When we step out of our box (our comfort zone), we take  risks. It’s always worth taking a risk because we use our courage to try something different; something out of the ordinary and things that will make us uncomfortable. They say if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not being challenged. When we get tired of seeing the same results, we have to challenge ourselves to see better results. I get it!

Of course, stepping out the box is not easy for us. Thinking about transitioning into the unknown brings that inevitable fear of uncertainty. We like to be certain about things and we like being comfy. Our little box is cozy with all the comfort of our little fuzzy thoughts and how we navigate through life. Complacency could be masked with the feeling of contentment. We train ourselves into thinking that what we have to offer the world is not enough, or vice versa.

We have to recognize our greatest sources of  power and that is our courage and our willingness.  We have the ability to act and be proactive, especially in the face of obstacles and fear. That fear makes us extremely uncomfortable, but that courage we have is undeniable. We’ll just have to dig deep within ourselves to pull it out. We’ll never know what that fearful experience will bring us; success, love, or an opportunity that’s been knocking on our door for years. Only then will our spirit become renewed. As a result, we’ve been given a new opportunity that will add value to our lives.

All it takes is a change of heart and a change in how we think of ourselves. We have to trust ourselves to do better if we want better. Our comfort zone is a beautiful place. However, instead of trying to expand the zone, stepping out that box completely is more beneficial. Sometimes, the box is not strong enough to hold all the desires of our heart.

Do something out of the ordinary today that your future self will thank you for.