Ayesha Curry, lifestyle blogger, author,  and wife of Golden State Warriors Point Guard Stephen Curry, tweeted her thoughts about not being a fan of provocative attire and chicks who were #TeamScantilyClad turned her Twitter mentions in shambles! There were so many women in Twitterland who were salty about this tweet!



Chile, folks (mostly women) came at her with the most insensitive and disrespectful replies. A lot of women thought she was wrong and rude to tweet such a comment. Some thought she was being judgmental while the rest thought she was just lame.

My thoughts: I’m just amazed at the high levels of shade and disrespect that this woman has received, because of her modesty. In neither tweet, did she express thoughts of slut-shaming or any kind of criticism`. She mentioned no one in particular and simply expressed her desire to “cover up” for the one who matters…her husband. You’d think she’d receive more love because she respects her husband in her own way, but nah…#TeamScantilyClad gotta get all in their feelings and attack the poor woman on social media.

This society is ass backwards!


That woman…a woman of God, hard-working author, chef, blogger, and wife of a sports star who travel, while being a mother to their two kids, is obviously showing a good example to her children and young women who look up to her. That alone should earn that woman respect! One casual tweet about choosing “classy over trendy” and y’all attack her in her Twitter mentions like she twitpic’d your closet! Y’all seriously need to chill!


This just goes to show that the right gets crucified while the wrong gets celebrated. Ayesha Curry has every right to feel the way she does without getting verbally attacked by sensitive chicks whose idea of their “going out” outfits are printed leggings and tops from Baby Gap! Get out of her Twitter mentions and let a sistah live!

People can’t have an opinion nowadays because so many folks think too much of themselves. Even when an opinion has nothing to do with them, there’s something inside of that makes them get defensive. Either you’re mad because it’s true, or your guilty conscience won’t allow you to chill because the opinion of another is somehow relevant to your life. Either way, we all should realize that people’s opinions are just that…opinions.

There’s an old saying…

if it don’t apply…let it fly!




Lakia Nichole

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