The traditional dating rules have changed with the times. A lot of women have become more free-spirited and open and the men who are lucky enough to meet them are appreciating the benefits of a first date sexual soiree for two.

What has NEVER changed is who decides on sex on the first date and that is the woman. I really think it depends on where that woman is at in her life as the reason behind her decision to wait or not. If safe sex is practiced (as it should), the free-spirited woman and man will rock it out that same night with no regrets. They’re both adults and giving consent. They both know what they want and is on the same page. If they’re feeling each other and are clear about things, I don’t see why holding out for the third or fourth date is necessary.


It’s my belief from personal experiences and the experiences of women that I know, that if your intentions are to meet a guy to “build something with”, then waiting would be the better choice.


Because it’s rare and refreshing to give a man something to look forward to. When it comes to dating, everything we do and say is geared to instant gratification. After a while, the thrill is gone when we give too much so soon. I’ve had conversations with men who actually finds women who make them wait more interesting. They are the women who men perceive as having more to offer. A woman’s patience is proof that they are worth more than what’s between their legs.

with all that’s said, if a long-term relationship down the road is not what you’re after, then do you, boo!  But if you plan to take your next dating journey to the next level to a serious relationship, consider making him wait. Whether you make him wait 3 days or 3 months…if he’s impatient with constant questions about when things are going to “pop off”, you already know of his intentions. If he proves how patient he is, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

How soon is too soon? It’s never too soon unless you want something more than casual sex. Otherwise, consider keeping your legs closed.


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