I have to give props to actor/singer Mack Wilds for expressing his love for dark-skinned women.

In a world where our fair-skinned beauties are celebrated more often and in some cases more accepted, it’s so kool for a brotha to acknowledge the fact that beauty comes in many shades.

Even in 2015, as a dark-skinned woman, I feel like I’m living a real life “wannabe-jiggaboo” moment from Spike Lee’s School Daze! You know the scene where the light-skinned sistahs were dance fighting the dark-skinned sistahs. Only difference is in THIS life, there’s no dancing.


Even worse…a lot of our brothas and sistahs are programmed to believe that fair skin is only accepted as attractive, as opposed to dark skin. I’m amazed at the ignorance and lack of self-love from my people, and the prejudice within the black communities and entertainment industries.

Tristan “Mack” Wilds made a recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show to promote his new show The Breaks and let me tell you…what he said almost made me shed a thug tear.

He definitely made me smile!

Wendy: “The rumor on the street was that you were dating somebody named Sevyn Streeter. Were you in love with her?”

Tristan: “She’s dope. I’ll say that.”

Wendy: “So you guys weren’t romantically involved?”

Tristan: “We’re just really, really good friends.”

Wendy: “She’s really pretty to just be a really good friend.”

Tristan: “Yeah, she is very pretty. “I love dark-skinned girls. So you know, she’s definitely one of them.”

Wendy: “Who’s talking about complexion? You see this is where my people go in a conversation. Really?”

Tristan: “It’s just, I don’t know…my mom is brown-skinned so I just have a thing about all the different colors that women come in.”

Wendy: “You don’t have to explain it, you’re adorable.”


Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought Wendy got a little offended.

See for yourself and watch the full interview below!

Lakia Nichole

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