The Awkwardness of Issa and her crew are back in effect with Season 2 of ‘Insecure’, and as usual, the show left us all wanting more, as we are wondering what will happen between Issa and Lawrence. S2/E1 started off with Issa on a string of dates with random dudes, which is obviously her way of trying to get over Lawrence. As part of #TeamIssa, I could feel the disappointment Issa was feeling with these dudes because none of them was Lawrence. My girl has to resort to wack dates and swiping left/right on dating apps!

Molly took Issa’s advice in season 1 and started seeing a therapist. I’m glad that the writers decided to add that in the script. Black folks need to see images like that, making it aware that it’s okay for us to seek therapy. Us black folks have the tendency to associate being “crazy” with seeking help for our mental/emotional health. Despite Molly’s apparent reluctance to open up to her therapist, I’m glad she decided to take that step to better herself.

Meanwhile, Lawrence is still giving Tasha the BIZNESS from the back. We assume he likes that position because that’s how they left us in the last season. He was so mad at Issa for cheating on him with the other dude, he took it out on Tasha’s vagina! In s2/E1, he is still taking his anger out on Tasha’s vagina. on the weekends, at least, because let’s be real #TeamLawrence, he doesn’t want anything serious with her!

During one scene, Molly and Issa talked about dating and Molly mentioned that men try to come back when they see their exes doing well. That brought up a light bulb idea for Issa to throw a plus 1 wine-drinking party, hoping Lawrence would show up. Why would Lawrence show up? He has mail that Issa is trying to give him. (colorized for a sexual innuendo).

After Issa text Lawrence about the mail, he texts her back, saying that he would pick it up the next day. The next day, Issa threw her party, only to be disappointed when Lawrence texts her, suggesting she mails him his mail. Ain’t that some shit??? Molly sees her disappointment and follows Issa outside to talk. Issa eventually tells Molly that she used the party as a ploy for Lawrence to see “how well” she is doing. A drunken Kelli makes her way outside, interrupting Issa and Molly when she sees three dudes. Kelli suggests they join them but little did Kelli and Molly know that they’re Issa’s gang-affiliated neighbors.

Meanwhile, Lawrence sends that text while he’s at a restaurant with Tasha. This comes after a conversation with Lawrence’s friend, Chad, reminding Lawrence that he’s never taken the chick out. Lawrence is staying with Chad until he gets back with Issa he finds a place of his own, It’s funny how Chad gets a taste of what Issa was experiencing. During one scene, Chad tries to watch television but is disturbed by the sound of an air machine as Lawrence fills his air mattress…in the living room. Lawrence is like a pesky-ass freeloader you can’t get out the house.

Back to the party…things were going okay until one of Issa’s gang-banging neighbors started crip-walking. Next thing we saw, her trash can was set ablaze! Everyone scrambles to run out the house while Issa quickly puts out the fire. She’s left looking at a hot mess! (pun attended)…just like her love life.

The next night, Lawrence surprises Issa when he comes for his mail…..:-) a discombobulated Issa gives it to him but before Lawrence leaves, he uses the “left some things in the bathroom” trick to prolong his visit. As Lawrence begins to walk out the door, he turns around, grabs Issa and kisses her. He pulls off his pants, Issa pulls off her boy shorts, and they both end up on the sofa. Lawrence gives Issa eight pumps worth of penis!…not from the back though. That scene had me questioning what kind of sex that was! Was that “break-up sex”, “I miss you sex”, or “leave you something to remind you of sex”? Which ever kind of sex it was, that and Lawrence’s kiss to the cheek before he left put a smile on Issa’s face.

I think it was just sex for Lawrence and another way for Issa to be disappointed. That smile tells me that she’s read too much into that quickie. I am eager to see how their journey unfolds. Who are you with? #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

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