All eyes are on Charlottesville, VA as we watch coverage of the horror that took place at UVA. On August 12, white supremacists were in Charlottesville to protest the city’s plan to remove the statue of The Confederacy’s top general, Robert E. Lee. They clashed with counter-protesters, Black Lives Matter/Anti-racists protesters, ending with multiple injuries and 1 fatality.

The world waited with anticipation, for Trump, who seems to have an extreme case of Twitter fingers. Hours went by when we realized his lack of urgency to address what happened with the press or even tweet about it, fueled our beliefs about what we’ve expected of him all along.

The longer Trump went silent, the more he proved to align himself with those white supremacists. Let’s be real, people!! These people are his base of supporters and the reason why he is #45.

He finally tweets this….


As we expected, his tweet lacked passion, substance, and felt very generic.


He had one more chance to prove that he isn’t the most incompetent president ever with a press conference.


Let’s just highlight part of his statement, “condemning violence on many sides.”

You know what that screams?

He dismisses the violence of the white supremacists by not acknowledging their roles as the initiators, and not holding them accountable for their actions.  I mean…WHY WOULD HE?

He hangs out with these people when they’re no cameras around


Are we really surprised with all that’s transpired?

Are we really surprised that Trump has yet to be direct and call it for what it is? DOMESTIC TERRORISM

Those were White Supremacists who marched not for freedom of speech and solidarity, but for hatred and intentions to harm and he’s being silent about their actions! I find it hard to believe that they marched for any kind of peace with weapons and mace in tow. One of them actually drove a vehicle into a crowd, killing an anti-racism protester.

What kind of message does a silent president send? It sends the message that he’s complicit with what’s taken place. His actions, views, and policies as President solidify the notion.

Trump’s Speech on White Supremacy March in VA Proves One Thing and that is he doesn’t give a DAMN about black lives and Americans with a conscious for racial equality. 

45 uses pretty words for the camera, giving some folks the illusion that he supports equality for all, but behind closed doors, he praises those white supremacists for what they’ve done. His power as a president will only give people like him the confidence to spread their hate and as long as he serves, it will only get worse.

We are reliving those times, ladies and gentlemen. The times when we’ve wondered how our parents and grandparents lived through those times.

It’s recycled racism…racism that has never really gone away.

We have a president who has yet to voice the truth behind the violence that’s taken place in Charlottesville. He says condemning violence on both sides, but those injuries sustained and the person who was murdered with a vehicle were NOT white supremacists.

At this VERY moment, Trump is being praised on racist websites for not calling out the white supremacists for their actions. This is a president who once called Black Lives Matter “hostile and violent” but……



Rest in Peace, 32-year-old Heather Heyer, a VA paralegal who lost her life, protesting for peace.