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Vaginal self-examination is not often discussed while we’re getting martinis with our girlfriends, but it’s a discussion we should have. Checking our honeypot is very necessary! It’s not only a sign of  self-love and self-discovery, but a form of bodily exploration that enables us to understand what our vaginas need. Additionally, Examining our friend helps us to be aware of how she looks down there. We should be able to spot our honeypot in a lineup! Much like a self-breast exam, we should, now and then, check our vajajays!

Examining our honeypot can also help us learn more about our her and what is normal for us. We can check for vaginal sores, abnormal discharge, and it helps us catch possible abnormalities that may need medical attention between gynecological visits.

In no way should self-exams take the place of a pap smear from your gynecologist. Just look at self-vaginal examinations as you helping your doctor helping you keep up a healthy honeypot.

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