We ALL need help with this thing called life. We all have these ideas floating around in our heads about what we’d like to do, where we’d like to go, who we’d like to be… and so on. Sometimes, these ideas float and other times the crash into each other and then we get stressed out! OMG, have I been there? YESSSSS! I definitely know the feeling.

For years, I’ve struggled with making the ideas in my head a reality. What should I do? Should I take that class? Should I move to another state? I want to move, but how? When? what do I need? Where should I go? Where should I start? Can I even do this? I used to wake up in the morning with these questions and go right to bed at night with them as well. I became overwhelmed at times with so much indecision. I needed help!

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A person who counsels and encourages clients on matters having to do with personal challenges or careers.

A Life Coach is what I needed. After asking around and doing some research, I came across a Life Coach right in my area in Brooklyn. This woman was the truth! She had degrees, wrote a book, and even counseled celebrities on a reality show! Oh, heck yeah… I was getting in touch with her!

Guys, can I tell you? After a few sessions with my new Life Coach, things started to become clearer to me. She was able to help clear the fog and I was comfortable with my thoughts and was able to make sense out of them. Honestly, she was a blessing. I was able to put things into perspective and begin the process of working my life out. I’ve since completed my nursing courses, relocated to another state, and I’m still using with skills I learned with her to create new realities. Having access to a Life Coach has definitely been a positive experience and I would advise anyone to look into it. You can Google Life Coaches in your area or you can even check out my Life Coach, Vladimire Calixte.

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