Being in the wrong space and allowing the wrong people to occupy the most inner, most sacred places in your life will have a disastrous effect on your view of reality AND YOUR LIFE.   Not until you rid yourself of what’s not good for you will you realize how bad you’re being to yourself.  Time and energy you’ve given away can never be replaced.


We need to always keep in mind that we are constant work in progress.  Whenever we find ourselves not progressing either in our relationships, our educational goals, healthcare, and even our physical appearance and demeanor. .. we need to take the time to be REAL with ourselves, analyze our surroundings, and make the necessary changes.  Some of the changes may be more painful than others, but absolutely necessary for us to continue our own progression.


God has a way of setting us up, sometimes.  I believe He guides us even in our prayers.  How many times have you asked God to do something “by any means” but not really knowing how it was gonna happen?  And then you find yourself in a place where you have no choice but to make changes in your life. Changes you wouldn’t have made on your own. Hmm.  I’ve come to realize that in order for something to happen, there are prerequisites that need to first take place.  Just like in college. You want a degree in Business but have to take certain classes first.   And it generally takes four years of actually going to school, class taking, exams, assignments, and finals to take place FIRST before achieving that degree. Same thing with life.  You have to do what toy need to do,  what it takes, to have what it is you want. If you’re not REAL with yourself, you won’t know what you want. Or even worse, you’ll know what you want, but won’t have a clue as to what needs to be done in order to get it.


I had a REALity check this year.   It was long overdue but very necessary for my advancement and progression.

My view of  “reality” was distorted to the comfort zones I’ve created and allowed. It was to the point that being uncomfortable was comfortable.  No, no, no!  Today, I want you to declare DEATH TO ALL COMFORT ZONES AND AN END TO RELATIONSHIPS THAT CONDONE COMFORT ZONES IN YOUR LIFE.  My reality, as painful as it is, has never been more clearer and as uncomfortable as I feel about it right now,  I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to change it one step at a time.


I will get where I want to be and I will have what I want.

So, here’s to those prerequisites.

When is all said and done, I’ll hold my head high and embrace my new REALity. AND SO WILL YOU!


Dat Gurl Tish
Licensed Practical Nurse by day,
all the time mommy, daydreamer, people watcher, class clown, hopeless romantic, and laid back Gemini who has Old School R&B running through her veins!
Above all, I'm God's favorite brat and I'm always reaching out for His hand.