We get all giddy when folks express their love for one another…especially publicly. However, when that expression comes from a man, it’s more impressive because we don’t see that kind of expression from a man often.

Seattle Seahawks player, Russell Wilson, is the epitome of a man who’s not ashamed to tell the world how much he loves his girlfriend, R&B star, Ciara.

In a world full of men who feel too “macho” to publicly express those type of feelings, Wilson stands out amongst a few who doesn’t give a damn what others may say. These new breed of men will be the first to say that a man who’s open enough to celebrate the love he has for a woman is “soft” or “whipped”.

None of that is true.

In fact, when a man expresses the love he has for his woman, it’s the sexiest thing a man could do. When he expresses it publicly, it not only shows genuity but the confidence he has in his relationship.

That “I’m speechless” tweet from Ciara is a good example of a woman who feels that her man’s words have solidified things between them. She may have been wondering if what they have is real. Women tend to “wonder”, even if things feel good.


In conclusion, I’d like to share in defense of the men, I know that most of you naturally express your feelings with your actions; PDAs (public displays of affection such as kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc.), hand-written letters, gifts that your woman didn’t ask for, or however else you comfortably choose to express your love. BUT…nothing beats hearing (or in the social media age, reading) how much someone loves you and says that in front of the world. That’s going to make your loved one feel extra special.