I look at this picture and it’s so clear who this child appreciates.

When Little Miss Flint AKA Amariyanna Copeny met with Donald Trump this week, he wasn’t met with the same reception and enthusiasm as President Obama. Looking at this poor child’s face, I’m convinced she may likely suffer from post-traumatic stress from just Trump touching her!

She …is…absolutely…TERRIFIED!!!!

Look at her pic with President Obama. She greeted Barack with the biggest hug and looking at the HUGE smile on her face, that day probably made her life!

That’s the effect our president has on our kids.

I have a hard time believing Trump will have this same kind of effect on kids, or even most adults, for that matter.


Yes, we feel your struggle, baby girl! I sure hope your parents learned a valuable lesson during this apparently difficult moment!

This piece is definitely befitting for Black History Month, and I just cannot do a Throwback Thursday without writing about this special moment between this Super couple. It was 2008 when Barack Obama made history becoming our first black president. The Neighbors Ball on ABC was in full effect with some of our biggest stars in music and films, celebrating our new first couple. This special dance was Barack and Michelle Obama’s first dance as the President Of The United States and The First Lady. It was such a beautiful but pivotal moment in black history…a moment we’ll never forget!


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