I can’t believe it!

I’ve stuck with this thing called blogging for two years and I’m still going strong! I can honestly say that I’m proud of my accomplishment because I can think of a few times when I almost gave up! When I published my first blog post in 2015, a state of euphoria took over me. I had finally come to do what I’ve wanted to do besides writing novels.

2 years later, and I am a lot more polished than I was back then. As a blogger who I still consider relatively new to the game, I have studied and nurtured my craft as a blogger and I will continue to do so. Since starting my blogging journey, I have changed the direction of this blog quite a bit, but those who are riding with me and have been since the beginning…y’all are the real MVPs. I will forever be grateful to my faithful readers who stuck with me through all the changes.

I’m in a position now where I can say I am content with the direction LN is taking. Less celebrity life and drama, more relatable and quality content. As I mentioned here, I changed the direction of my blog by getting rid of most of my content about celebrities/entertainment, because I felt I was drifting away from writing content that I felt was most important to my readers. I was also sucked into creating content that was scandalous in nature and emotionally exhausting because it gave me more hits than my light-hearted content. I no longer want to add to the destruction of black images on social media, and I feel it’s my responsibility to create quality content that reflects us more in a positive light.

So there you have it, beautiful people. As long as there is the internet, Lakia Nichole is here, with content that will continue to focus on what matters most to my readers. In the next year, my goal is to reach more of the masses as a content creator with my blog site, as well as contributing to other reputable sites.

As I said in my piece celebrating my 1st year, I am just a lady from Baltimore, Maryland that has a dream bigger than her nine to five as a dental assistant. My TRUE passion is writing. As an author who owns a small publishing company, I put writing novels on the back burner, so I could fully focus on blogging. I absolutely love blogging so much, I can’t even see myself doing anything else.

Thank you to my faithful readers and any one who opens a link, takes the time to read an article or two and shares my links on social media. It means a lot that you consider my material share-worthy.

I look forward to celebrating the 3rd year with you guys.

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I’m part of the few percentage that has not been on a legit vacation, and I’m also a plane ride virgin! I keep asking myself how I let this go on for so long, but when you’re tied up with the complexities of life, it’s pretty easy to become preoccupied.

Don’t get me wrong…I’ve had every intention of going somewhere every year, but between the financial decisions I’ve made and the financial setbacks that followed, I end up making promises for the next year. The problem is, I keep breaking those promises to myself.


I yearn to travel

I’d love for my son and daughter to experience different parts of the world

I yearn for peace of mind that I can’t get at my city’s harbor

I yearn to experience serenity, beauty, and flowing air through my locs while sitting on some beach.

Despite my small fear of flying, I yearn to experience traveling through the clouds.


…but where do I start?

I was advised by a friend to start small, taking local trips then work my way up.

I was also encouraged to try complementary vacation packages that will save me tons of money.


I’ve read that vacationing and traveling are two different things. Perhaps, but to go on a vacation, one must travel from one place to another by the transportation of their choice. Do I want to travel for a living? I’d love to, but for now…a trip to Montego Bey once a year is enough 🙂


I would love some tips, pointers, and advice on vacationing without breaking the pockets. How do you travel on a budget?


No one knows who I am.

As an introverted entrepreneur, that’s something that I definitely need to change. If I’m building a brand, it’s important for me to “stand out” in social media land. What better way to do that than putting myself on video? It’s a terrifying thing for me to do, considering I kinda care what folks think of me and what I offer.

However, it all makes sense. My brand won’t build if people do not know who Lakia Nichole is and what she does.

This video will explain who I am and why I’ve decided to start this personal challenge.


When you’re a single parent who is a struggling entrepreneur, living paycheck to paycheck, and down to your LAST QUARTER, you’ll resort to extreme measures to keep a roof of your babies head.

This was me not too long ago.

They say desperate calls for desperate measures, so as a woman who was on a mission to keep from struggling to pay bills, I did what I had to do…I became a webcam model. It wasn’t until hours later when I decided that it wasn’t for me.


Prior to my “modeling debut”, I researched for days on the pros and cons of webcam modeling. You google the term and all kinds of sites pop up, guaranteeing that’ll you’ll make anywhere from 500-1000 a week. I was already sold.

I figured I could benefit from something like this. I’m average, but I consider myself to have a pretty face and a body worth enough to flaunt, and I was READY….so, I thought.

A lot of these webcam modeling sites will advertise that you will make this amount of money, but they never reveal that the only way for a NEW model, or what they call in webcam land a performer, that she will struggle to get that much. Simply because she doesn’t have a significant amount of followers…that’s something the seasoned models already have, coming into the business.

As a black woman, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of black models in this particular business. According to webcam modeling sources, Caucasian women make up at least 90% of this business. The company I joined had many chatrooms for me to “model” in. There was a chatroom named “Ebony”, which had 0 members. I was surprised but not that surprised.

Tokens represent cash

Most of these webcam sites, including the one I signed up for uses a token system to pay models. Once the model reaches a certain amount of tokens, the tokens can be redeemed for cash and paid weekly to the model by check or direct deposit.

Seems like a good way to make quick cash right? Only if you spend at least 40 hours a week in front of a camera while millions a strangers jerk off while watching you. You have to understand the pricing of these tokens to see how overwhelming it could be. Trying to accumulate tokens, especially if you’re in dire need of cash, is exhausting.

The site I joined offer 10 tokens per minute and up to 50 tokens. Once you reach 270 tokens, you’ll reach VIP status, increasing your token value. Each token is .09cents. You do the math.

Simply put, a new model would have to put in work to make 500 dollars. That’s about 10,000 tokens.

Here is a breakdown of token value for My Free Cams. (I didn’t join that one).

In order to understand, you’ll have to see the breakdown.

10 tokens = $0.50
20 tokens = $1.00
50 tokens = $2.50
75 tokens = $3.75
100 tokens = $5.00
150 tokens = $7.50
200 tokens = $10.00
500 tokens = $25.00
700 tokens = $35.00
1,000 tokens = $50.00
2,000 tokens = $100.00
4,000 tokens = $200.00
5,000 tokens = $250.00
10,000 tokens = $500.00
20,000 tokens = $1,000.00


Now, you see. A model, especially a NEW ONE, would have to spend a lot of time and effort to make that kind of money.

Time & effort I do not have.


Shy with my goodies

I earned 360 tokens in a 24 hour period, so I’m not gonna say that I was just sitting in front of the camera being cute to earn mine. Truth be told…it was a fun thought that started out as a fun experience until it was no longer fun to do.


I realized that viewers either wanted “freebies”  in private chat or just wanted to watch me until they decided to go to the next model’s profile. It went from fun to frustrating because the money (tokens) wasn’t accumulating as quickly as I thought. Most of the members were too cheap to tip more than 10 tokens and that was my price to just watch them jerk off. I got over the fear of showing my goodies for the purpose of making good money until I realized the tokens were rolling in slowly. I began to ask myself, “Why am I exposing myself to these strangers when I can’t even make enough to make my cashout threshold?”

By the last few hours, I was convinced that this was something I could no longer do. So, now I’m back to square one, doing my honest part-time gig.

I had to remind myself that I could do and be so much better and to have faith. The few close to me who knew about my new “part-time gig” help me to see that building my brand is gonna get me far if I just continue to work at it.

My problem is patience and unfortunately, bills have inspiration dates called “turn off notices”.

So, yes, I am a FORMER cam girl who can tell you that being a cam girl is NOT for everyone. Not every chick is gonna sign up and make 500 the first night, unless she is in front of her webcam in public chat, screwing a lifesize doll. (Yes, I’ve seen that too)

I have my limits


I decided to share my story in hopes to help another woman out there who is considering going into the webcam business. If it’s something you really want to do then have fun with it. Just don’t go into it thinking that batting your eyelashes will make you 500 dollars richer in one hour. Viewers will request you to fulfill desires and fetishes beyond imaginable! Are you ready for that?


Moving on to better things

As I go back to square one, “Lakia Nichole” will be revamped and re-branded for more motivational purposes. You will still get everything from pop-culture to entertainment, but throwing in some great motivational content that could benefit my readers is what I strive to do.

I have a long but fulfilling journey ahead of me and one thing you should know about me is that I am a fighter, even in the midst of my tears flowing.


I got this




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