The comment that Sheryl Underwood made in the above clip about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair set off a firestorm of criticism for the comic and co-host of The Talk. Sheryl acknowledged her failed attempt at humor soon after, but her apology back in 2013 did nothing to cool off the heat she was receiving from the black community.  After two years of the backlash, Ms. Sheryl took to the platform to give a very sincere apology for her insensitive remarks about natural hair.



I commend Ms. Sheryl for taking the courage to admit she was wrong.

This sheds light on such a sensitive issue with black women and our hair. It leads me to the question…

Do most of us wear wigs and weaves for variety or are we really masking our distaste for our hair in its natural state?

For any black person (man or woman) to consider our natural hair “nasty” leaves me to wonder if their complex issue goes deeper than just…hair. I feel like if you can’t embrace your hair, then you have a problem with accepting who you are or what you have.

For many years, I wore my hair chemically processed until 2012. Particularly during my twenties, I used to tell myself that I’d never go natural because I thought I’d be prettier with straight hair. I hid behind my relaxed hair because I feared how others thought I would look without it. It wasn’t until I was in my late thirties when I embraced my hair in its natural state and realized that I’m fawwwnnn either way 🙂

I’m going to say this again because I’ve said it plenty of times. If you wear your hair straight, curly, natural, or loc’d, then that’s your prerogative, darlin’. You’re beautiful ANY way you rock your hair. I’m just amazed that in 2015, we still have to deal with a complex about color in the black community. If you ask me, those two issues goes neck and neck. We also have to deal with self-hate that developed during childhood for some adults.  They could carry their self-hate into how they’ll perceive others, which turns into judgment or criticism. They’ll unknowingly mask their complex as a “preference”.

If you wear your hair straight, curly, loc’d or weaved then do you, boo! There’s never anything wrong with doing what makes you feel good. Just don’t disregard what you were naturally made with.  Our natural hair is not nasty or dirty. Our natural hair is our crowning glory. The more we accept that, the better we’ll see ourselves.

Lakia Nichole

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