This is proof that we really need to watch what we tweet, because what we tweet can come back to haunt us!

Just one night after Karlie Hay wins the crown for Miss Teen USA, someone digs up her old tweets from 2013, using the N Word.


As expected, folks are debating whether Hays should be stripped of her crown.

But let’s be honest here!

Hay was comfortable with the word because we [black folks] are. For some of us, “nigga” is a term of endearment. Some of us would give our white friends passes because WE say it all the time. Of course, Karlie was given a pass, because obviously, there was no one around her to tell her she was dead-ass wrong for using the word! She even took it a step further and used the old plantation version [nigger].



Obviously, no one taught Karlie about how the word dehumanized black people. Karlie sees Black folks TODAY, saying the N word in music, movies, television, nightclubs, bars, etc., so in her mind, she probably didn’t think using the N word would affect anyone.

Truth be told…there are so many “Karlies” in this world who likes using that word for various reasons, but until WE stop using the word, they will feel like there’s nothing wrong with saying it, either. White folks using the N word is more common than we think and even more common using it around their black homies. We’ve become so desensitized from the N word, white folks don’t even stifle when they sing along to their favorite rap song.

Hay has since responded to the backlash in a series of NOW DELETED tweets, stating  “personal struggles” in her past.


To decrown or not to decrown???



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