Brands should really be more considerate of their consumers when promoting a product, especially when human beings are being used to help promote. In this day in age, you’d think that black folks wouldn’t be looked at in such a subordinate manner, but who are we kidding?

Gap Kids has perfectly illustrated what passive racism looks like with their latest ad, and as you can see, it’s cringe-worthy. Consumers are bashing Gap Kids for allowing the little black girl, who looks uncomfortable, be present in the ad as an armrest for the little white girl.

The girls in the ad are apparently part of a circus troupe. As you can see in the ad, two of the girls are displaying their talents However, we’d love to know who’s responsible for placing this other little girl’s arm on this black child’s head!!  The position this little girl was placed in is dehumanizing and undervalued.

Even in this promo vid with Ellen DeGenerous, everyone is a chatterbox except for her. Either her parts were edited out, or they “threw her” in there for color! Either way, I think redoing this with more of her interaction would be wise, otherwise, we’ll consider this promo vid a way of showing America that black children are not important. Watch below.

My guess is that Gap Kids wanted to evoke female empowerment with this ad, but the visual message of equality certainly didn’t make the cut. Gap Kids fail to realize that equality makes up a huge part of empowerment. A visual message they’ve failed to include in this ad.

Shame on them!

Lakia Nichole

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