We all know Tamar Braxton-Herbert as the sassy Braxton sister with vocal chords made of sunshine and honey, her many mega-hits, and her famous quotes (“You better get yo’life!” and “Have several seats!”) that should be put on T-shirts.
But it wasn’t until her recent announcement to stop doing Dancing With The Stars that I realize Tamar is more than all those aforementioned.

This woman is the epitome of a go-getter.
As a mother, a wife, a singer, a talk show host, a producer, ALL WHILE going on tour AND doing DWTS every week, she has taught me that you can do anything you put your mind to. The flip side to this is that doing many things we love all at once is not always a good thing. I’m pretty sure she has become overwhelmed, which is why she was forced to ultimately drop out of the competition.

Here’s Tamar’s message to her fans on Facebook


This woman was determined to go the extra mile, despite the doctors orders, and dance her ass off. Unfortunately, it became too much.

As the fans of DWTS know, Mrs. Herbert would’ve got that trophy…I’m sure of it. But we also know that good health is a priority.

Sometimes,  our bodies have a way of telling us “enough is enough”. We have to be mindful that we cannot be Superwomen everyday,  no matter how much we enjoy it.

Tamar Braxton-Herbert has reminded me of that. Although,  I am so inspired by her will to keep going, even with the obstacles in her way. I pray for her speedy recovery, because nothing is more important than being healthy.

Mrs. Herbert, your dedication doesn’t go unnoticed.  We see you doing your thing and we applaud you for fighting a good fight for DWTS and for just simply being a muse for those who can not find their motivation to get out there and be all they can be.

Get well soon!

Lakia Nichole

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