You attend a concert for your favorite artist….

The last thing you expect is to get punched by the artist you admire….

Instead of maintaining your dignity…you make peace with a twerk.

Watch how that goes down before I share my thought piece.

When I watched the footage obtained by TMZ, so many thoughts gathered.

I’ve also heard mixed reaction, including those who say that it was the woman’s fault for what happened. Yes…she could have had a weapon of some sort and Jackson had a right to keep himself unharmed…yada yada yada.

Let’s be clear….we all know she’s wrong for trying to pull the man off stage. Although Jackson appeared to have thrown the punch to free himself from her grasp, he was still wrong for it. If you have 10 bodyguards on stage protecting you, why the hell do you feel comfortable enough to use your fist on a woman half your size?


This piece isn’t about Jackson throwing the punch….
this piece isn’t even about the woman pulling him off stage which she shouldn’t have done…

What has my blood boiling is the fact that this woman publicly shamed herself, influenced by her admiration for this artist. As soon as Jackson threw that punch, he smelt a lawsuit and that’s why he quickly called her on stage.

I can hear the inside convo….

50: “Lemme see what you workin’ wit’, Shawty…do your thing.”
fan: “‘Aight…”

This is what happens when celebrity worship and the objectification of women collides.

It was obvious that the woman didn’t care that she was just jabbed with a grown man fist to the chest…a place where her beating heart resides!

Dude used her admiration for him with requesting a twerk, and she didn’t mind at all. Sore chest and all, homegirl twerked like cash  raining on her…because 50 Cent, her boo….let her.

There’s a problem when we allow ourselves to be degraded….especially in public for the country to see. We’re spreading the message that it’s okay, or even normal, to accept misogyny into our space.

That incident was a clear example of the admirer being intimidated by a person with fame and mental power so much that she didn’t want to react other than twerking for her favorite rapper.

There ain’t that much admiration in the world.

I wonder what went through her mind when she felt that blow…
I wonder how she REALLY felt when she was requested on stage…

Something tells me that Jackson succeeded in avoiding a lawsuit. Homegirl was on that stage going through a moment of male privilege, celebrity worship, and sexual objectification. Twerking for a man after he punches you in the chest kinda solidifies that notion, and sadly, she probably didn’t think it was a big deal.

I’m convinced she went home that night and bragged how she got to be on stage with her boo.

I think it’s safe to say that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is disappointed that Starz’s ‘Power’ is not nominated for a 2017 Golden Globe. Jackson, who is one of the executive producers of the groundbreaking drama took to the ‘gram to express his disappointment and even alluded to killing off his character and letting Boxing champ, Floyd Mayweather “do the show”.

It’s no secret that part of 50 Cent’s humor is shading people on social media, including his ex, Vivica Fox. 50 posted a cryptic post, including a dual headshot of Ex, Vivica Fox, and a transsexual from the show, ‘Botched’.
In 50’s caption, he alludes to ‘Power’ being better than ‘Empire’.


Well, ‘Empire’ star, Taraji P. Henson had a few words for Mr. Curtis Jackson! In so many words, she suggested 50 to stop being “a bully” and start uplifting one another. The Shade Room managed to grab a screenshot of Taraji’s response before she deleted it.

Oop! #TarajiPHenson made a #PostAndDelete about #50Cent’s post referring to #VivicaAFox. View earlier posts

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Did 50 deserve that read or nah?

Despite what’s going on with the many levels of shade thrown from 50 Cent and other controversy surrounding Meek Mill, it’s good to know none of it has affected his giving spirit. The rapper donated money and sent 60,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan for their water crisis.

He even pushed his current beef with 50 Cent to the side after both were challenged to donate to Flint.


According to Detroit News, 50 responded with  “I’ll find out what are the right organizations to donate to. It’s a tax right off anyway,” and then went into attack mode on Meek, who is engaged to marry rapper Nicki Minaj. “You don’t have money to give away,” he shot at Meek. “When Nikki find out you playing with her money boy, oh boy you’re in for it.”

Also according to DN, neither rapper’s donations has been confirmed. However, Meek  posted on Instagram, underneath a picture of the word Flint with a hashtag in front of it, “My money is in and my job done.”