I know we live in a time where people keep looking at the clock on their biological age. They are reminded when their birthday comes around how old they are. Before their birthday ends, they are thinking about the next one. I’ve never been that way when it comes to my age. Sometimes I forget, LOL.

There were times when I felt older, but I’ve always had an old soul. Not only that, my upbringing made me an adult before I was ready… BUT God had my back.

Being alive is a gift in itself.

I feel like each day you are blessed to wake up is a new day you can start a new. It’s a chance to be reborn again. To feed your spirit. To do something different. As time passes, you can reflect back and see how far you’ve come.  How much you’ve grown. The lessons you’ve learned.

You can see and know that what felt like a rejection from a guy/girl, a job, a friend, that house you wanted etc. was a blessing in disguise. I know for sure that whatever I wanted that didn’t work out in any area in my life was for my own good.

That “NO” from God and from the universe was really for my own good to protect me. I can’t say anything but THANK YOU!

I feel divinely favored, beautiful, and loved.

When I stand behind my convictions, trust, love myself, follow my intuition and the holy spirit, I feel alive and that makes me feel young.

Before I hit my 20’s, I had a plan for my life like most of us do. We want what we want. But what happens when we hit that age and it doesn’t happen?? Some of us start to feel like a failure. We feel rueful. First of all, we need to stop doing that!

That blueprint that they have set up for us as a society is not for everyone. I know way too many people, more than I can count on both hands and my feet, LOL, who followed what everyone else was doing just to be part of ‘The club’ and to say “Oh I did it too“.

Now that they hit a certain age, they are trying to figure out how they are going to do this and that, but their main focus is the kids and husband. They are trying to figure out who they are. They find it difficult because they are being pulled in so many directions that they can’t even get a moment of solitude.

I’ve spent the majority of my life getting to know who I was (which I feel most people should do, especially in their 20’s) developing my relationship with God. I was never one to date a lot, even though now I see that the relationships that I called relationships were really just some form of companionship; male bonding on a temporary basis. Because the type of love I want, that wasn’t it.

Those few guys were just there to teach me something and I was supposed to grow from it.

When you let go of dead weight in every area of your life and you get to know yourself and what you want, you really do feel young. Whatever hardships you go through, you know you’ll have resilience.

There were times when I would look in the mirror and I would look and feel old. I was stressed. That light and that spark was not in my eyes. I was suffocating and I asked God to set me free and boy did he! I didn’t have the strength or courage to do it myself, because of the way my life was shook up. Boy was I MAD! lol Sometimes I’m still mad, lol but it’s ok though, I’m human, lol. I just continue to thank God when I feel like my mind is back sliding.

But I know it was for my own good to push me out of my comfort zone so that I could spread my wings.

When a bad thought pops up in your mind and hits you out of nowhere, you have the choice to change that at any moment. You don’t have to bask in misery. You have control to change how you respond. I’m not saying don’t act like something doesn’t bother you. If you must sit with that emotion at the moment. Think about what it’s teaching you and why it makes you feel that way. We all have emotional triggers but the key is not to dwell on it.

I like to use What Iyanla Vanzant calls the “FEEL ,DEAL, HEAL” method.

When we do this we can grow, we can blossom and let love and god in, more than we’ve ever known. We can honor ourselves. We can have faith in what’s to come. It gives us a different perspective and when we learn the lesson, we can move forward and it puts a new pep in our step.

In life, It’s great to have short term goals/plans but sometimes, you really just gotta take it one day at a time and just see what happens. As long as you know what you want, put it out there and it see what happens.

Getting “older” is inevitable but we are not immortals, so we need to stop acting like we are going to live forever. I for one, love learning and seeing whats yet to come, meeting new people and learning from them. Connecting with like minds is an indulgent for me. I THRIVE on intellectual conversations I get to see a reflection of myself through others when their spirit is good. I get to see the God in them.

I aways recognize when God sends someone my way or answers a prayer or a question I had.

Being young is in the mind. What you tell yourself is what reflects in your outer world, so be careful what you say to yourself.

I feel like most people don’t feel young or vibrant because of how they are living their lives. They don’t know who they are. Some don’t want to know. They keep busy to avoid getting to know who they are and what they want. They look for the meaning of life in others.

Not knowing that no one is responsible for their own happiness and love.

In order to feel young and thrive and live and not just exist in life. You really have to develop a relationship with yourself and with god and give and show love to others. You can’t let life make you feel worn down. If no one encourages you, if you don’t have the support system you need.

Give it to yourself.

God will place the right people in your life that will be there, be consistent, and not make excuses. When someone wants to be there, they will. It will not be a struggle to get a listening ear, a phone call, or any type of communication.

One-sided relationships will cease. The love you want will flow freely to you.

Let go of whatever is not working for you. Have faith, love yourself, and know that what you want is on its way.

When you trust God’s timing, you’ll feel young. You know that everything is happening just as it should. You can surrender.

The older I get, the younger I feel, and these are just a few reasons why.

Aisha Denise
A passionate writer from New Jersey who's also a music lover and a foodie!
My love of writing started when I was just a baby! Now as an in-depth woman, I still have that passion for words, as well as life. In my spare time, I love to cook, read, dance, blog, and just enjoy what life has to offer.