For some time now, we have witnessed this “beef” between two dynamic artists who should be embracing each other, instead of “throwing shade”.

We’re talking about Brandy and Monica

Both are singing sensations who were brought up in an era when R&B was dominated by male groups. Despite the popularity of groups like Boyz II Men, Dru Hill, and Jodeci, these two women proved to the industry that being young and female doesn’t suppress their ability to shine bright like a diamond!

As a fan of both and as a black woman, I’m disappointed about this feud that’s started in the late 90s but resurfaced and escalated in recent months. That’s why I feel compelled to write this open letter in hopes that it will reach them and share my thoughts on something so trivial, yet, powerful enough to feed into the perception that black women do not get along.


Dear Brandy and Monica,

Although I’m a few years older than both of you, I looked up to you ladies and still do. Growing into adulthood in the nineties, your music was the soundtrack of my life. I’m sure it was the same for many of your fans and that’s why you both are legends in my eyes. I’ve observed this feud and despite the “entertainment” it provides for us ( social media followers, and bloggers/blog readers), I can’t help but feel like I’m witnessing the downfall of a sisterhood that should be stronger than this guy’s jacket!


Now, we all know that media can exaggerate things and make situations seem bigger than what it is. As a result, fans and critics alike will add their two cents, adding more fuel to the fire. The media and the fans will become problematic because their two cents will cause more division between two talented queens who should be celebrating one another. It gets worse when the both of you publicly responds to one another (although, it seems one of you is taking a higher road). That’s what the world needs to see more of—black women lifting each other up, especially when they share a bond.

What is the bond you both share? Quite a few…

You both started in the industry as teenagers…

You both snatch souls with your voices…

You both suffered a traumatic experience…

You both have grown into beautiful women with beautiful families and are definitely women our little girls can look up to.



I don’t care who’s right or wrong…I don’t care to debate with other fans about who’s throwing more shade than whom…I don’t care to debate about who has the most hits, who sings “better”, who dresses better and all the other fuckery your fans are beefing about on social media. 

What I do care to see are two talented beauties coming together and squash whatever beef they have, because society needs to see that women can support one another…particularly black women.

A feud between Brandy and Monica is like watching a feud between Maya Angelou and Nikki Giovanni! Or Whitney and Mariah! None of this doesn’t make any sense!



I hope that whatever has transpired offline between the two of you can be resolved in a more mature fashion. We have to inspire, motivate and uplift one another because we are a part of a society that tells us that we don’t. We (black women) are generally perceived as bitches/angry women with bad attitudes. There is also the perception that we don’t get along, and unfortunately, we have enough reality shows that feed into that perception.

Ask yourselves how would the late great Whitney feel if she was alive to see the division between her two sweethearts.

At some point, you’ll have to realize that this feud is definitely not worth losing a friendship over. As women, that whole competitive mentality we have divides us when it doesn’t have to be that way. We all go through similar life experiences but through different chapters in our lives.

You both are blessed beyond measure with a talent given by God. Let it all go and start supporting one another on your achievements as an artist, a mother, and gems who changed the game in R&B. Great things really do happen when we support one another. 









Despite Brandy’s recent legal battle with her record label, she was still able to drop a dope visual for her newest single, “Beggin & Pleadin’. This is her first single under her Slayana Records imprint. The concept of the video gives us a “Shug Avery” vibe, while she gives her all at the mic, makin’ it known to her beau.

“Told you, walk out that door, and you can keep your last name
Now I’m down on my knees, it’s a shame

I’m begging and pleading
Begging and pleading, hoping and wishing for a change
Forgive me”

Press play below!


Brandy was a recent guest host on The Real Daytime talk show and opened up about why she prefers to stay single during a chat on the topic of marriage. After a faux marriage to her daughter’s father that went south and a failed engagement, the 36-year-old mother and star of her new B.E.T show Zoe Ever After, says…she’s good!


Brandy: I don’t [want marriage]. I don’t want to go down that road.

Jeannie: You know you don’t want to [get married]?

Brandy: I know I don’t want to. Yes.

Loni: People don’t want to believe it. They’re like, “No, you want love.” And I’m like, “I didn’t say I don’t want love. I didn’t say I didn’t want companionship. I just said I don’t want to get married.”

Brandy: Yeah, I’m good. I like self-love a little bit better right now.

“I’m so satisfied being by myself. I love it. I’ve never taken this much time on myself. I don’t date. I haven’t been on a date in like a year. I don’t know. I just like me right now. I just like the way it feels being by myself and taking care of my daughter and just doing my thing. I’m all about my career right now.”

Watch the video below



I think it’s a great when you’re aware of yourself and live your truth. Brandy is a prime example of how NOT to live by society’s standards and be happy with life, as is. She appears to be at peace with her decision to not ever marry and she definitely shouldn’t feel bad about it.


My thoughts:

I’ve always said that the societal pressures to be married can be brutal for those of us women who were conditioned to believe we have to be married by a certain age. In my humble opinion, that contributes to a lot of failed relationships. Marriage is a big step and although the idea of marriage is wonderful, we have to remember that staying in a marriage is hard work. Married couples that I know can tell you that it’s not all peaches and cream.

Another thing to consider is to marry when YOU BOTH are ready. Not because everyone says you should or feel it’s the right thing to do.

Like Brandy, a lot of women doesn’t want to get married at all…and that’s okay!

Why? because like men…we have the right to that option. There’s nothing on this earth that mandates a marital requirement for women, but somehow, women who choose not to get married are looked at as if there should be.

Women learn to love themselves better when they’re single.Perhaps, a woman is taking the time to get to know herself, learn herself, and love herself before jumping the broom. Perhaps, a woman doesn’t want to be obligated to a man and is totally fine with being single. Either way, a woman who doesn’t want to get married is a smart woman who chooses to live at peace by her own choice…and not the choice of those around her.

Besides…it’s better to be alone and single than to be alone in a marriage. think about it!



Brandy dropped a new joint last night after her premiere of Zoe Ever After and I must say….BRANDY CAME THROUGH!!!!

Produced by Pop & Oak, “Beggin’ and Pleadin’, gives us this bluesy, soulful, southern appeal with bold lyrics and sass all up, down, around, and through it!

Brandy says the song is ‘based on a true story’.

hhmmnnn..I wonder who was beggin’ and pleadin’!!

Press play and tell us what you think!



It takes a person with lots of courage to admit they were wrong and apologizes. I assume Actress Countess Vaughn wants to go into 2016 with a clean slate and genuine friendships, as she publicly apologizes to former co-star Brandy via Instagram.

The ladies had a falling out during the Moesha days. Brandy even spoke about it during that time.

I think she’s very funny, very talented,” Brandy says. “I just feel like she wants to be in the position I’m in. People tell her, ‘You’re the reason why the show’s successful.’ And she’s told me that before. And she’s called me a b***h-to my face. She said, ‘I’m the reason why the show is successful, bitch.’ In front of a lot of people. And I looked at her like, Wow.

As people grow in age, it’s a blessing when they grow in maturity and spiritually, as well. Countess has shown tremendous courage to not only step up to the plate, but she has shown all of social media that BLACK WOMEN are not always mean, bitter, angry, etc. towards one another.

Sisterhood….that’s what it’s all about.

Read Countess’s message to Brandy below



Brandy responded


This inspires me to make amends with a couple of folks in my life.

Countess Vaughn reminds us that life is too short to hold grudges, not speak, not love, and/or not make peace.

I can dig it

Watching Babyface’s tribute put me through over fifteen minutes of nostalgia. So many good memories popped up in my head, watching the performers. From Tevin Campbell to Babyface himself, all the music that was performed during his tribute was enough to make me realize how indifferent today’s music has become to me. I am musically biased and always will be. No music from today will touch the music from the nineties and even from the eighties. I understand that the generation above mine could say the same about the music I grew up listening to. My generation can say the same about the music of the generation under us. Each generation is accustomed to certain trends and as always we’re always changing with the times and music is no exception. I know the younger generation has their own “Babyface” in Ne-yo, their own “New Edition” in Mindless Behavior, and their own “Brandy” in KeKe Palmer.

That fact still doesn’t change how I feel about the music I grew up as a young lady to. To this day, I still beam with excitement when any of the songs performed by the artists plays on the radio. The music from the nineties reflect the happier times in my life when I didn’t have many responsibilities. The music from the nineties also proves how times has changed. Most of us are not impressed and rather keep the radio turned off.With that said, I appreciate the few stations that keep us happy with throwback music on rotation, because it keeps us balanced. If I can withstand music my almost 12-year-old daughter listen to, she can learn to listen to my favorites.

Tevin Campbell was my favorite male solo artist from the nineties I’m so glad he decided to come out from hiding and surprise us so effortlessly! Brandy did her thing, making me want to re-buy that Waiting To Exhale soundtrack. “Sittin’ Up In My Room” was one of my faves. Fantasia DID THAT AND SOME MORE STUFF! She gives EVERYTHING every time she sings, and she’s soul soulful I pulled cornbread out of the oven… I wasn’t even cooking! Once she sang “Superwoman”, we were immediately reminded that Karyn White was missing. Everyone thought she would’ve been a great addition. Karyn recently posted a video on Facebook, saying she watched with everyone else and had the same question….why wasn’t she a part of the tribute? Click here to see what she had to say.

Bobby Brown was another who was a pleasant surprise to see come out. We all know he’s been through a lot. With that said, I appreciate his courage to come out and do what he does BEST! AND he sang one of my faves. God bless him.

My all-time favorite group, BoyzIIMen came out looking debonair and did an outstanding performance, despite Michael McCary’s departure. They sang two of their Babyface-written hits from their album II. “I’ll Make Love To You” and “End Of The road”. “End Of The Road” was also the Boomerang soundtrack.

Last but definitely not least, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds performed the megahit “Whip Appeal”.Babyface’s entire songwriting catalog is the catalyst for true R&B. That is not a debate!

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