When In Living Color debuted, I was so in awe of this group of funny people; mostly a black cast, full of funny-as-hell comedians who made us cry tears of non-stop laughter for an hour. The seasoned Wayans family, as well as the newcomers like this unknown white guy, namely Jim Carrey, became the hottest comedy sketch sensation and gave Saturday Night Live serious competition!

In Living Color wasn’t just known for making us laugh. They boldly pushed the envelope with characters mimicking stereotypes and making light of celebrity scandals. In such comically clever way, they’ve touched on stuff ranging from homosexuality to couples who made tabloid headlines weekly like Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. Other celebrities targets included Oprah Winfrey, MC Hammer, Rick James, Tracey Chapman, Grace Jones, and Milli Vanilli.


There were also the original characters we fell in love with!

Firemarshall Bill, Wanda, Vera De Milo, The Head Detective, Men On Film, Homey The Clown, Anton (homeless guy with unique world view), Mr.and Mrs. Brooks (old couple that always tried to kill each other), Bunita Butrell ( She’s alright with you, as long as you don’t talk bad about Ms. Jenkins), Background guy (Jim Carrey as the random guy who makes funny faces behind news reporters), Calhun Tubbs (the blues man), Ace and Main Man, Cephus and Reesie, Frenchie..I could go on.

Every single one of these characters is unique and memorable, making In Living Color stand out as one of the best comedy sketches in television history.

It’ unfortunate that we have to rely on In Living Color‘s DVD set to re-live episodes, instead of watching a new show every week. My opinion…they would have blown Saturday Night Live out the water in due time!

Press play to watch the majority fan fave…Men On Film!

What’s your favorite ILC character?