Loving a person requires you to accept their flaws, but if one of those flaws is being an awful lover, are you willing to live with that?

Being with a bad lover is one thing, but not expressing that to him is a whole other issue. While he thinks he’s King-Kongin’, you are laying there, wondering when’s a good time to pick up your dry-cleaning. There are two primary reasons why your guy is a bad lover; his lack of creativity and his lack of spontaneity. If he’s used to one position, or he does more of one thing than the other (if at all), than communicating with him that you need variety between the sheets is important to you. He’ll never know if you don’t tell him, and If you don’t tell him, he’s gonna keep assuming that he’s satisfying you in bed. Part of being in a relationship is learning to be honest with one another. If you are comfortable enough to share your body with him, then you should be comfortable enough to express what you like and don’t like in bed. It can be very frustrating to still want more after you guys are finished. That alone should make you want to open your mouth and tell him that. Like they say…closed mouths don’t get fed.

Bad sex is like being stuck in traffic: You’re in your car bed, wondering if you’re ever going to get to your destination. His performance is lackluster, much like your vehicle which is barely moving. When he your car finally starts moving, he only knows one way to get you there, and that will take longer than usual for you to reach your orgasm destination.

It’s time to put the car in park.

Couples in love will accept each other’s flaws, but that shouldn’t mean they have to force themselves to endure the sexual displeasure. Some women choose to not say anything for fear of bruising her man’s ego, but if your guy really loves you, he will appreciate your honesty and will do what he can to make your sexual experience better for the both of you.

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