A racist troll pretending to be a fan of Rihanna decided to share her point of view about Rihanna as a white woman when she tweeted a photoshopped image of the pop star with whiter skin. She added a caption that reads “You can call me a cracker and all that but this is undeniable proof that the whiter the more beautiful.”


#RihannaNavy turned the twitter user, @flopstar’s mentions into complete shambles for her obvious ignorance…among other things.

Reading down the user’s timeline, you’ll get a sense that she’s out of touch with reality and is clearly ignorant. Tweeting the image of Rihanna as a white woman was probably a desperate ploy to get attention. Well….she got it!

The user’s Twitter bio reads:

I really love Rihanna and I have her album.
Her cover photo even includes Rihanna…



Rihanna responded the classy way and simply blocked the troll. My other side wishes Rihanna should have clapped back. BUT, I already know…what difference would it have made, besides give the troll MORE attention?

Meanwhile…Rihanna’s golden-brown melanin stays on fleek


Lakia Nichole

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