It’s a common problem, particularly for the women, to over-emphasize the chemistry she has with a man based off their sexual relationship. It’s unfortunate that we don’t often recognize what we’re doing until we’ve already given the goodies. There are a few important things to consider when you’re sexually involved with someone. A few things that we tend to overlook.

Number 1: If the person you’re sexin’ is someone you can’t or won’t call during an emergency, you have no business having sex with this person.

Number 2: If you two cannot hold a decent conversation outside the bedroom, you have no business having sex with this person.

Number 3: If quality time with this person is limited and all you do is screw during that limited amount of time, then you have no business having sex with that person.

Number 4: If the only time you both get along is during sexual intercourse, then you have no business having sex with this person.

Let’s face it!

The only thing you two have in common is SEX. Nothing more…nothing less. What some of you fail to realize is that you mistake sex, especially good sex, for a “strong connection” or “chemistry”. Come on, ladies! You’re smart enough to distinguish the difference between sex and love. How great the sex is shouldn’t equate to how strong the connection is and it certainly doesn’t equate to love.

The REAL question is…does he even consider you a friend?

For most women, sex creates an emotional bond. By the time a man initially penetrates the woman, she will instantly feel some sort of connection. The truth is…there’s no connection….It’s just sex. If you cannot stimulate each other mentally, find balance with each other, or basically cannot add any kind of value to each other’s lives, then consider yourselves as “fuck buddies”.

As a person who crave more, you have to know that it takes more than what you can do between the sheets. It starts with how you see yourself. If you keep giving him pu$$y with nothing else to offer, then that’s exactly what he’ll see you as…pu$$y.

You’re more than that. Dig deep within yourself and find your true value. You have so much more to offer, but you’ll never know what that is if you’re giving more than what you have.



Lakia Nichole

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