Why I Appreciate The Positive Imagery Of Black Women Friendships in Film & Television

"Let’s get serious here! At one point, we’ve had MANY shows like ‘Friends’ and films like ‘Sex In The City’. Despite the enjoyment those projects gave us, none of the characters looked like us. "

Conscious White Folks...We Shouldn't Have To Educate Y'all On How To Check Your Racist Friends

As much as I appreciate the proactive attitude to combat racism, I can’t help but remain doubtful.

Tasha Is The Epitome of "Ride-or-Die" Here's Why!

"Although Tasha’s storyline is glorified for our entertainment, Tasha, as a woman, is relatable…not unrealistic."

Trump's Speech Speech on White Supremacy Proves One Thing!

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My Recaps of The Best Show on Television (Season 2)

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Featured image by Make a perfect image   Why is Makeda Smith an inspiration? She’s one of the few women her age that can work a pole better than most 20-year-olds! Reading this amazing woman’s story on XO Necole, I couldn’t help but dig deeper to find out more about her. According to her website, […]

DISCLAIMER: THE SEQUENCE OF THE SCENES YOU’RE ABOUT TO READ MAY NOT BE IN ORDER AS SHOWN 🙂 Can we just start with praises to Issa and her team for including two bad-ass cameos from Luke James, Lil Rel, and a bad-ass featured role with Sterling K. Brown? Episode 3 starts off with Issa at one […]

‘Procter & Gamble’ teamed up with ‘My Black Is Beautiful’ for this much-needed ad titled “The Talk” and since the release, it has garnered some negative feedback. The televised ad depicts random families, people of color, informing their kids on how to exist in a world full of racism. Before I go any further. Hit play below! […]

  Unless you’re not a social media hound like I am, you should remember the time in 2016 when Facebook did the unthinkable by shutting down the page of one of the premiere black celebrity gossip sites on the internet, ‘The Shade Room’. A rep for the social media giant confirmed that they were behind the […]

One of the components to making a funny ass sitcom is two of its main characters constantly throwing shade at one another! Clapbacks, insensitive jokes, and straight ignorance were part of the reason we’ve tuned into these particular sitcoms, anticipating the love/hate relationships between these scene-stealing characters.  Below, is a list of our favorite “head-butters” […]

Masturbation is such a taboo topic, it’s hard not to blush or become “uneasy” when the word is brought up in conversations. Some would believe that a topic of that nature should be discussed intimately behind closed doors. The truth of the matter is…Masturbation is just one of many methods to wellness. Did you know […]

Nothing builds anxiety for your child more during the first day of school than the fear of the unknown. Whether it’s getting used to their surroundings, fitting in, making friends, all while having the pressure to make and maintain good grades, this guide will help your child relieve some of the pressure and anxiety of […]

Gabrielle Union can now add “Fashion Collaborator” to her impressive resume. The ‘Being Mary Jane’ star has teamed up with New York & Co to launch her Mary Jane-inspired collection. “I wanted to offer on-trend fashion at affordable prices. That’s the bottom line,” Union told WWD, also sharing that the inspiration for the line came from her […]

When you have community members who are tired of the senseless killing in their city, you also get a group of passionate folks willing to make an effort for peace. As of August 2017, Baltimore City has more than 195 homicides. Erricka Bridgeford and her team of organizers are planning a murder-free weekend, urging folks not […]

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