I observe those who are happy in their relationships and often wonder how they keep it so solid, especially those who have been in relationships for a number of years. I really admire the elderly married couples who are the epitome of couples standing by each other for better or for worse. I’m pretty sure they have battled struggles with infidelity, money, romance, and other potential relationship killers in their fifty plus years of being committed to one another.


It leads me to the question… how much is a person willing to put up with to stay in love? Obviously, loyalty plays a huge part in committed relationships, but what about happiness? Which is more important in a relationship, loyalty or happiness?

I ask because as a single woman, I wonder if a person who is seemingly happy in her/his relationship has beaten the tremendous battles of any or all of the aforementioned. I wonder if I’m that strong enough to not let those things break up a relationship that I may have in my future. Would I remain loyal enough to work on the problems that my man & I may face, or will I be selfish to the point where I believe my happiness is more important?

I’m guessing a person deciding to stay or leave is depended on the dynamic of the relationship and the foundation it was built on. However, it’s my belief that being loyal to your mate means you’ll accept his/her wrongdoings, no matter how it’ll make you feel. I don’t see how anyone can be happy with a relationship like that.

Happiness comes from within and a healthy, loving relationship only adds to it but not everyone agrees with that philosophy, so I need those happily married couples or folks in committed relationships to help this single woman to understand….

Besides love, how else do you keep your relationship solid?
Which is more important to you & why? Loyalty or happiness?
Does loyalty play a part in accepting everything your mate has done wrong, including infidelity?

Lakia Nichole

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