It’s evident that black lives matter.

I see it

you see it

the whole world sees it

Yet…a lot of you have this annoying habit that exemplifies the very reason why we have to shout BLACK LIVES MATTER in the first place.

For the people who have this desire to say, “ALL Lives Matter”, after hearing us say, “BLACK Lives Matter”….please know that you are not only showing how selfish you are with your sincerity, you are refusing to acknowledge the problem with police brutality and killings of unarmed black men,women, and children.

When we say, “BLACK Lives Matter”, we aren’t saying other lives don’t. We are saying BLACK lives matter, TOO! When you say ALL lives matter, you overlook the lack of equality and injustices African-Americans face in this country.To add salt to the wound…some of you all have the audacity to compare the Black Lives Matter to a terror group.

As a culture, we are offended. The Black Lives Matter movement was created in peace and for peace.

For those who want to bring up black on black crime, there is an understanding of why police don’t value our lives. However, black on black crime doesn’t equate to the number of unarmed black victims who are dead by the hands of police. Many of these victims were hard-working and good citizens. Black on black crime and the KKK with badges are two different issues.

We all know that ALL lives matter, but blacks are the only people we see being choked, shot for selling CDs, shot in a car with his child in the back seat, shot for helping his autistic patient, dying in jail cells for minor traffic violations, shot for listening to loud music, shot while looking for help after a car accident, shot for partying at his bachelor party, shot while riding the NY subway…I could go on and on.


Adam gets it….


Your white privilege is the blindfold to our frustrations, and you ignore our frustrations with your ALL lives rebuttal. The fact of the matter is ALL lives WON’T Matter until BLACK lives matter. Until every one of us recognize that, we will always be divided in the movement.



He told a 911 dispatcher that he was, “protecting his family from hoodlums”, following the murder of 20 year-old Kouren-Rodney Thomas, according to police. 39-year-old Chad Copley was arrested on First Degree Murder, as a result.

Via NY Daily News:

Kouren-Rodney Thomas, 20, was killed in Raleigh early Sunday by a shotgun blast outside a house party by a neighbor who told police he was “locked and loaded,” officials said.

Thomas’ mother, Simone Butler-Thomas, told the Daily News she left New York with her three boys in 2001 when Kouren-Rodney was a baby because she thought their Harlem neighborhood was too dangerous.

“I just wanted my children to have a better life and be safe,” said Butler-Thomas who was born and raised in New York. “They loved it. They were young at the time. We tried to come back to New York a couple of times, but they liked the South better — up until now. It was easy living, nice people. But not anymore.”

Police arrested Chad Copley, 39, and charged him with first-degree murder in a case with disturbing similarities to the 2012 shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Cops received 911 calls from Copley’s house before and after the shooting.

“We’ve got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing,” Copley said, according to a recording of the first emergency call. “I am locked and loaded. I’m going outside to secure my neighborhood.”

In the second call, Copley admitted he fired his weapon, but said he wasn’t sure if he had shot anyone. “Well, I don’t know if they were shot or not, Ma’am,” he told a dispatcher. “I fired my warning shot like I’m supposed to by law. They do have firearms, and I’m trying to protect myself and my family.”

The operator asked who had come to his house.

“Ma’am, I don’t know who they are,” the man said. “There’s frigging black males outside my frigging house with firearms. Please send PD.”

No weapons were found outside, police said. Cops said Copley fired the shot from inside his garage. Copley could face the death penalty if he is convicted.

David Walker, a friend who came to the party with Thomas, said the single bullet hit Thomas’ arm before lodging in his chest.

“I heard the shot, and I’m watching him run and saw him drop,” Walker told The News.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Who shoots a warning shot at a person?”

Butler-Thomas described her youngest son as a safety-conscious protector, who had white and black friends. He did not “hang in the street,” she said.

The mom said she has followed the Black Lives Matter movement and sympathized with the parents of Trayvon, who was gunned down in Sanford, Fla., by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman after a 911 call to cops.

“We’re losing our boys,” said Butler-Thomas, who launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for funeral expenses. “I’m not an activist or anything. I don’t watch the news because I’m tired of hearing about these boys getting killed.

“I hope at the end of all of this he didn’t die in vain. If my baby’s passing can change laws to stop innocent people being killed, then let it be so. I can’t bring him back. I would love to change places with him. I’m heartbroken. I feel like somebody just ripped my heart out.”

Relatives said the shooting victim was nicknamed “Safety 101” because of his cautious nature.


Here we go again……………………

Prayers to Kouren’s mom and the rest of his family while they deal with yet another tragedy; a murder of a young black male by the hands of a vigilante.

Prosecutors dropped charges against the remaining three of the six Baltimore police officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death. The 25-year-old’s spine was severed and he fell into a coma while in police custody, leading to his death three days later.


The outcome of the case has sparked national outrage, creating speculation about Baltimore’s State’s Attorney, Marilyn Mosby’s handling of the case. Frustrated citizens speculate a “rushed” job to get a conviction for all six officers.

The decision to drop the charges comes after a year-long court battle for prosecutors to prove that the officers involved disregarded Gray’s safety by not fastening his seatbelt while he was in the back of the police van, transporting him to the jail. The prosecutors also argued that the officers failed to give Gray medical attention.

On Wednesday, July 27th, Marilyn Mosby held a press conference.

Press play below

‘The Preachers’ is an all-new talk show featuring four dynamic and outspoken preachers, John Gray, Dr. E Dewey Smith Jr., Orrick Quick and Dr. Jamal Bryant. They touch on topics about pop culture, news events, and of course, spirituality.

The preachers recently invited Royce Mann, a 14-year-old spoken word artist, whose video of him reciting his poem on white privilege, went viral. Royce recited his poem at his school’s poetry slam, and the video garnered so much positive attention and great feedback.

Press play below

Actor Samuel L. Jackson makes his singing debut alongside iconic hip-hop stars, as they’ve come together for a new #BlackLivesMatter anthem. Listen to the Mad Lion produced track,” I Can’t Breathe”, which also features KRS One, Sticky Fingaz, Mad Lion, Talib Kweli & Brother J.

Press play below! (WARNING: LANGUAGE)

Last night’s episode of ‘Black-ish’ was needed and very necessary. The writers and the cast deserves an Emmy for not only their performances, but for using their platform to help spread awareness of societal issues. Last night’s special episode centered around Black Live Matters and police brutality. When the kids ask some tough questions in the midst of a highly publicized court case involving alleged police brutality and an African-American teenager, Dre and Bow

Last night’s special episode centered around Black Live Matters and police brutality. When the kids ask some tough questions in the midst of a highly publicized court case involving alleged police brutality and an African-American teenager, Dre and Bow are conflicted on how best to field them. Dre, along with Pops and Ruby, feel the kids need to know what kind of world they’re living in while Bow would like to give them a more hopeful view about life. When the verdict is announced, the family handles the news in different ways while watching the community react.

Watch a clip of the powerful episode below

Ohio community activist, MarShawn McCarrell, fatally shot himself on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse Monday. The 23-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene after the Columbus Dispatch reported. Authorities say it is unclear what prompted the suicide. However, MarShawn’s last Facebook post reveals why he possibly ended his life.


My demons won today. I'm sorry.

Posted by MarShawn McCarrel on Monday, February 8, 2016

McCarrell was recently honored at the NAACP Image Awards as a Hometown Hero for his community project, Pursuing Our Dreams.

“I wanted to do something that was youth-led, something that shows leadership and shows people that we’re here, we care, and we know,” he told 614 Columbus magazine.


According to authorities, there were no witnesses to the suicide.

His mother, Leatha Wellington and twin brother, MarQuan McCarrel, later told the Dispatch he put his causes before himself.

“They suspect the never-ending and disturbing nature of his activist and charity work left him mentally and physically exhausted in a way they didn’t realize,” they said.

“He impacted so many people, touched so many lives,” Wellington said.

“He was just so creative,” said McCarrel. “He just wanted to serve people.”


So unfortunate. Rest in Power, MarShawn.

LN sends condolences and prayers to MarShawn’s family and friends.


These senseless killings of African-Americans and illegal proceedings against us are happening at an alarming rate, almost to the staggering number of one per week.

Once again, on Sunday, October 18th, 2015, a policeman shot and killed another person of color. The deceased, of course, is an African-American.  He was a musician, whose car had broken down on a dark, Florida highway.  The policeman, Nouman Raja, who shot and killed Corey Jones, was off-duty, in plain clothes, and in an unmarked vehicle.  While all of the facts are not yet clear, it is believed that the policeman never announced himself.  Whether he did or did not is, now, a moot point – the policeman is the only witness, with no body-cam or dash-cam to bear witness.

Back in June of 2015, Charnesia Corley, an African-American woman, says that she was stripped in public, at a gas station after being stopped by a male sheriff’s deputy, in the “good old state” of Texas.  The officer, a Caucasian, whose name has not been released, said that he smelled marijuana coming from the car.  After a search of the car, he found nothing.  He, then, radioed for a female officer to come to the scene (an African-American), followed by a Caucasian female officer.  Ms Corley was told to pull her pants down.  She stated that she wasn’t wearing underwear.  The officer responded that it doesn’t matter.  The African-American officer pulled Corley’s pants down and proceeded to do a cavity search.  When her finger penetrated one of Corley’s cavities, Ms Corley immediately shot up and demanded that this was not proper procedure.  The County Sheriff’s spokesperson claims that the officers “did everything as they should”.  A cavity search in a public place is correct procedure?  Doubtful.

As I continue to tell you, we must stay vigilant and on top of things.  The word must be spread in order for the nonsense to stop.  It is most unfortunate that I will, undoubtedly, be back with yet another story of racial discrimination before the month is over.



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