I have several issues with this video. Before I start, press play.


I’m going to assume that the people responsible for filming this and posting it to social media either did it for laughs or did it to go viral. Either way, I’m offended and I think those who  put effort into this video are those new generational parents who don’t know shit about teaching children acceptance, respect, and humility.

Let me just begin with a question about why a person would even give their child something, KNOWING they won’t like it? OF COURSE, they’ll get a negative reaction. Secondly….why film it and post it to social media? Like I’ve already mentioned…they did it for laughs or to go viral. Either way, the video shows that the reaction from those girls stems from the beliefs that they were taught.

It’s one thing for those girls to not want a black doll because they’re not black. I get that.

It’s a whole other issue to not want a black doll because they find black dolls to be “not pretty”.

This apparently goes deeper than not liking the dolls they were given. Obviously, the little girl’s look of disappointment and the tears of her sister proves that black dolls are just not their thing….but why? The adults in this video wanted to make a joke out of it. Instead of correcting their negative behavior, they encouraged it with laughing. All of this proves that racism will never end, as long as parents like those conditions their kids into believing that they’re “better than others”.

I remember as a kid, all I had were white dolls, but I played with them because my heart was content. I didn’t cry and throw tantrums because I didn’t look at the color of the dolls. I just wanted to play with them. When my mom bought me my first black baby doll, I was so amazed. During those times, there weren’t many black dolls on the market. It made my little heart even more content because I got to play with a doll that looked like me.

I also continued to play with my white dolls. I had a rainbow coalition of dolls that I enjoyed playing with.

With all of that said, it’s a sad situation when people humiliate their own children for humor, not realizing the consequences and how it will make them look…or even how it’ll make the parents look. Even though the parent asked what’s wrong, her laughter indicates that she already knew.

This just proves that parents need to be adult enough to talk with their children about not only acceptance, respect, and humility. We also need to teach our children to love themselves and accept the skin that they’re in. If the parents never been taught such lessons themselves, then their kids won’t know.

This video illuminates the never-ending cycle of racism and how it is birthed into family structure. Trust and believe, I would say the same thing if the girls were black and the dolls were white! The cycle could break if we teach our kids to be more open-minded and accepting of each other as they come out of the womb!

Who knows if  “Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia” bought the dolls with no intentions to disappoint their nieces, or  decided to have a little fun at their nieces’ expense? Who knows if “Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia” bought the dolls AT ALL? However, it’s painfully obvious that someone thinks being black is a joke….and that shit’s not kool!



Lakia Nichole

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