I came across this news clip on Instagram, and immediately ‘side-eyed’, along with the co-anchors, who probably bit their tongues until it bled.

Apparently, this basic-looking woman (still pretty but basic) has the most desirable face and I’m sitting here scratching my head, wondering HOW!

One of the anchors reported that “Studies show” if you have anywhere between a 104 to 108-degree nasal/tip rotation, you’re desirable, as fuck!

Good job to Fox 5 DC for adding to the already self-hate some women carry; women who are ITCHIN’ to have any type of facial reconstruction, because of stuff like this that brainwash the impressionable and naïve!

Anyway…big ups to the co-anchors whose side-eyes were so lethal, I want to find them and ask them to be my best friends.

I also want to say big ups to the camera person for catching their reactions, because (s)he probably wanted to side-eye that bizarre report, as well!

Press play below!


#PressPlay: Their faces say it all 😩😩😩 via @fox5dc

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