There has been an increasing trend in the dating scene with younger men & older women. So much so, that it doesn’t even raise shock value. In fact, it’s become the norm for women in their 30s & even their 40s to take an interest in men in their 20s & it’s so obvious why.
Younger men are more spontaneous with a higher sex drive. Their stamina is on 100 & for the most part, they’re fun to be with. It’s my belief that most women who are much older than their men tends to keep them around until someone more their age & suitable to their life journey comes along. At least…I hope so.

As a woman who has experienced younger men, I can vouch that they are indeed fun to be with, but to invest time building a relationship is something I’d rather not do. Having a great time with great sex aside, a younger man will always play “catch up” to your already settled lifestyle. He’s young…so he’s still growing, searching, & trying to figure out life, as opposed to the older woman who has already discovered her path to a solid life. Let’s not forget the need to “compete” for attention with the younger women your man’s age. As the older woman, that will grow old with you real quick. Now don’t get me wrong. I am aware of those successful relationships with older women & younger men. I applaud them for not letting close-minded ppl break them apart with their harsh name-calling like “Cougar” or “Jailbait” & never-ending criticism.

In doing research for this topic, I’ve come to discover that younger men love dating older women because they don’t exhibit that “attention-needy” persona that 20-year-olds apparently develop.

The bad thing about dating younger includes Lack of life lessons for the younger man, which can be a blessing & a curse. You as the older woman can teach him a few things you’d like, love, or enjoy and nine times out of ten, battling with the “baby mama” is non-existent, because he’s not ready for children or has never had any. On the flip side, dealing with his “inner child” such as playing video games all day & doing his laundry will possibly drive you nuts. You’ll suddenly feel as if you’re taking care of your grown child.

The ugliness that comes with dating younger is the nasty stares, & ongoing criticism that you may receive from family & friends. Some folks don’t believe in or support folks dating anyone five years their junior.

The beauty of dating younger is the feeling of youth & being care-free. It makes you feel alive and adventurous. I get it!
Dating a younger man has its advantages, but just as many disadvantages. Overall, it seems
to be more widely accepted than ever, which proves that there are open-minded ppl out there. However, I would suggest going into that type of relationship with a cautious heart & true intentions. Dating younger is definitely fun, but a lot more risky.

Proceed with caution.

Lakia Nichole

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