The music industry was ROCKED with the recent news of George Michael’s death. The legendary Pop/Soul crooner reportedly died peacefully in his home on Christmas Day.

He was 53-years-old. The cause of death is undisclosed.

As fans continue to grieve, we go through a bit of nostalgia as we pay tribute by listening to his classics that goes back to the days of Wham!

George rose to fame as a member of the British Pop group, along with Andrew Ridgely. The duo gave us hits like “Freedom”, “Careless Whisper”, and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” from their biggest selling album, ‘Make it Big’.

It wasn’t until 1987 when George Michael went solo and proved to America, as well as his hometown of  London, England that he could snatch souls as a solo artist. His introduction as a Soul artist came with a duet with Aretha Franklin with their hit, “I Knew You Were waiting”.

He followed up with countless other hits like “I Want Your Sex”…

“Faith”, Father Figure” and “One More Try”!

By the time “Father Figure” hit the airwaves, I was convinced that soul had no color and British Soul is REAL. George, along with fellow British Soul artist, Boy George, proved that you don’t have to be black or from America to create music that will quench your thirst to hear soulful Rhythm & Blues.

Before there were Adele and Daley, there was George Michael.

He will be sorely missed, but his music lives on.

Many of us are still shocked to hear of Vanity‘s passing. Like me, some of us celebrate her life by going to YouTube and watching old clips, music videos, and interviews of the fallen star. I came across this old clip of Arsenio Hall as the featured host of The Late Show. Arsenio’s guest was Vanity and her sister. I took my first look at her sister and immediately remembered seeing her before.


Do you recognize her sister? If not,  you’ll be surprised at the connection she has to Arsenio!


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