Can we just start with praises to Issa and her team for including two bad-ass cameos from Luke James, Lil Rel, and a bad-ass featured role with Sterling K. Brown?

Episode 3 starts off with Issa at one of her Tinder Mate’s (Luke James) crib, starting her self-initiation into singledom. For some odd reason, Issa cannot get past his little fingers, which she obviously uses as an excuse to not go through with the sex. She leaves the guy sitting on the sofa, with a “I picked a strange one” look on his face.


Meanwhile…Issa and Frieda are taking wins with the awesome turnout at their “We Got Y’all” tutoring program. However, for a school that has a majority of Hispanic students, Frieda questions why there are only black students that are showing up. Issa tries to convince Frieda that it’s not an issue.

While at work, Lawrence gets invited to a tech mixer event by his coworkers…on the same day as Tasha’s family cookout. Did he attend the cookout? Yup! long enough to bring some chairs, meet a few family members, scope the rest, caught somebody’s teenager twerkin’ while playin’ a flute, then he just had enough!  After about 10 minutes at the cookout, Lawrence tells Tasha he has some “work thing” and will be back. That “work thing” was the mixer he was invited to.

In the meantime…Issa is in her kitchen, painting over her fire damage when she takes notice of her fine ass neighbor. This gets better….


Lawrence is at this mixer while dodging Tasha’s call and time escapes him. After answering the 2nd call, Lawrence confesses to not being at work. After telling Tasha that he isn’t ready for anything serious, Tasha reclaims her time and reads Lawrence for filth, calling him a”fuck boy who thinks he’s a good guy”.


After a discussion about hoism and how Issa wants to go through a ho-phase, she kindly asks Molly to teach her how to be a ho. Offended, but Holly obliges and plans a girls’ night out to a bar, where they meet some guys. Issa’s awkwardness scares all her potentials away. Meanwhile, Molly meets Lionel (Sterling K. Brown) and they immediately hit it off.

Issa may have struck out at the club, and at home, after she discovered her batteries in her vibrator died, but my girl put on her Super Ho cape and went to her sexy neighbor’s place the next day. It’s amazing what you and a made up story of a phone charger can do to get some penis. That’s was Issa’s mission, and she got it. It was awkward starting out, but after a while, they found their groove. Just one question…WHERE’S THE CONDOM???



Molly & Lionel goes on a date, and they’re getting along very well. I hope she doesn’t fuck this up!


My thoughts….

Issa has the right to explore her sexual freedom the way she chooses, I just hope the writers include some responsibility for Issa’s character. Safe sex inclusion in prime time cable is so scarce.

I’m proud of Tasha for standing up for herself. She put her feelings for Lawrence aside and made herself a priority when she GATHERED him on that phone. I was a little disappointed when she invited Lawrence to the family cookout,  but not surprised. When you’re in need to feel secure in a relationship, you’ll do things that you’ll feel will solidify it.  For Tasha, inviting Lawrence to meet FAMILY was her way of telling Lawrence that what they have is more than just “a thing” to her. The problem with that is Tasha was forcing the issue. It’s like…you know he likes chocolate ice cream, but makes him a chocolate cake when he doesn’t like cake. However, you make him a chocolate cake, anyway, because he likes chocolate. He’s already proven to like only chocolate ice cream, but you either don’t care, or you have selective hearing. He’s gonna eat the cake because you made it…you made it FOR HIM. It doesn’t work like that.

Molly has met Lionel at such a critical time in her life. Let’s hope what she’s dealing with at work and her reasonings for therapy doesn’t conflict with her connection with a man, who oddly enough, reminds me of a male Molly.


That sexy neighbor will be knocking on Issa’s door every other day, wanting to borrow some sugar 🙂


Until next week!

Lakia Nichole

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