It’s not often we hear of someone praising their ex’s new boo, especially when there are children involved. A breakup typically ends with tension and the child(ren) caught in the middle.

However, a woman on Facebook by the name of Candace Sutton proved that with balance, structure, and maturity, blended families can be successful.



Candace inspired so many with a heartfelt Facebook post/open letter to her son’s father’s new wife.

To my son’s other mom,
9 years ago, I would have never placed you in our lives. But a few years ago, Jaedyn came home ranting and raving about his dad’s new girlfriend Taryn. I wasn’t in any rush to like you. It was nothing personal, but I just didn’t feel like trying. I met you through the eyes of my son. I learned to love you because of that. I saw the way you stepped in and did what he needed- not because you had to but because you CHOSE to- and words can’t ever express how much I needed you to do that.
It’s so easy loving children that are yours. But it takes a special kind of woman to love a child that’s not hers. I know my son so well. I know how difficult and frustrating it must have been to adjust to his passive and nonchalant behavior. The way he stares at you when you ask him a question, with no answer to follow. I know it had to be hard learning to be a parent, unexpectedly. But you mastered it!! You stepped in and took care of business, while maintaining the utmost respect for me.
I know there were times you put yourself behind his wants and needs and you didn’t sign up for that. But you did it…. I’ve grown to love you for that. I watched you walk down the aisle today to say “I do” to my son’s father, and I was overwhelmed with joy. Deep down, I know that my son will forever be in good hands with you. Today, Jaedyn is no longer just Mine and David’s. He’s yours, too.
So glad y’all allowed me to share this day with you. 💓
“The unconventional baby mama” 😂


Unconventional indeed, but ohhh soo inspiring. The level of understanding and maturity between these outstanding adults is unparalleled. Good for them and good for the dad for obviously picking good women to be a part of his son’s life!

Lakia Nichole

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