During my dry spell from blogging, It has occurred to me why I felt like I was getting discouraged from writing on a daily basis. As a result, I’ve decided to do what I’ve wanted to do for quite some time and I want to share it with you.

I have decided to change the direction of my blog by getting rid of most of my content about celebrities/entertainment, because I felt I was drifting away from writing content that I felt was most important to my readers. I was also sucked into creating content that was scandalous in nature and emotionally exhausting, because it gave me more hits than my light-hearted content. I no longer want to add to the destruction of black images on social media, and I feel it’s my responsibility to create quality content that reflects us more in a positive light. Therefore, I will only share content that I believe will not only make us think but make us feel good.

It’s become unfortunate that a lot of my fellow bloggers on the popular end rely on content that is scandalous in nature and heart-wrenching. They know that the title alone will get a click that will lead to high numbers in traffic. We’ve become so desensitized to news of young black fathers beating their kids to death that we’ll share the content all over social media, instead of sharing content about an 11-year-old starting her/his own business. We’ll create and share content about fights on some Housewife show, celebrity beefs, domestic violence that leads to death, and random soul-crushing stuff that will heighten the misconception of urban black culture, because that is what most of our readers want to read.

Is there anyone out there tired of reading and seeing images of us in a negative light?

Is there anyone out there that wants to read quality content that relates to who they are?

Is there anyone out there that prefers to read content that will benefit them in some way, shape, or form?

Well, that is why Lakia Nichole DOT Com is striving to become a platform for all things #BlackAndMagical & #BlackAndPositive

If you’re a blogger and your platform is all about celebrity gossip than do you, boo! However, as a blogger who started out creating content that I believed was “feel good” content, it was easy for me to conform to celebrity news. I realized that the celebrity life appealed to readers so I created a whole-ass category about celebrities. To be honest, I only did that because I was trying to be the next “Shade Room”, the next “B. Scott”, or the next “Ice Cream Convos” which are successful celebrity blogs. The more I created content about celebrities, the more disconnected I felt from my readers. As a result, blogging became emotionally exhausting and no longer fun to do.

I’m tired of creating content that will drain me emotionally because I needed the traffic. It was like selling my soul to the devil, because the numbers of those particular posts made me feel relevant as a blogger. People were reading content from MY blog, but what was my purpose for writing and sharing hit besides gaining traffic? It hurt me to share content about our young black kids getting killed on the streets. As much as I steered away from writing about reality shows, I still felt the need to give the latest in celebrities news, because again, that’s what the people wanted to read about mostly.

I felt I was trying to run a race, knowing I could never catch up and make it to the finish line.

As a result, I’m gonna stay in my own lane as I will continue to blog about topics that will not lower our spiritual energy. I want LN to be a platform where we can log on and read content that will make us feel good about ourselves. I will continue to write about celebrities who I feel are inspirations with their art and what they represent. However, who they sleep with, fight with, and had a Twitter beef with is no longer of interest to me and I’m pretty sure some of y’all are over news like that.

If you’ve been riding with me since day one, I truly appreciate you. If you’re new to my blog, I welcome you and hope you subscribe for future posts. <3