CeeLo Green’s Alter Ego, Gnarly Davidson, wants you to know he has a crush on “Jay-Z’s Girl”.

We all know that Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z’s girl is his wife, mega superstar, Beyoncé, which makes for a comical song and visual that pokes fun at Beyoncé’s adoring fans. “Jay-Z’s Girl” is a spin from Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl”. The John Colombo-directed video stars CeeLo’s stand-in, “Little Fun” as Beyoncé’s admirer.

Check out the hilarious visual below!

I look at this photo and I’m convinced that some folks confuse imitation with inspiration. We all know there’s nothing wrong with being inspired, but this woman totally jacked Beyoncé’s shit!

The woman is Danielle Lloyd, a model from Great Britain, who used her Beyonce-inspired pregnancy announcement for OK Magazine. According to Daily Mail, Lloyd was ‘inspired’ by Queen Bey. even rocked the same shade of lipstick and mirrored the cradling of her belly – wanting pack the same punch with her announcement as the 22-time Grammy Award winner.

She even rocked the same shade of lipstick, burgundy bra, satin panties, and the green veil that drapes over the head.
Beyoncé posted the original version last week, in her surprise announcement that she was expecting twins with husband Jay-Z.

So it’s official Am expecting a baby. I loved this Beyoncé inspired shoot with @ok_mag #pregnant #baby #excited 💙💗

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Lloyd, who is already a mother of 3, is expecting her 4th child with her fiancé, Michael O’Neill.


Chance The Rapper became the envy of every Beyoncé fan when the Queen Bey crashed his backstage interview with a slight hug of the shoulders from behind.

The rapper was ELATED when he turned and discovered it was Beyoncé showing him love, as she and her entourage were making their way through the crowd.

Chance’s reaction was soooo adorable! You couldn’t help but be elated with him!

Even the interviewer had to take the opportunity to get a little love from Beyoncé when she shared that she’s a Virgo…Beyonce’s astrological sign.

Press play below!



Chile’, I’ve done seen it all!

You know us black folks gotta go hard when we send our child off to prom! However, some child’s mama thought it would be a great idea to send her child off to prom with stage props and Beyonce’s “Formation” song, complete with backup dancers.

A Facebook user by the name of Floyd D Wimberly posted a video of himself and another dancer breaking down the full choreography to “Formation”, even down to the HAT! The video went viral, causing mixed reaction from viewers.

The funny thing about all of this video is the prom date, standing there, watching the entire routine go down, with the most unimpressed look on his face. Chile’! He looked like he wasn’t there for ANY OF IT! ‘Is y’all finished or is y’all done’, is probably what came to this poor child’s mind!

Anyway, when the “Prom Diva of Honor” finally made her grand entrance, most of the viewers were apparently surprised to see that she didn’t quite “slay” as they’ve expected. One commenter said she was in an Easter dress.


Some thought it was way too much for a prom send-off. Some even thought it was inappropriate, because of the adult lyrics in the song.




I guess the days of the young man coming to the door with the corsage in hand are over *shrugs*.


If you’re into YouTube, then you’re probably familiar with Evelyn From The Internets. The HILARIOUS YouTube sensation is the talk of “the internets”since the video of her reaction to Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” went viral. Apparently, Beyoncé is a fan, because she featured Evelyn’s video in Dallas for the ‘Formation’ tour.


Watch the concert clip & the full “Lemonade” reaction video below!


As a NEW YouTuber, that is such a cool thing to see!

Coco (Corianna Dotson) and Breezy (Brianna Dotson)’s journey to success is such an inspirational story and they are epitomes of go-getters!


At the age of 19, the Minnesota natives traveled to New York with nothing but a little pocket-money and a dream and they haven’t looked back since! Today, the 26-year-olds are a force in the fashion industry with a killer line of cutting-edge eyewear. Their clients include stars like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga & the late Great Prince, whose famous “3rd Eye” shades [Tres], are one of their most popular creations!

prince (1)


It all started when the sisters were teased growing up, because of their eclectic sense of fashion. They used that as motivation to become who they are today. Now, they are living their dreams & that, folks, is what you call A boss move!


Their work ethic and fashion ambition started as teens – juggling school commitments, working three jobs whilst still managing to find the time to create artistic projects for themselves, including their highly sought after sunglasses.


The twins’ bold style and original taste in fashion was initially misunderstood in the community, leading them to develop unique signature studded eyewear as both shields from onlookers and statement pieces, and the pair have been projecting cool and confidence ever since.

With full support of their family Coco & Breezy continued to work on their designs with the dream of making it on their own as an innovative boutique fashion brand.

Check out their site here

Featured image by  Mark Seliger for Elle Magazine

When I saw all that black girl magic in Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ visual album, I didn’t expect to see a few familiar faces. Amandla Stenberg, Serena Williams, & Zendaya were just a few of the awesome ladies to represent. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Chloe & Halle, who gained fame & popularity from Youtube.

If you’re familiar with Chloe & Halle, then you’ve probably seen several of their YouTube videos over the course of the past few years. Their Widely popular YouTube channel has garnered the attention of Beyonce, who was so impressed with the 16 & 17-year-old sisters, she signed them as her artists under her new record label, Parkwood Entertainment. They’re videos of them covering songs from various artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry & more.


Chloe & Halle recently dropped their new single “Drop” and their unique sound is refreshing to hear in an industry over-saturated with pop music.


Get to know more about Chloe & Halle here!


When we thought there’s no way Beyoncé can top the visuals from her last self-titled album, she wowed us again with a powerful and soul-snatching visual album for her latest, ‘Lemonade’.

The imagery, the message, and the symbolism of womanhood had me all in the feels and I must say…you cannot deny the talent this woman possesses as an artist. She has a special way of lyrically and emotionally connecting with her fans through her music and visuals so much, that it’s almost scary!

‘Lemonade’ debuted on HBO last night and it left her fans with not only snatched edges but questions regarding Beyoncé’s marriage to Hip-Hop star, Jay-Z. A couple of her new singles implies cheating on his part, but of course, they’re only rumors and can’t be proven true unless Jay-Z confesses. Meanwhile, Jay-Z and Beyoncé hold hands, as they take a nice walk to the bank.

Cheating rumor aside, I say let’s focus on the message and the beautiful videography that was captured to create this unique project. Whoever envisioned the treatment should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.


I take Lemonade’s message as a reminder of just how gotdamn special BLACK WOMEN are. We are bold and strong, yet vulnerable and emotional. We’re controversial, yet subtle. We can be loud and quiet at the same time. We want to be loved, but we have our limits. We can do for ourselves, but we want to be cared for. We are powerful but shouldn’t be afraid to show our weaknesses.

Every woman (black, white, etc.) has had their fair share of lemons thrown their way, but as “Hattie” says, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade.


How about the special guests that made appearances?

Serena Williams

Winnie Harlow

Quvenzhané Wallis

Amandla Stenberg


Chloe & Halle







And the courageous mothers of Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Eric Gardner




The tributes to their sons were breathtaking, yet a painful reminder of the injustices we face, regarding our men and young brothas of color.

This entire project touched us in so many ways. The imagery of womanhood, the spoken word from Warsan Shire, the New Orleans influence, and the boldness of it all is beautiful.

‘Lemonade’ is now available on Tidal. Do yourselves a favor and watch.



Music lovers and fans love a good debate about their favorite entertainers. However, it’s clearly obvious that there’s no need for a debate about who’s the bigger or better artist between Rihanna and Beyoncé. Both are equally talented, both are beautiful, and both are killin’ the game in their own unique way.

We [black folks] should be just happy with the fact that these two African-American women are doing the damn thing in such a competitive and tough business…the music industry. Back in the day, women who were just as talented as these two women had a hard time just trying to gain respect, much less equality. Comparing the talent of these two women is like comparing Pepsi and Coke. Both serve the same purpose but with a slightly different flavor to cater to the desires of their fans. Overall, both are #winning, because they do what they do so damn well. Let’s just stop the comparisons and enjoy both of them for being great gotdamn entertainers!


This takes me back to the Michael Jackson Vs. Prince era. Media did a great job egging this debate and we fell for that everytime we read a magazine, watched an interview, or listened to the radio DJs. We knew there were obvious differences between the moonwalker and the purple one, but for the sake of a great debate, we kept the comparisons going; who was a better dancer, who sang better ballads, and who had the most fans. We all knew deep down inside that comparing these two men weren’t necessary, because they both did what they did best in their own unique way….just like Rihanna and Beyoncé. We love both Michael and Prince….just like we love both Rihanna and Beyoncé.


Rihanna is sassy, sexy, raunchy when she need to be, and gives new meaning to rock girl swag!

Beyoncé is classy, sensual, daring, bold, and can belt a tune like nobody’s business!


Slightly different flavor between the two, but serves the same purpose….create great music and can put on a kickass tour!


The #Beyhive and #RihannaNavy should come together, hold hands, and sing a medley of #Rihonce tunes.

Let’s stop comparing these two women, and accept them both for who they are… Two female entertainers who are dominating the music scene. Both of these women are evolving into legends. Salute to both of them!





Beyoncé can now add “designer” to her epic resume.

The superstar teamed up with Top Shop and recently launched her new athletic line, ‘Ivy Park’. In the smokin’ promo for ‘Ivy Park’, Beyoncé shares her inspiration behind the name of her brand, and does it so well, she makes me want to go running right this second!! Go to ivypark.com and check out the gear, but before you do, peep the dope promo vid below and become mesmerized.




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