I find it strange that Raven-Symone, a woman who appeared to be all for equal rights and opportunity, would not employ someone based off what their parents named them at birth. Her comment implies that people with “ghetto names” will not do a good job that’s required of them as opposed to people with names that are not “ghetto”.

I started not to write a post on this topic because Raven has clearly had enough publicity. However, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on people, their perceptions, and how perceptions are not people’s reality.

Unfortunately, we know someone who hasn’t got a job that they’re really qualified for and that sucks! “Watermelondrea” could do a better job than “Mary”, who has less experience and qualifications. When you have a judgmental bigot sitting in the bosses chair, “Mary” will have a bigger chance at getting hired because they’ll never take that into consideration.

To have a negative perception of someone based off something as simple as their name has to be the shallowest thing anyone could do. You have tons of Bobs and Janes who will do mediocre work for your company and give zero fucks when Bonquisha, who is better qualified and a potential employee who would care enough to turn your company from 0 to 100, waiting over six months for an interview. A black person, especially a black woman, should understand the seriousness of all of this!

In conclusion, since Raven’s dad exposed her for saying (in his words) “dumb shit”. I hope she’s taken into consideration to think before she speaks in the future. She has a history of”speaking her mind”, and it gets problematic because of her choice of words.


Raven followed with an unapologetic apology







Lakia Nichole

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