When it comes to situationships relationships, you’ll have those who use the term “Love” so loosely. They’re unbothered by the fact that those three small words could leave the biggest impact on the person they say it to. That person will keep those words embedded in their hearts, mind, and soul!

The issue with that is the person who says “I love you” has already said those same three words to someone else a week before. In this scenario, two people are walking around feeling special to a person who obviously doesn’t value the true meaning behind it. How genuine could a person’s love be when it’s split among three lovers? Sometimes, I feel that people in these so-called relationships doesn’t understand how the word will affect people. Love has so many levels, but to a person who’s IN love is told “I love you” by that special someone, they’ll really feel like they’re IN love. It’s bad in this type of situation because this person’s level of love may be at a scale of 4 out of 10. Meanwhile, the love from the other person has broken the scale.

Being loved and being in love have two totally separate meanings, but somehow, people confuse the two. I think if more people understood and knew that, there would be no conflicting emotions, no mixed signals, and people would be more careful not to say the word “love” so recklessly. Intimate love should be taken seriously, but if the person isn’t even thinking about commitment, then not taking it seriously is only natural. That’s why cheating (emotional and physical) takes place and it’s unfortunate that dishonesty plays a part.

I wish people understood that love is not a “one size fits all” kind of thing. There’s no one kind of love that’s for everybody. The love given should be distinct, unique, and one of a kind. It should be well-defined and special; the kind of love that’s made for that particular person and only that person. That’s that genuine love that nobody else is fit for.


Lakia Nichole

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