It was 1995 when the film, ‘Panther’, hit theaters. ‘Panther‘ tells the story of a guy name Judge, who returns home from Vietnam, beset by violence and police brutality/discrimination. Judge’s friend, Cy, tells him about a group (panthers) he’s organizing. Cy convinces Judge to join him, with the mission to end the violence and police brutality/discrimination. However, Judge becomes pressured by police to become an informant against one of the other leaders of the Panther organization.

At that time, I remember the impact ‘Panther’ had on me. In my late teens, the film’s story made me more aware of what the Panthers were all about and the changes that were needed (and still need today). The soundtrack was also impressive. One of my favorites was the inspiring single, “Freedom”, by some of the best female R&B/soul and Hip-Hop artists of that time.

Not only was I inspired by the song, but seeing all of my favorites come together was everything!

There are two versions. The “rap” version was FIYAH!!!

Hit play to both versions below!

Lakia Nichole

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