As an accomplished model and actor, Sam Sarpong seemed to have had it all. One would never thought that he would commit suicide. On the outside looking in, Sam’s life was “perfect”. However, no amount of money or success will have any bearing on your mental state. The death of Sam Sarpong proves that.

Sam’s Death teaches us that depression is prevalent in the black community. Often times, when we are suffering for whatever reason, we keep our problems to ourselves. It’s the stigma that covers us like a black cloud. Because we’re taught to be strong and proud folks who should keep others out of our business, we hinder ourselves from reaching out and getting the help we truly need, particularly black women, who are looked upon as the “backbones” and nurturers of our families. We forget that we are humans with feelings, and like everyone else, we go through the daily stresses of life which can be excessive and sometimes difficult to bear. Instead of asking for help, we deal with our problems in our own way, which could lead to self-defeating effects such as negative thought patterns or worse…self-harm.

So many of us work hard to make sure our outside looks good (exercise, make-up, cosmetic surgery, etc.), but we also neglect our inside. Let’s get our minds right by seeking professional counseling if need be, or even talking with family members and friends who care.

Check on your loved ones, talk to them, ask them if they’re okay.

Don’t worry about being ashamed or being scrutinized for showing weakness. We all go through moments of weakness in our lives, whether it’s from loss of loved ones, job loss, broken relationships, etc. We should never be ashamed to seek help with a therapist or a doctor that can prescribe you the appropriate medication.

Sam’s death has taught me that folks can appear to have it all, but we’ll never know what’s going on with them behind clothes doors. Let’s start communicating with our loved ones. It could possibly save lives.

Lakia Nichole

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