ignore Lawrence as if they don’t even see his tall black naked ass in their bed. They have poor Lawrence in bed looking like…


The ladies leave ‘Kiss & Grind’ and end up at a place to eat, where Issa, again, sees Daniel. They are also there with gentlemen they’ve met at ‘Kiss & Grind’, minus Issa. Her Tinder dude met the REAL Issa and immediately dropped her like a hot potato. While at the restaurant, Dro texts Molly and asks if she wants company. She started to reply with what looked like a yes but pressed that backspace button with the quickness. She turned him down.


Kelli and her “Kiss & Grind dude”, are flirty and annoying at the same damn time! Issa, who’s sitting next to them, can’t seem to shake off the Ls she’s taken all day. On top of that, she has full visual of Daniel dining with friends at the other end of the restaurant. The night can’t get any worse for Issa…or so we thought. Kelli’s flirtiness with her dude comes to a halt and she becomes physically overwhelmed by a “feel good” moment. Issa looks at Kelli with an expression that implicates she has an idea what might be happening. Daniel is watching all the finger fuckery (no pun) and texts Issa, telling her that Kelli’s dude is fingering her under the table. Chile’!!! Issa grabs her plate and goes sits with Daniel.


My thoughts!


It’s pretty clear that both Issa and Lawrence are using these ppl they sleep with as a way to heal their broken hearts.  Issa doesn’t need to spend her nights swiping mobile profiles for her next sexual conquest, and Lawrence doesn’t need to have random, unfulfilling sex with women who will chew him up and spit him out.


Molly needs to stay far away from Dro. Only two things can come from this situation and neither is good.

1….he could be lying just to get Molly’s honeypot

2…the word “friends” go out the window once sex is involved.

As fans, we had to point out to Issa & her team of writers about the lack of safe sex inclusion in their scenes. I’m glad she responded.


Until next week!




Bruno Mars hits us with another hot and sexy visual for his latest single, “Versace On The Floor” from his album, ’24k Magic’. In the visual, Bruno has a thing for his next door neighbor, played by actress Zendaya. They lock eyes as they meet each other at their apartment doors, which is evident of the chemistry they obviously have for one another. Zendaya is gorgeous, dressed in a sexy, short Versace dress that Bruno wants to unzip. They both walk into their apartments without saying a word, and we wonder what will happen next.

Bruno sits at his piano and sings about that Versace falling to the floor, as Zendaya puts her ear against the wall and listens. Midway through the song, she swoons and becomes mesmerized by the song and starts dancing her way out of her Versace dress. When Bruno finishes singing, there’s a knock on his door, giving us the impression that Zendaya is about to put it down on Bruno.

It’s simple, yet sexy, and I’m here for Zendaya in this visual. I almost wish she provided vocals for a duet. Now THAT would have been super cute!

Hit play below!


Growing up in the nineties was an experience for folks in my generation (70s babies) and the generation under us! Most of us were either starting our lives as a high school graduate or already in adulthood, getting a taste of more independence. Music for us was more meaningful and full of substance back then, and television was a lot different with scripted television and our choices of talk shows. B.E.T was the primary cable network for black folks and back then, we had more programs to look forward to, compared to today’s programs. I had so many favorite programs from that network that was so fun and entertaining to watch. I miss those programs, so I want to take the time to share my faves from the nineties era!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane!


Teen Summit with Ananda Lewis


There were a few hosts from Teen Summit, but Ananda Lewis is one host who sticks out for me. I loved Teen Summit because it was a platform for teens to come together and discuss topics related to teen issues. It was talk show for teenagers that aired every Saturday, and it also included special celebrity guests and performers.



Oh, Drama!




The Real is the very successful B.E.T. talk show with hosts, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Bailon. But The Real isn’t the only talk show that didn’t capture us with hot topics & favorable celebs. There was another talk show that fans absolutely adored and enjoyed in the nineties. Oh, Drama! was the premiere B.E.T. talk show that grabbed the viewers’ attention. Although a few of the hosts were replaced a few times, they kept that spark to keep the show a success. Much like The Real, Oh, Drama! was hosted by dynamic women who were highly opinionated & kept their highly charged, night-time talk show energized with everything entertainment and topics that their viewing audience could relate to.





Cita’s World



Cita was annoying, but we couldn’t turn the channel! The sassy virtual chick gave us our daily video countdown and we couldn’t help but love her for her homegirl swag while updating us on the music and the latest celebrity gossip!




Hits From The Streets



Al Shearer from Hits From The Streets is the original “one-man show” He covered entertainment, comedy interviews, and travel all in one hilarious show!





Video Soul



Video Soul was the premiere B.E.T video countdown show and the green-eyed host, Donnie Simpson, made it even more enjoyable to watch. His charm, along with his celebrity guests and video choices was the highlight of our day.



College  Hill



College Hill was full of roommate drama and ratchetness, yet, we couldn’t turn the channel! These young ppl’s lives were displayed on television like a young, black Young & The Restless. However, we could relate to them all to some degree!



106 & Park



Who could forget 106 & Park with the original hosts, Free & A.J.?

Much like Video Soul, 106 & Park was the”go to” video program, but for a much younger and hipper audience. The show’s hosts were the perfect match, had the perfect look, and were fun to watch because their chemistry was amazing.


We haven’t had a film with a cast of melanated beauties that broke box office records since ‘Waiting To Exhale’ (No offense to the success of Hidden Figures). So, when I heard that ‘Girls Trip’ made 30 million on opening weekend, I was ecstatic as if I was a part of the cast! That number also makes the Will Packer film the largest opening weekend for a live-action comedy so far in 2017.

With that said, I’m proud to say I’m one of those theater patrons who spent money to see this film. And you know what? I’d go see it again! It was just that damn good!

I love how they used an authentic event like The Essence Festival in New Orleans as their go-to trip for the film. I’m sure it made those who attended the festival feel like they were there with Ryan, Sasha, Lisa, and Dina.  It also gave those like me who have yet to experience The Essence Festival, a taste of what it’s like to be there.

What can I say about the characters?

Each of them is relatable in more ways than one! Queen Latifah and Jada Pinkett-Smith had me reminiscing to the ‘Set It Off’ during one scene together. To see “Stony and Cleo” together again tripped me out! It was cute to see them together, looking beautiful as ever. I am always in awe of how Regina Hall’s Doe-like eyes light up the silver screen, and her talent as an actress is beyond impressive. She can go hard in suspenseful thrillers like her last film, ‘When The Bough Breaks’, then turn around and be silly as ever in ‘Girls Trip’. Tiffany Haddish is definitely the scene-stealer throughout the film with her hilarious and raunchy antics. The funny lady represents the wild one that every girlfriend crew has.

‘Girls Trip’ gave me a much-needed laugh. When I say I laughed, I mean I had one of those hard to breathe, laugh out loud laughs, that leaves tears in your eyes! The film gave me something I yearned for when I left my house on an impulse with the film in mind. I had a tough week but ‘Girls Trip’ took away my stress for a good two hours! I was in “Fantasy land” AKA New Orleans with Ryan, Dina, Lisa, and Sasha, gettin’ MY LIFE with them.

The 7:30 show was sold out, so I waited two and a half hours for the 10pm show. And you know what? It was worth the wait. I laughed AND cried, thinking about my own friendships (past and present). I even learned some things! One thing in particular…THE GRAPEFRUIT METHOD!!! Who knew about that??

I want to thank Will Packer and his team for creating a film that reminds the industry that black actresses can carry a film to box office success with humor and looks good while doing it!

I want to thank the cast for portraying black female friendships in a positive light. It helped me to re-evaluate the friendships with the women in my life. It also helped me to realize that I, as an aspiring traveler, deserve to get loose and have fun.

I want to thank the fine ass men of ‘Girls Trip’ simply for gracing the silver screen with their good looks. Larenz Tate, who by the way will never age, Kofi Siriboe, and Mike Coulter.

I want to thank those who have supported this film. Despite a lot of the men who are skeptics over the “chick flick” stigma behind the film, ‘Girls Trip’ still managed to pull in 30.4 million dollars opening weekend.

Just one question….can we get a part 2 or nah? I’ll be sure to go to the Essence Festival next year. Maybe I can get a walk-through scene next to Larenz and them.



Kendrick Lamar continues to wow us with his latest visual for “Element”, his 2nd single from his current studio album, ‘Damn’. 

This visual gives us a glimpse of what a brotha goes through in his natural habitat. Despite the violent nature, “Element” perfectly depicts life as is for some brothas in their communities. You’ll see gangs fighting, a father teaching his son how to fight, and other emotionally charged images.

Kendrick not only tells a lyrical story so impeccably, he has a way of visually capturing the intrinsic quality of the lives of black males, young and old, in America’s predominantly black neighborhoods. Brothas “in their element”.

Warning: NSFW

If you’re a fan of the hit crime drama on Starz, ‘Power’, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, let me break it down for you.

During each season, Tasha St. Patrick (played by the gorgeous Naturi Naughton) displays signs of the typical “ride or die” syndrome. As a mother and a wife of a drug dealing-club owner, she is a strong believer in her husband’s rise in the drug empire. That alone, proves that Tasha is nowhere near innocent. She actually encouraged James to stay in the drug biz when he wanted to get out.


However, you can’t help but admire Tasha for the shit she’s been through with James, yet, she stays be his side. When James run into an old girlfriend, Angela Valdez, who he later starts an affair with, Tasha’s world starts to crumble. Tasha had to put away that hard exterior and become vulnerable to her husband. It led to a much-needed discussion about how things went wrong in their marriage.

We all saw what went wrong.

When Angela walked into that club, all James saw was old pum pum, replacing current pum pum, and making it new pum pum. (colloquialism for vagina, if you’re wondering)


I thought Tasha would just leave the marriage, but my girl had other plans!  She uses their driver, Shawn, to gain  information by flirting with him. The flirting turns into furtive sex with Shawn as a way of getting back at James after finding out he and Angela’s affair.

Despite Tasha’s revenge sex, she still loves James. She loves James so much, she looked past the possibility that James might’ve had something to do with Shawn’s sudden death. (The murderer was actually Shawn’s own father, but let’s save that for another blog post)

Although Tasha’s storyline is glorified for our entertainment, Tasha, as a woman, is relatable…not unrealistic. Her anything-goes personality and sometimes manipulative behavior intrigues us. We put ourselves in Tasha’s shoes, wondering if her actions would be our actions. Would we leave or go after the discovery of our significant other smashin’ another woman? It puts things into perspective for a lot of us, especially those of us who’d feel we’d never develop that “Ride or Die” mentality.

As I’ve said in my piece here, I’m not married, but I expect the married folks to go by the whole ‘Ride or Die’ phenomena, because that’s how you keep a marriage strong. I guess I’m old-fashioned because I don’t think ‘Ride or Die’ should apply to folks in basic (sexual) relationships. Too many folks confuse loyalty with being taken advantage of and as a result, they ‘stick around’, because they feel obligated after putting so much energy into establishing the relationship. They also put up with shenanigans because of how they feel about the person. I guess loyalty depends on what a person is willing to tolerate.

In Tasha’s situation, it’s a bit different. She has financial security, living the lavish (and dangerous) life. She also encouraged hubby to stick it out in the drug game, and she has children with him. It’s clear that Tasha did all the things a wife and mother did before James’ affair with Angela. Even after finding out, she still let her guard down and let the love for her man take over by giving up the honeypot.

Tasha had a moment when she looked herself in the mirror and when I saw that I thought, DAMN! As I saw the tears flow, I could only imagine how it would be for me if I was in Tasha’s shoes. You come to the realization that, even in real life, no amount of love, kindness, dedication, loyalty and soul-stirring love-making will keep a man who doesn’t want to be kept.

Long story short, Angela is an Assistant United States Attorney who had James arrested after allegations that he had her ex-boyfriend and co-worker killed. So much for the new pum pum becoming the current pum pum.

Now in season 4, Tasha puts on her cape, takes care of her children, and bosses up while her man is behind bars. If That’s not “Ride or Die” I don’t know WTF it is!

Tasha is doing what she has to do to keep her family together. As a “Ride or Die”sistah, is that smart or is that being foolish?

When it comes to great films, I think it’s important for them to have a soundtrack that represents the film’s theme so effortlessly. The films that I’ve chosen are guaranteed to be among the list of many movie/music lovers when it comes to favorite soundtracks. Simply put…these soundtracks will never go out of style.


The Beautiful Ones - Prince

Movie’s release year: 1984

Favorite track: “The Beautiful Ones” by Prince


Movie’s release date: 1995

Favorite track: “Count On Me” by Whitney Houston and CeCe Winans


Movie’s release year: 1997

Favorite track: “Hopeless” by Dionne Farris


Movie’s release year: 1996

Favorite track: “Missing You” by Brandy, Chaka Khan, Gladys Knight, and Tamia



Movie’s release year: 1997

Favorite track: “We’re Not Making Love No More” by  Dru Hill



Movie’s release year: 1991

Favorite track: “I Wanna Sex You Up” by Color Me Badd



Movie’s release year: 1996

Favorite track: “On The Line” by Michael Jackson


Movie’s release year: 1994

Favorite track: “Anything” by SWV




Movie’s release date: 1994

Favorite track:  “Crooklyn” by Crooklyn Dodgers



Movie’s release date: 1998

Favorite track: “Your Home is in My Heart” Chante Moore and BoyzIIMen


Movie’s release year: 1999

Favorite track: “What You Want” by The Roots

As a movie fanatic, I really enjoy the ones that take me back to my childhood. The films that make me reminisce about the simpler times when being responsible was something I wasn’t obligated to do. Then there are the films that take me back to watching them for the first time with my mother, who is also a movie fanatic. As a child, it was hard to explain why these particular films left a huge impact on me. Now, I take this opportunity to share with you the ten films that either bring me joy or leave such an impression on my soul. These are ten films that will make all of us miss our childhood.




Cooley High

Cooley High created the blueprint for movies like Boyz N Da Hood. When I watched this, my young spirit was touched by the grittiness and the realness expressed throughout this film. I realized growing up in the inner city in the 70s was no different from growing up in my generation. I wanted “Cochise” to make it out the hood so bad. When the unthinkable happened, my little heart was crushed. The ending of the movie serenades us during the last tear-jerking scene with “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye” by G.C. Cameron then transitions into an inspiring “Reach Out (I’ll Be There)” by the Four Tops. That scene puts a lump in my throat every time.




I thought these white people were cool as hell! Watching this, my naive butt couldn’t wait to go to high school because Grease made it look “fun”. I wanted to be a pink lady & I wanted my man to be a Tbird! I wanted to throw slumber parties and attend the school dance! I wanted to be the dull bunny turned into a hot fox in front of all my friends!…and I don’t think anyone knows all the lines word from word like I do.




Crooklyn was released in 1994 but the setting took place in the 70s. Loosely based on Spike Lee’s life, I got a taste of what it would have been like being raised with a bunch of boys. A lot of what was in the movie I remember hearing about from our parents’ generation. The soundtrack to this coming-of-age film is refeshing to listen to. It was also refreshing to see a portrayal of real family life displayed on the silver screen with both mommy and daddy and no violence involved.




The Wiz

I thought I would never see a black version of The Wizard of Oz and even wondered if there would ever be one. When I discovered The Wiz, it was a big deal not only to me, but black folks were excited! Especially when we learned of the all-star cast who would play the legendary characters. My lil heart skipped three beats when I saw Michael Jackson as the scarecrow. By the end of the movie, I was ready for a brand new day!




I don’t remember much about Car Wash other than watching it with my mom. However, I can recall being impressed with how all the scenes were captured, giving us the illusion that it was filmed all in one day. The movie had a “the day in the life” appeal to it. Each character had unique personalities ranging from quirkiness to socially conscious.

Krush Groove

Krush Groove is one of the most impressive films of my generation. We were in awe of all the stars in one film. From Kurtis Blow to Sheila E. to Run DMC to LL Cool J, this film set the foundation for other movies to feature musicians as actors.




Reeces Pieces made a lot of coins when E.T. was released. Why? Because the popular candy was the trail that led E.T. into his earthly home with “Elliott”.  E.T. was a phenomina and the biggest grossing film in 1982. The big-blue-eyed alien was adorned by many fans, young and old…including Michael Jackson (remember the picture?)  The E.T. franchise included games, dolls, apparel, and so much more. To this day, the endng when he returns home still makes me cry. You know the scene when the symphonic music plays while the spaceship’s  door closes in around his beating heart?…yeah…that one. “sigh”.



Breakin’ impressed me so much, I wanted to form a break dancing group but couldn’t break dance if my life depended on it. I think everyone’s favorite character was “Turbo” thanks to the famous illusion scene with the broom.


Uptown Saturday Night

As a child, I couldn’t follow what was going on in the R Rated movie’s plot. However, I remember seeing a young Bill Cosby and a young Sydney Poitier and thought how cool they were. I was delighted to see Mr. Poitier in a film where he wasn’t playing a “serious” and  dramatic role.




Purple Rain

I remember seeing ALL of Purple Rain in the movies at the tender age of nine…LOL. Aside from my mom who tried to cover my eyes during the “nekkid parts”, my young self was mesmerized by this man’s sensuality. Prince became a hit in my little world since I left the theater that night. I will still rock out with the soundtrack today, because it’s one of the best soundtracks in movie history, in my opinion!  I love the story about a the struggling musician who also struggles with a dysfunctional family while trying to “make it”. It gave my little soul so much inspiration, showing me that you can do anything, no matter your circumstances. He won the hearts of the fans and the girl at the end. Success and love…#Winning.






I don’t get it….

When we finally get good quality television that us black folks can be proud of and begged for, we turn around and do some ridiculous shit like NOT support.

We’d rather be glued to the ratchet reality shows that make us look bad.


To be honest, I know we watch what we like to watch and I get that. I’m not criticizing anyone who likes ratchet reality because it is entertaining. However, I’m convinced there’s a thin line between entertainment and embellished buffoonery. We criticize Hollywood for not scripting shows that depict people of color in a more positive light, and when they finally do, these shows drop in ratings to women who pull each other’s weaves off over cheating athletes and hip hop artists on national television.

Television is becoming so saturated with ratchet reality, that it’s making me nauseous. Do we really want to spend every day watching what “Tameka” do what she does to “Shay Shay” over her side boo, the basketball star? Do we really want to spend every day watching hip hop dudes verbally and physically slaughter each other over music beats and “bad bitches”?

Thanks to ratchet reality television, we’ve been inundated with imagery that captures the false perception of black culture. I’m convinced that people of color who are television entertainers are only good enough to “entertain” in a way that is selectively acceptable to mainstream Hollywood. We can’t tell a story that is too deep like ‘Underground’, too eye-opening like ‘Sense 8’, too heroic like ‘Pitch’, and ’24 Legacy’ and too light-hearted like ‘The Get Down’. Shows like those aforementioned will not succeed in ratings because apparently, we like folks to have dragged out fights over pure fuckery.

I have to stay mindful of the entertainers who don’t mind getting a check for a good fight scene! As long as we keep watching, they’ll keep getting paid. Get yo’ money, boo!

All I’m really trying to say is give these scripted shows a chance! They really are GOOD QUALITY SHOWS, but we’ll never know because we keep out channels tuned into VH1, which is the network for the ratchiest of ratchet! We’re even losing ratings on video streaming sites like Netflix. How does ‘The Get Down’ get canceled?!? That’s about the origin of Hip Hop, for crying out loud!!!

I’m pleasantly surprised that ‘Blackish’ is still on the air!

Let’s see how long ‘The Carmichael Show’ lasts!


These shows gave a good fight!

‘The Get Down’-This show lasted one season on Netflix

‘Pitched’-Fox canceled the drama, Pitch, after just one season. It was about the first woman to play in the major leagues.

 ‘Underground’-Even with a huge following, this critically acclaimed series lasted only 2 seasons, after the WGN’s parent company was purchased by the right-leaning Sinclair Group. The reason? They said they were going to move away from scripted shows.

‘Legacy 24’– Despite the huge reboot starring Straight Outta Compton’s Corey Hawkins, the Fox series failed to deliver in ratings. It lasted one season with Hawkins. The original ’24‘ starred Keifer Sutherland., lasted over 8 seasons.

‘Rosewood’-Morris Chestnut’s police procedural drama was canceled after two seasons on Fox.

‘Doubt’-I have to actually research this one because I never knew about it. Doubt, the CBS drama starring Dulé Hill and Laverne Cox was axed after only two episodes.

‘Sense 8’-Lasted 2 seasons on Netflix



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