‘Justice With Judge Mablean’ is being called out as a fake televised court show when a prior episode of a case  circulated online, which producers obviously snatched from the pages of the classic film, ‘Imitation of Life’.


It’s been discovered that “Sandra Johnson” was played by actress, Janeva “Unique” Pettway.


Her REAL Mom, Latosha McCoy, confirmed when she congratulated her daughter on her “performance” via Facebook.



Has ratings been THAT bad that producers gotta steal from a film? Did they think viewers weren’t going to notice or figure things out???

I wonder what Judge Mablean has to say about this!

Here’s a clip from the epic classic, ‘Imitation of Life’.

Less than a month ago, the DA dropped charges against Bill Cosby in two cases investigated by the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office. Today, Cosby has another charge that he will no longer have over his head.

According to NY Daily News, model Chloe Goins, who sued Cosby last year claiming he drugged her drink and nibbled her toes during a sexual assault inside the Playboy Mansion back in 2008, has dropped her lawsuit against the legendary comedian.

via NY Daily News:

Chloe Goins dismissed the action with a short filing in federal court in Los Angeles that did not elaborate on her motivation.

The voluntary dismissal was made “without prejudice,” meaning she hoped to reserve the right to possibly re-file at a later date.

Goins took her claims of the sedated sex assault to Los Angeles police in January 2015, but prosecutors declined last month to file charges, citing lack of sufficient evidence.

Goins, 25, filed the civil lawsuit in October claiming Cosby spiked her drink at a party at the pleasure palace then led her to a private room for the alleged assault.

She said she “blacked out” and woke up naked in a bed, feeling as if someone had been licking parts of her body, her lawsuit stated.

Cosby was masturbating and “biting one of her toes as he crouched at the end of the bed,” according to the suit.

“I have chosen to relive the ordeal of this deeply traumatic attack to expose the truth and bring justice for all the victims of sexual assault across the nation,” Goins said in a statement last year.

Cosby has denied the incident took place, with his former lawyer previously telling the Daily News the comedian wasn’t in Los Angeles at the time of the alleged assault.



As told in NY Daily News:

A television director with credits on ‘Law & Order’ and other shows has pleaded guilty to child pornography charges; promoting a sexual performance by a child and possessing an obscene performance by a child.

Prosecutors say digital files showing minors engaged in sex acts were found on computers at  ‘Law & Order’ director,  Jason  Alexander New York home.

He could face up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced on May 3.

Alexander had directed more than a dozen episodes of ‘Law & Order’ since the mid-1990s. He also did work on ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘Rescue Me.’